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Lee Carroll has been channelling KRYON since 1989

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A guy from San Diego, called Lee Carroll has been channelling KRYON since 1989. There are very many channellings, including up to date events on youtube. They are uplifting when life seems totally unfair and confusing and they help to see the universe in a new light. As an introduction to his work, this is a channelled message from 2014:

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There was a time in the channeling process when my partner was not involved to the degree he is now. The new phrase is "he steps aside," which means he's still here. The channeling process is not a takeover, and for those who hear this and think it odd, mysterious, or spooky, I would like to give you this to examine: The indigenous of your planet understood this process, and they did it on a regular basis. There were names for it and ceremonies for it, and it wasn't until you got "modern spirituality" that those things went away.

There will come a time when this kind of communication isn't needed anymore. Things change, dear ones, and Humanity changes. The evolvement of the Human spirit will eventually come to a place where most of Humanity will be given messages directly. This will be because their pineal is open for them, and they won't need to channel entities with odd names or magnetic masters. Receiving benevolent, beautiful messages from Home will be for all. I know who's here, and what I'm going to give next is fun for me.

The demystification of New Age and esoteric belief is at hand. This is simply so it makes more common sense to those who wish to know you better. The things that I'm going to tell you now may not agree with what you have been taught. Sometimes traditions become truth simply because they are old. So much of what I tell you today may be different from your traditional thought. If this is so, I wish to ask you for balance. At least weigh these things with your intuition, and do not judge them immediately as being wrong. Allowance of new thought is part of recalibration. The way things really work may be different from what you think and perhaps grander.

Misinformation about beautiful things is common to Human spiritual belief systems. It's because within history you only had access to these things within a profound old-energy planet. This filtered the truth, as you might expect, and gave you only a piece of the puzzle of how things actually work.

Dear ones, I've never been a Human. You have no idea of the awe that I hold for you. The soup of God is compartmentalized to some degree when it comes to service. It has to be — not as you would think, but the pieces and the parts that become Human on a planet like yours, or on various other planets, are specialists. You are all in that category, and through billions of years, you have continued to be a select group. It's what you do. Don't lose track of the fact that you are a piece of the creative source! But this is what you do.

The Human Lineage

We're going to talk about souls and higher selves. We're going to talk about angels and guides, and that's all we're going to talk about. But even before we begin, I want you to see the lineage of your service. Your efforts did not start here on your planet, dear ones. This has been going on for a very long time. Our last messages talked about this. Your planet, as you see it now, old soul, is one of many that you have been on. The puzzle that many of you carry in your akash contains the past energies of having done this before on other planets. You are Human on all of them, and here you are yet again. I, as Kryon, never participated in any of them as a Human. I'm what you call a helper.

Today, for you, I'm Kryon. On another planet in ascension, sometime in the future, I'll be something else. I've always been with you during this puzzle, dear ones, and you have seen me before. Some of you heard the voice of my partner, or read the words, and there was something that rang with truth beyond that which you've experienced in this life. You recognize me but not from this planet, dear ones. You've been through this before, you knew I was safe, and you knew I loved you. I gave you information that would only bring you benevolent things in your life, and you could trust me. For some of you, this was planet after planet.

Now, this would be your akashic remembrance, and some old souls here and listening or reading know it. Some of you listening to this channeling will now have explained why it is that when you opened the book and read the words, something jumped out from the page and you felt it in your heart. Some of you wept — not from the information, but from the perception of remembering. Old souls, listening and reading, you have spent lifetime after lifetime on this planet, and you're used to it. But there was another planet before this one — and before that and before that. You're a part of the creative source and a beautiful system — every single one.

The Human Soul

Let's talk about souls. What is a soul? The word "soul" is used by Humanity, even if there is no spiritual belief system involved. Isn't it interesting that Humans know what a soul is without ever pretending to believe that they have one? They know what it is. So common is it that mariners of old would report how many souls were on board instead of how many Humans were on board. It's become common language to describe that which is the spiritual essence of a Human Being with the word "soul."

In some spiritual systems, the soul is on the planet one time only and never again. In other belief systems, the soul comes to the planet over and over. However, the commonality is that in every system, the soul represents that piece of the Human body that belongs to God.

In traditional mainstream beliefs, the soul is a singular entity that belongs to the Human whose face is in your mirror. When you die, the soul goes with you to somewhere else. In some belief systems, it then comes back. It's simple, incorrect, but it's okay — very okay. If I said to you, "You have to walk before you can run," you would understand this as logical common sense. The same process of understanding spiritual truth is part of a spiritual evolutionary process of perception. It's not necessary for you to know all the details of something to use it or to feel it.

