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MILLIE WEAVER arrested on Secret Indictment

Apophis 2029

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Not really sure what to make of it. The Laura Loomer shirt, the Ezra Levant gofundme and the names that are donating to it make me feel like something is fishy here. I don't want to guilt her by association though before I understand more of the facts, but I hope it's not just some PR stunt for that doc.

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"When General Jones was tapped as the Chairman of the Board of the Atlantic Council to replace Huntsman, John Huntsman, one of the first orders of business that he did with the Altantic Council was to create a partnership with Facebook."

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(Natural News) Dave Hodges of TheCommonSenseShow.com has posted a video that raises important new questions about the Millie Weaver arrest, including the fact that authorities are apparently claiming Weaver and her husband have been indicted under a “secret grand jury indictment.”



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arrested for stealing her mums burner phone.

then mum wont press charges.

the whole episode is fishy as fook

shes made a few hundred k for a decent video.

obviously peeps who never had a clue what goes on and watches this will be mind blown

in the same way as out of shadows.

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