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I would like to appeal to the forum to raise awarness about a DIRTY NONCE ex-labour MP Eric Joyce avoids jail

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Double posted but people should know about this shitbird

Ex labour MP Eric Joyce gets caught with CATEGORY A child pornography (CAT A means pen of young child, sorry don't even like saying it) and gets... wait for it... an 8 month suspended sentence... 

I have no words.

Film appeared to show 7 different children, aged between 12 months and 7 years

Given 8 month suspended sentence and ordered to complete unpaid work


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These MPs and british establishment figures have to be stopped or this will go on forever. im just going to go over the list i roughly remember

Leon brittan - visitor of elm guest house, his name on the visitor book. British government have a video of him abusing young boys that our government locked away for 100 years

Ted Heath - a particularly bad case, claws? Satanist freak


Jimmy Savile, evil incarnate good documentary on this is here:

Jimmy Savile and the 9th circle. Very raw and hard hitting, also completely wiped off youtube, surprise surprise.


Cyril Smith - pure evil, alleged child snuff movies, taking kids from care homes 


Its sick 

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not a lot can be done when the judges more than likely take part in the same shit and are blackmailed to do as they are told.

unless we see a mass clear out of judges it will carry on.

if it gets past one layer of swamp (the police) the next layer (the judges) will brush it under the rug.

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