The Human soul is part of a multidimensional energy and is not singular. It also is not attached to one body. It can be split and in many places at once. In the New Age esoteric belief system, it is the higher self. It represents a true quantum energy.

Esoteric Belief and the Higher Self

When we talk about New Age and esoteric beliefs, we use the terms interchangeably. The term "New Age" can often mean "cult" in certain cultures, so we often use "esoteric" instead. Both words refer to a belief system that is unique on the planet and has no structure or doctrine. It has no central book. It has no prophet to worship, and there's no central headquarters. There's no place to report to, and there are no rules. There is no membership and no record of who started it. What a system! It's out of the perception of any logical, organized system because it has no organization.

Yet tens of thousands all over the world get together to honor the same attributes of belief. There are central core beliefs that God is inside, that souls come to the planet many times, and that Humanity is part of a benevolent system creating the spiritual evolution of Earth. There are beliefs that Humanity was seeded by the Pleiadians and they are still here, that there is beautiful purpose to your life, and that you are here in a benevolent way to help Humanity create peace on Earth.

Isn't it interesting, dear one, that there's no central prophet? But really, there is. What many might call the soul, you call the higher self. We will use these terms interchangeably because that is what we teach. But in esoteric belief, the higher self has a personality. It is a piece of God that has your face on it. It is on the other side of the veil at the same time that it is within you, and it is the prophet inside! For the higher self contains the template of spiritual rules, if you want to call it that. However, these are not rules but rather concepts. They are concepts of past-life experience represented by what we call the akash.

The template contains concepts of angels and guides around you, who you are, where you're going, why you're here, and the attributes of what you consider survival. It is the template of your soul. The higher self is not something that is above you; rather, it vibrates higher than your corporeal self. The entire purpose and goal of esoteric belief is for the Human to take the hand of the higher self and discover more about the template.

Each day when you awaken, wouldn't it be nice to take the hand of God and walk through life that day with profound balance and wisdom? That is the New Age belief. That is esoteric belief — getting in touch with the God that is in you.

The masters of Earth all spoke of the God inside — all of them. The New Age belief system teaches that all of the masters were valid and were here to give that message, and they were not necessarily to be worshipped. They didn't isolate themselves, ask to be worshipped, or build a church around themselves. So there is no evangelistic thrust in the New Age. None. If you find somebody who is trying to tell you he or she is right and you are wrong, then that person is not New Age. Instead, such people probably have something of their own that they've put in a box of their own, and they are enlisting your membership. They are not of the esoteric belief that we're speaking of.

Getting in touch with your higher self will create balance within you and will also help you with others. The higher self is the key. There is a benevolent system that loves you and sees you as you see your children. That is because when you come into this planet, you disengage from us. That's your free will, and you are specialists in this.

Oh, I can't imagine it! I would weep as a piece of God to think that I would be separated from myself and wouldn't know who I was. Oh my God! What a task! Yet you do it so freely and so easily and for so long. Now you know why I am so enamored with you, and here you are at the cusp of a revolution of energy.

The Truth About Angels

I want to talk about angels. I really haven't done this much before. Kryon is not an angel but rather a helper. My partner has called me a benevolent angel of the new age, but that's not exactly right. I'm a helper. Believe me, if you saw an angel, you'd know the difference.

Number one: Are angels real? Absolutely! Yes.

Number two: Who or what are they? There is a system, dear ones, of benevolent help for this planet. It's so complex that it's very difficult to discuss with you since you are biased to what you think it is. Where are angels? What do they do? How often? Who are they? Where do they come from? I'm going to give you some information that some of you won't like — and some will.

Physical visits: Angels come when they are needed, and they come from the central source. Normally, it's at various points in Human time for both Humanity in general and individually. Each time they come, it is spectacular. Not one of them is corporeal. Again, Humans have decided that when an angelic entity visits them, in order to make the visit credible or explainable, they must put skin and wings on them and give them names. Humans color their outfits white [Channel's Note: which signifies purity], draw pictures of them, put halos on them, and report them in spiritual history. But that's not what they look like. They are multidimensional beings, not corporeal.

