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Islamic - Diaries of an Exorcist


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That was interesting and I agree with his judgment and explanation.

When he say Shaitan, basically these are dead people....as you probably figured out from Pakistani speaking man.

But through people, through dead souls..... the aspects of shaitan manifest....such as greed, ego, pride.

Reciting, praising the God/Allah creates higher vibration and it burns them.


So imagine all these living people, jabbed who are clueless, not spiritual are feeding dead souls who are also clueless and seeking pleasure of living life because that's something they miss since they have no tangible body any longer. A lot of zombies now, even in this forum I spot it. You don't escape this hell by chance. You need to learn many things, know the tricks they play etc. The higher beings won't go down to hell to help those souls because 1) zombies don't know how to get help 2) it is very difficult for these higher being to lower their vibration. Imagine you try to be on par with a troll. It gives you headaches. lol And also they can get trapped iin the lower realm as well. So it's really down to you to raise yourself.

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Magic exists, witches exist and spells are a thing. Those who deny it certainly never witnessed it, but they have no right to deny the existence of those things. The problem with  people nowadays is that people never respond with  "I don't know" if they are ignorant on the subject, but they confidently respond with "It's imaginary, it doesn't exist". What the heck qualifies them or gives them the right to make that kind of statement?  

To be frank, I've been watching a Muslim exorcist (aka Raqi) called Abderraouf Ben Halima for a while now. He was originally born in the US and is half north African/half American. He took the religious way of life and abandoned materialism (which you can obviously notice when checking his poor clothing in his videos - I don't mean this out of disrespect). What makes this person interesting to me is that he has been denied entry to the US and added to a blacklist, which proves that he holds something against them.

Turned out that he has been catching 'Djinns' (what Mr Icke referred to as Reptilians in  his videos) through people who were possessed by those invisible beings before. He claims that once a person has been possessed, they can basically become a catcher in some cases. Turns out that part of those Djinns is commanded by human sorcerers (many of them are Freemasons who cast a permanent spell on other unaware politicians and even people who speak against the global agenda).  The other part is commanded by Satan himself who's preparing for the upcoming of the Anti-Christ (that's what I at least understood). Throughout his videos I've also learned that Djinns could take certain forms, such as snakes, some animals, and sometimes even human forms. A 'weak' Djinn typically lives for 500 years, while stronger ones live much longer, and some stay 'dormant' thousands of years. I was shocked by how he addressed some global issues such as the fake vaccine, the underground child abuse and sacrifice clubs held by the elite and the Pope, and many other relevant issues, with such precision!

One of the other interesting facts he spoke about is that those Djinns are some kind of electromagnetic signals. When they possess a person, those signals flow through the victim's brain. The victim can then communicate with the Djinn internally, and they can block each other from controlling the victim's own vessel (such as speaking). The Djinn would basically use the victim's 'dictionary' when it speaks. If the person only speaks English, then it would speak English through the victim's tongue. In fact, I don't think they necessarily know languages, but they do understand how and what we think, and as a result can affect our thoughts and even communicate with us or through us. Language is just a manifestation of our thoughts.

I'm not usually easily convinced but this all seemed to be too complicated to be an act. 

I found  this one to be one of his most specific/interesting videos 


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