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Gareth speaking in Birmingham midday Sat 15 Aug 2020


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This is short notice ...only just discovered he's speaking at a protest in Victoria square that's in 5 Hours time ....


He mentions it in this video at 3 mins https://davidicke.com/2020/08/14/covid-19-is-a-virus-of-the-human-mind-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share-to-counter-censorship/


Well done mate , I'm sure you'll do great! 


Let's hope someone videos it. 

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I'm pondering how I would approach this if I was in Gareth's shoes ...I'm assuming this is a protest meeting against the covid scam ...


I think I would give the personal approach ..humorous .....


Hallo everybody , great to be here ...I'm sure some of you here will be aware of the work of my father ...as long as I can remember he's been telling me about the imminent take over ...a police state brought down on humanity by the secret ruling cabal   ...well now it appears they are trying to bring it in ....  ....go on to mention DI takes the rater extreme view that there is no virus! .... he does research this full time ... so don't be too quick to dismiss this idea ....

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^^^ That was a truly excellent speech from Gareth IMHO ...( and you know me I wouldn't say so if I didn't think so) ....


Displayed a complete knowledge of every aspect of this scam ....He's  a Natural Speaker 


Let's hope the Youtube stays up there ...comments turned off ! ... I've never understood why people do that .

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