It was probably Moses who described the appearance of an angel in the clearest way: as a burning bush. Fire that does not consume itself and a spinning ball of iridescence are good descriptions of angelic energy. Indeed, the burning bush was an angel. What's dramatic about angelic energies is that they appear as balls of energy coming at you when you don't expect them. Sometimes they come right through a wall! They are iridescent, some look like fire, and they have a tendency to frighten Humans.

Every single report in scripture describing an angel visit tells you that the angel immediately communicated, "Fear not!" Now, why would any of you be afraid of a beautiful woman with a halo in a white robe? [Laughs.] The reason angels give this message is they don't look like that! Dear ones, they are not here to frighten you but rather to present themselves in all their beauty and their majesty — so grand that some cannot even look at them. Grand they are.

Angels Are Groups without Hierarchy

Here's the part that you didn't expect: They are a collective. There's no such thing as a singular angel. You might see a single angel like you see your body as a single entity, but you are not aware of the soup of angelic power. Angels speak with many voices, but they speak in your head, not in the air as vibrations of sound. Angels normally do not speak to crowds. They speak individually to one Human or another, but it's the collective voice of many, perceived and "heard" as one.

"But Kryon, what about Archangel Michael? I know somebody who is channeling this beautiful, single angel. What about that?" you might ask. The messages from Archangel Michael come from a group. It's a powerful group, but think of it as group consciousness perceived as one. Kryon is the same way. All of us who represent the other side have these attributes. We are not corporeal and not singular.

The next thing is even harder to understand, and it's not what you have been told. There's no hierarchy of angels. None of them are above any other in a system of who's the most powerful or who is in charge. Instead, they are part of the soup of God, and they are all identically majestic. Some are appointed to be ambassadors for the others, but they are not higher than the others. They are here by design, and they give messages to help accelerate the benevolence and love of God within Humanity.

Probably the most quoted angel is Archangel Michael, who you perceive is the highest of the high. However, Michael is technically a group and does not have a hierarchical position. It just looks that way because the messages are delivered in a specific area of importance to the planet. Michael will tell you, "I am one of many — all majestic, all containing the love of God, all beautiful, all benevolent, all for your service of Humanity." But Human Beings want a hierarchy — "This one's important. This one is not as important. This one you can throw away."

What is the hierarchy of your organs? Which ones don't you need? Which ones keep you alive? They all do! But you often single out the heart as the most important. Is that really true, or does it simply "speak for all"? Oh, and which organ rebelled against the others and left the body? [Smiles.]

Let's discuss the mythology of Lucifer. Here is an angel who didn't like what was going on, so he left. Or perhaps he did something wrong and was thrown out of God's house. Dear ones, do you see the Human bias here? This story is ridiculous and comes from humanizing God. You can't take the Human attributes of judgment, war, fighting, and drama and plug them into the majesty of the Creator. But Humans have done that forever.

Nothing leaves the soup of God! It's pure energy that represents the totality of Spirit. It is finite — always the same quantity of parts [putting the expression into 3D for you]. God is the energy of creation, and it stays together like a mist that never moves out of a quantum containment of love. You can't take part of the mist away, or it wouldn't exist! It is what it is and will always be perfect, always the same, and always whole. Nothing adds or subtracts from the majesty of God.

You'll find angels all through history. They are representatives of the energy of creation. They have no gender because they are energy. They're not male or female, and they're all equally as strong. They're beautiful, multidimensional messengers giving help to Humanity. The only thing that separates them is their type of "service" or their "specialty." But they are always part of us, even when they are seemingly separated and speaking to you. I know who they are, and I've watched them work. I'm a messenger too, but not an angel.

Guides — Not What You Think

I want to talk about guides. Now, my partner has told you that you are your own guides. I know this is difficult for you to conceive, and I also know that you don't like the idea. However, I'm going to complicate it even more. He's right, but I want you to put it into another perception.

You have something that you have called the merkabah. Loosely defined, this is your personal quantum energy field, which is about eight meters [twenty-six feet] wide. It's a field created by the sum of the molecules of your DNA, which together are entangled at a biological level. Every single Human Being has this field. DNA is unique, so each merkabah is unique. The field of your merkabah is not your soul. It's not even your higher self. It's you! The field of your DNA has a complete and totally different purpose than to interface with anything but your corporeal body; that's what it does. It interfaces with you and your consciousness.

This is complex and difficult to explain. The merkabah contains much about you, since it is the bridge with your "innate" [the smart part of your body]. It carries your divinity, your blueprint of life force, and even your akash. Since your akashic record is in your DNA, it is also part of the merkabah. Therefore, you might say that you are always broadcasting your past through the field of your merkabah. This, dear ones, is the reason many can read your past lives. The template of all you are is in the sacred patterns of your merkabah.

The pieces and parts of what makes up your akashic record are in the merkabah and in your 3D. Some of them are perceived as your guides, but actually they are you within you. But to your perception, it might be a past you, so it has another face. Are you understanding this? There's more: To add to the complexity of this, there is a system of benevolence that is beautiful, and we have mentioned it before. The akashic family that you come in with, which you call your corporeal mother and father, sister and brother, or what you would loosely call your family or loved ones here, are all part of your akash in some way. In a quantum way, there is a reality to them that I cannot explain to you, because you're not aware of how this quantum soup works. I'll use the words "entangled state with your soul," and you still won't understand it. It is complex, but here is the result: When you lose a loved one in your family, a part of that person's soul energy (or God part) goes into your merkabah and is with you for life. Then when you pass over, you'll do the same for your children, brothers, sisters, and mate, husband, or wife. So let me tell you what that means: They are never gone! Do you hear me? They are never gone. Here is a system of benevolence you didn't expect.

It's real, dear ones. We are now starting to give you the complexity that you deserve to know about. Many of you won't understand it, but you can still get the concept. Every single part of this is part of a benevolent design to keep you peaceful and loved in the eyes of God.

The Truth About the System

Every single piece of the creative system that I'm going to reveal to you from now on has one attribute: benevolent design. The systems that exist between Human and Spirit are designed to help Humanity. They are not here to push you around or to judge you. They are here to teach and help if you let them. The angels only show up to help. Did you ever think about that? There's no angel designed to show up to judge you. Every time an angel shows up in your life, it's here as a loving guide. It knows your soul. It knows who you are. It knows your higher self.

Listen, dear one, Humans don't become angels, and angels don't become Humans. I'm sorry if someone has told you that, for it's hard to unlearn. Angels are specialized, and so are you. Humans spiritually beget humans, and this is the "work" your soul does as it exists in this galaxy. Angels are always angels, and helpers like me are always helpers like me. If you want to compartmentalize this as "specialized service," go ahead. It's not quite that way, because there's a little bit of me in you too. That's just the way of it.

Humans want to have a graduated scale of ability and reward. When you get good at something, or learn it well, in 3D, you move to the next level. It's not that way in the system of the soul, dear ones. Human souls do not come from animal souls. Human souls stay in their own system, and animal souls do the same thing. They are a helpful, benevolent group, and some of them are here to love you. This is a system of benevolence! Did you notice?

There's something going on that you should realize. The system of the universe is based in benevolent love. If you're an atheist or an agnostic, you can ignore it if you wish. You can go out of the room and shut the door and close your heart. But we're going to love you anyway; we're going to walk out the door with you anyway. We are going to be there with you in silence, and if you ever decide to look, we'll be there. We're not going to leave just because you don't believe in us.

That's the promise, and if it doesn't feel that way, it's because you have free choice to get from A to B — and sometimes you go through Z. That's just the way it is; it's called evolutionary learning, and it's benevolent. That's our message. Could it be any clearer? Things are not always as they seem, and we are now demystifying these systems that you've heard about so that you understand the real truth.

There is simplicity, beauty, and benevolence in the systems built for you, dear Human Being, because you, like me, are from another place. When you're not here in those brief times when you're with us, we have a celebration you wouldn't believe! There is light all around us, and we sing your name in light.

It's hard to imagine, isn't it? We celebrate you at Home, and it's hidden from you. We do it every time! You don't know about it until you take your last breath. Then you remember, and then there is release. Believe me, it is the way of it. It is the love of God. It is a system of honoring who you are. And so it is.


Question: Dear Kryon, there is one question, which no one has been able to answer for me. It is a question that has perplexed and troubled me for a very long time. It would be most appreciated if you could give me an answer that I could understand.

Why is it that we are here at all? I don't understand the purpose of the Human challenge? Why is it necessary? Why wear the veil of forgetfulness while in Human form? Why is any of this happening at all?

Answer: Dear one, this question has been asked many times, and answered many times over the past years. You ask for the meaning of life! However, it's one of the most asked, and one of the most honored. We will never tire of giving you this answer!

Think a moment. If indeed you are eternal, and pieces of God, and came here willingly, then there is something hiding is there not? After all, why would you? Why the free choice? Why the suffering of humanity and all the strife. All this must add up to something remarkable, and hidden, in a spiritual overview.

Let me ask you this: Is there anything you can imagine that God/Spirit cannot accomplish? Initially you might say, "no." God can do anything. The answer is actually this: God is biased! God is biased in love. Therefore when there is a situation in the Universe that needs to be decided without this bias…within an unbiased and neutral playing field out of God-consciousness, there is a method. In this case, it's called Earth.

Have you ever heard the expression, "The Only Planet of Free Choice"? Did you wonder what it meant? Does it mean all other planets with life can't choose? Of course not. It means that this is the only one (at the moment) who can choose their vibratory level. They are the only ones with the power and the ability to (1) Recognize their own spiritual source, and (2) Use it to change the reality of Earth. At the moment, Earth is the only planet populated with divine creatures.

We have given you much information about this in the past. Go find it. It explains why ET's come and go, but don't do much else (like land and show themselves, for example). It explains why ET's wish to mate with you (they can biologically, but not spiritually). They are trying to "clone" your Higher-Self! (The can't) They sense your incredible power, and you can't! (Cosmic humor surrounding your duality). It explains why you only have one sun (most life-planets have binary sun systems. The odds are far greater for life to develop when there are two suns, and more planet potentials within the "life zone." You have only one, and it makes you far less obvious and locatable to any other life.

Call it a test, if you wish, but it isn't a test about you. It is a test only of energy and vibration. Therefore if you must name it, say you are in an "experience" not a test. That's more accurate. You are the voluntary testers, experiencing earth, but it hides completely from you as you come and go, and come and go. This is also the core meaning of "created equal." It means that all of you are divine creatures, whose spiritual abilities are the same. It's what you do with them that changes your reality and that of the planet.

Here is something else to consider: Why, after a lifetime of trial, suffering, and sorrow, would a Human Being ever come back? Yet you do! Can you explain that? I can. When you are not here, you see the bigger picture. When you are not here you can hardly wait to return to do more… to continue the experience and help with this test of energy.

Answer me this: Why did you come back this lifetime? With Armageddon looming and most earth prophesy telling you that it was going to be the "end," why did you pick this particular time to come back? You think it was an accident (or worse… some kind of punishment)? NO! Some of you actually waited to select this exact time. Why? Do you think you selected this time to come back and die horribly? The answer is no. Instead, you could hardly wait to come back and change it all! On the other side, you understand that there is no set future. The things that are "written" by your best prophets are only potentials of what might happen based on the energy of the moment.

Therefore you must understand that there is a "grand secret" … know to all, yet hiding at the conscious level. It's about a new Universe, and the starting energy of it. It's about Earth providing an unbiased answer to a grand universal question. Where will the energy settle? When the final measurement is taken, what will be the result?

Now it gets good: The final measurement was to be now. All your prophets told you so. All called your time the "end times." However you changed things, and moved off the old prophesies track. Now you have created something that was unexpected, out of the groove of any prophesy ever given. Prove it to yourself! Go find prophesy that describes your current situation. You can't. Did the prophesies of the ages happen? No they didn't. This is why the grid was changed, and why you now sit in a place that has the test extended.

What happens on earth will eventually affect life in a whole new universe. What you are doing right now is known to all on the other side of what you call the "veil." This has been the reason for all the teaching, and why so many right now have the same message…an uplifting one that challenges you to keep going and find solutions to the formerly unsolvable… and to actually discover your divinity.

This is also why we speak of your "big bang." It wasn't. It was a universal dimensional shift, everything created seemingly out of nothing, all at once. But there is a rich and vast spiritual history about how it happened, and what the starting energy was. You were here for that too, but then… that's another story.

The "bias" of God is love. As you draw into a higher vibration, this very biased cheering section is becoming audible to your very cells.

This is why we love you so.


Kryon gave a precise dated timeline of Atlantis, then added that indisputable evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas. This is not what I read in Book 9. You said artifacts. I did not know what group of people you were talking about but I thought it would be a lot more controversial since you did not elaborate. Can you elaborate?

Answer: Do not make Human assumptions about the past. First, know that "Atlantis" is not just a city (although many think it is). It's a race. It's a philosophy, and it's a consciousness. Here are the simple facts. Combine these into anything you wish to call it, but don't limit it to the mythology you now call Atlantis.

There is evidence on earth of races over 10,000 years old. It exists as artifacts on this planet. Some of the ones which are closest to the surface are in Arkansas. Simple. This information doesn't target a location, since the earth changed since the original civilization was there. Instead it gives evidence…empirical evidence, that your current history is incomplete, and that you really don't have understanding of when Humanity began. Landmasses were connected, religions and races existed that you don't give credibility to, and science was developed far beyond what you might expect.

World navigation was understood, and even the concept of your solar system was known. The artifacts that may be exposed will show this. Some have been found and are currently being sequestered. If this continues, nothing will come of these revelations. The sequestering is due to fear, and nothing else.

Controversial? Very. Others will find these artifacts and present them to the world, only to be laughed at due to the tremendous bias of what you have been taught. Even with proof, they will turn the other way. Expect this, but understand that eventually, when enough people see the truth, it will prevail. It always does. Then the textbooks will start being re-written.



Question: Dear Kryon: I have read that if we manage to vibrate at a higher level, this will affect millions of beings throughout the cosmos, the same for our counterparts on earth and mother earth herself . Is this due to the fact that of us being a part of God or Spirit ? We are also part of everyone else in the cosmos and the earth itself .. I understand that our energy is connected , but are we all part of one another?

Answer: Is isn't about you being part of the family (Spirit). It's about free unbiased choice of those who don't know they are part of God. Yes, you are all interconnected, and there are more involved than all the grains of sand on the planet. These grains form a "beach" that is one. . . a beach that is seen as one beach. You are a jar of sand on that infinite beach which has elected to go through a profound test of energy, one where there is no judgment about what you do, but rather only honor that you showed up to participate. It's difficult!

Where will the unbiased balance of dark and light go to when angles, who don't know they are angels, are placed into a neutral playing field where there is unlimited choice of energy? Where will the balance go? Perhaps you might now get a small interdimensional glimpse of why we honor you so much? Of why we are waiting for a day to sing your name to all? You have changed the earth, and in line with all that is at stake, you are changing the Universe for all of us. It's difficult to explain something that must remain hidden, but at the core, you know exactly what this is all about.



Question: Dear Kryon: What do you think about some leaders who judge other people because they believe their "truth" is the only "Truth"?

Answer: We've said it before. . .give to these their own doctrines and let them live by them if they wish. You are responsible only for yourselves and what you independently believe, not them. What does your Higher-Self tell YOU? Do you really feel God is sequestered to one group? Is the creative force that lives in you, and which created the entire universe looking down on humanity waiting for it to step on a crack or bow to a certain direction? Do you really think your spirituality is dependant on some list that Humans have created for you?

The God that lives in you is universal and is contained in every Human Being to the same degree equally. It is the Human who compartmentalizes Spirit and forces the love of God into boxes of protocol for control. Be wise and give unto the priests their own space to find their own paths. Then turn on your own light and find your own!



You're living intuitively, and you are part of your Creator. When you finally drop the idea that God is somewhere else in the sky, but instead understand that you are here as a viable piece of God doing your own bidding, then you don't have to struggle with the "whys" that you have.

Indeed, you have no problem on earth with the fact that there is biology without spiritual purpose. You're a biological being with divinity in your DNA. You're supported by other biology that supports you and simply exists as a balance of Gaia. Are you stressed that bees and rodents don't have your same attributes? They're here as part of the "system of the planet," and they're "of God." They are life, and they're important in the system. But they're not divine pieces of God that reincarnate for the purpose of helping the Universe. They're simply a support system for you.

The Universe itself is no different. There are planets with intelligent beings who exist as a balance within the system of the Universe, but who are not part of a divine experience like you are. They have no divine blueprint and they do not reincarnate. But they are life, and they are respected... but they are not like you are. Earth is the only planet that has beings like you. You represent the only place that has choice over your own vibration as a planet, and can change your own time frame if you wish. You're the only beings who can achieve spiritual mastery if you choose. You're the only beings who have the ability to think thoughts that can change matter, or eliminate disease within your cells through your own internal DNA processes. You represent the only planet of free choice, yet the choices you make are going to affect other planets! You're the only one with a humanity that's born believing in the afterlife, and whose very genes carry the code that searches for God. Consider that all the planets together represent a vehicle, but you're the steering wheel. Would you complain that all the others weren't also the steering wheel? No. Every part has its purpose within the scope of the system.

The others are so far from you that most will never know about you. You're hidden well, since you only have one sun (most have dual suns, since this promotes the development of life early in a system). Your alternate sun was lost a long time ago. The ones who are able to visit you do so at great risk, since they know your very thoughts, and fear can fry them! The joke is that you're afraid of them and don't know your own power. They take some of you away and try to find out "why you tick," but after more than 100 years, they're giving up. You're so different interdimensionally, yet they can't see that part. But they're impressed with your power... the very power we continually tell you about, but which you deny even within the scope of your questions.

God told Moses, "For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Who is God? It's you. Therefore, your task is to discover mastery within yourself to the degree that you meld with your divinity. That's why we call it ascension.

Where is home? It's not what you think. You think this is work and that someday you get a reprieve? You don't understand. You stand in line to come here! When you're not here, you're not in a "place" at all, but in a "condition." This is interdimensional and difficult to explain to anyone who's reading this. Where does love go when it's not being used? To the "love closet"? There's no mansion in the sky, or 72 virgins, or a "place" of peace. You are peace! You are love! You're a piece of God who walks in lesson on the planet Earth, who desired to be here and who's working on the greatest challenges of the Universe.

The colors are "experience badges" that you carry. Within an interdimensional state, all entities can see everything you are, where you've been, the Universes you've started, the group you represent... it's all like a book and instantly "seeable." This is what we mean by the fact that all will know you by your colors. And when you're not working on the planet Earth, you're busy guiding those who are. This isn't the first time you've done this, for this is a specialized group who does this over and over for Universes in the past and ones yet to be created (linear reference).

Be still and know that you are God. Then all these questions will shrink away, and new ones will occur to you:

(1) What can I do to discover my divinity inside?
(2) How can I create peace on Earth using my divine attributes?
(3) How can I live longer so that I can remain in my current state and do more for the planet at this critical time?
(4) What should I know that will enhance my divinity and spread light to the dark places that need it so much?
(5) How can I have peace in my intellectual mind over the fact that I am linear, but can receive nonlinear answers to my questions?


The Parable of the Tar Pit

By Lee Carroll & Kryon

Imagine yourself, along with many other human beings, in a tar pit covered with tar, dirty from head to foot, unable to move quickly from place to place because the tar is so thick. As you plod from place to place, you become used to this condition, and year after year your life is lived in this fashion along with the others. Like the gravity of the planet, the encumbrance of the tar is simply accepted—a fact of life for all. This is your imagined state.

Suddenly but quietly, you are offered a gift from God. It's a "magic" tool that cleans your body and keeps it clean even while you are in the tar! Like an energy field, it actually repels the tar as you walk through it. You accept the gift and the work that must go with it, and you begin to learn how to use it. Slowly you change. To others you are beginning to stand out, for you are different fresh and clean, while they are moving around you, still in the dark tar. You begin to realize how you have co-created this for yourself, but you also realize that it was a very personal gift, so you say nothing.

Now, do you think the others around you will ignore you as you walk freely without the tar touching you or encumbering your feet? They will watch the tar touch your body and never soil you. What do you think will happen? AH! Watch! THEY are about to change! The first thing that will happen is that wherever you walk, there will be space, for they will clear the way for you. The second thing that will happen is that they will ask you how such a thing is possible. And when they find the "magic tool from God," each of them will begin using it for themselves, and more humans will also be "clean"—each person creating for him or herself personally, just as you did for yourself.

As you silently continue your life over a period of time, look at what is happening to those around you! More than half of them will be "clean" and unencumbered by the tar. Stop and think about what has really happened. You have not evangelized your gift or asked any of these people to change for you, and yet they changed anyway. This is how the result of just the one...creates for the many!

We tell you, dear ones, that when you change yourself, it is the beginning of change all around you. Humans cannot be still when they see peace and love emanating from you. It is disarming and loving all at the same time. Like a magnet among other magnets, your new polarity will eventually have an effect on the alignment of everyone around you, and your existence will never be the same.


Take a look at this short parable, which contains some of the clearest answers about the workings of new age energy on the planet. In this parable, Kryon has humans in a tar pit "covered with tar, dirty from head to foot, unable to move quickly from place to place because the tar is so thick."

This is how we are in normal life in the old energy, chained by old karmic lessons and walking the best we can as we carry it all around with us. Kryon then offers five words that are part of his cosmic humor. He says, "This is your imagined state." This is Kryon's way of reminding us all that the Earth experience is not reality and that our duality is a phantom. The real universe is what we experience when we are not here!

In the parable, the "magic tools from God" are the new energy gifts that Kryon speaks about. Suddenly, as you receive the gifts, the tar no longer sticks to you, and you walk around unencumbered and clean. This is a strong reference to how the new age energy affects you. You are no longer held to karmic contracts, and you can move forward on the planet toward a marriage with your higher self and eventual ascension (graduate) status. Kryon also casually mentions that we have "co-created" this magic tool.

"Wait a minute! I thought the magic tool was from God," you might say. Again, Kryon wants us to remember that he calls us "pieces of God, walking the Earth in lesson." In other words, we represent the wholeness and love of God.

Next, he has us walking around in this state without the tar touching us, indicating that not only has our old karma been dispersed, but so too the karmic ties with those who had the opportunity to interact with ours. This, of course, is the object of the parable: to show how our decisions create changes on a larger scale than just for us in our own little worlds. Kryon goes on to describe what happens to those around us. This is a really important concept, for it addresses new age energy and gifts from God.

Will we lose our mates, our kids, our jobs, and so on, if we take on the new age energy gifts? Will we be outcasts? Listen to what the parable says: “Do you think others around you will ignore you as you walk freely without the tar touching you or encumbering your feet?” The first thing is that everyone will notice that you are different, but instead of casting you out, the opposite potential exists. Others will look at how you are living and respond. Some will want the same thing and ask what happened to you, and some will just be glad that you changed. As far as mates and kids, they will see the changes in you first, and they will wonder what has taken place to make you suddenly such a great, balanced person!

When you’re balanced spiritually, physically, and mentally, a wonderful thing happens: Everyone wants to be your friend! People recognize the specialness of who you are, and they are not threatened by you in any way. Can you see how this attitude would enhance a job, a marriage, a friendship, or a generation gap (and not destroy it)? The only ones you will offend are those who are angry at you for having changed—and, believe me, those are the ones you don’t want around you anyway.

When it is all said and done, even though you might be the only one who decides to accept the new energy ways, dozens around you will be affected by your choice. This is part of the way God uses individual choices by humans to create energy that will benefit many. Perhaps you can see the dynamics of this concept and truly understand how an individual decision for enlightenment is far more important than it appears.


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Hey @Lore. Maybe you should have started this thread with a shorter block of text and instead linked a video or two? 😉

Here's the audio version of the text above for those who prefer to listen, starts 18 min in.



What do you think about his latest video about broken media?



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To be honest I'm kinda fed up with channelings in general. 🥱


The first video is about broken MSM and their role in this whole plandemic. Most importantly how they made the situation worse by constantly spreading fear and focusing on the negative, etc.

The second one, haven't watched the whole video, I just tuned out when Kryon was talking how in the future we (humans) will vote for politicians who are nice good people.

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Yea, it's difficult to find time to listen to even one message and as with a lot of alternative information, it's mainly aimed at awakening folk. e.g. "If you didn’t hear it already from me, I’m giving you a prediction: One of the things that’s going to radically change when this event (virus) is all over, is the accountability from those who inform you in media. When the dust clears, you’re going to look at this closely and say, All the media made it worse, made it worse!"

There are some interesting things to be learned from a different perspective though, because even if we are aware, we are subjected to the fear based media and it's easy to get wrapped up in that negativity:-

"Historians in the future will see something odd: Generations from now, they’re going to look at the life charts and say, “What is this dip here? How is it that for a little while, Humans didn’t live as long?” They’re going to name it The Corona Dip. The dip they may see is for an entire generation of humans, and it had nothing to do with being infected by the virus. They will determine that by the millions, fear shortened their lives. Fear shortened their lives! That’s how profound this media bias is.
Historians may eventually report that when they do all the accounting for what really happened, that fear killed more people than the virus."

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I would like to know if Kryon has said something about the souls of people who commit suicide. What happens in the mind of a 31 year old woman, a medical doctor with a specialty in surgery, who decides to hang herself in her own house where she lived with her parents (She was her only child). 

Please give me some light on this.

Thank you very much!


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hello im dean from nottingham uk i follow lee carol and kryon kryon gives so much hope and joy america is fundamentally christian, not a problem im reaching out to all or anyone who could shed light on Donald trump is he saint or villian? ive kinda believed he is a good man is he distraction or genuine max igan and crowhouse movement says dont trust anyone except self follow your own intuition. what do you think? sorry if ive not used kryon as my main focus i must tell you i find kryon to be wonderful by the way. please give me the benefit of your perception thankyou deano from notts uk

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