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Conservation a bad thing???

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Here I will discuss the topic, and especially get into the human impact on the environment and what it really means. A different perspective on the topic.


To break down to the basics, we are a consciousness together, so when we put too much strain on the environment, killing, violence, etc --- overall we are doing that to our whole consciousness, we are doing that to ourselves. Why is that is bad thing you say??? B/c the dying out of certain special animals can sometimes be a precursor to an extinction event, whether we survive it or not. 


Some Native Americans, they knew some type of ending was coming when they saw the white settlers and their animals. They saw right away with the strain that these creatures put on other local animals, the cutting down of trees and ALL the animals that have gone extinct just b/c of the mass use of cows as a source of food. Look at what some of the vegans have to say about water conservation and feeding the world, by using grains the cows are eating. Its NOT the 1700s any more, its many years later and the SAME problem has expanded. Native Americans saw almost automatically with these horned cows that they would bring grief upon all life, and it was a sign of an impending extinction. (whether we survive or not) IN perspective, even in the 1700s animals were going extinct b/c of mass cow use and poaching, now expand that to many years later. Every forest in America is now new, its been burnt down, sometimes many times, and much of it has been replaced with farm land. We never think, or are evolved enough to think of what impact even farm land has to be burnt down as forest initially. We never think what dies for us to live???


This mentality is like the Lucifer effect, its the high horse --- im mightier then God mentality, that leads to extinction. Im bigger then the creator, im better then the creator!!!" Its the obnoxiousness that goes along with the spiritual corruption, that are the more obvious signs of an impending doom. What people dont look at, are all the animals that had to die for us to live, and when that balance is manipulated, your consciousness as a whole starts to cripple. Like what happened with Lucifer and the grey aliens. I Dont know what you think the higher powers had in stored for us, but it was more then just blowing it all away with a whole bunch of cows!!!!! Id say!


Seeing it ripple in the consciousness stream before it happens. Many Native Americans that saw the first stages of an extinction event when they first saw cows and their abuse as an animal. What are they doing to make farm land, burning forest, burning smaller ecosystems. Some animals were very site specific, so they didnt make it to todays world. Now we have the USA landscape that a large percent of the original forest has burned down. Id say 90%+. 


Now whats even worse, is that developers want to build on old farms that were actually forest. So, its a crippling effect on everyone. People dont see the sickness that causes extinction in its less obvious signs/stages.


Your hitting your own consciousness with rocks, bombs, pollution, your doing it to yourself too!!


Some Native Americans knew, but can be scientific, but mainly special animals that have a high importance in our consciousness, that even in 1700s b/c of poaching were going extinct. Now, on the surface, all a human sees is a animal thats going extinct, like the Dodo bird. Right?? It wont have any impact on thier own lives, right??? This is actually A HUGE SIGN, of an impending extinction event. Again, whether we survive it or not. 


The best solution is zero waste, and looking at how Japan recycles. Massive movement is needed in the USA especially. We should NOT frack the land. and we really have to look at how we can save ourselves, look at it as an extinction that we might get through, and possibly this may be motivation to make the proper changes as a society, b/c being all nice talk and sugar coating this issue isnt working. 


Its a free country my arse, its NOT FREE to or acceptable to get US ALL KILLED. 


To anyone that disagrees with Zero Waste mentality, its not a free country to kill other citizens with your neglectful lifestyle. This conversation is not one sided, and just b/c I dont like fake news or corruption, dosent mean that you dont have to care about the environment.


The first step, is a massive reduction in plastics and plastics wraps, and we have to do it quickly. I am not saying that everyone has to go zero waste, but to rather use that as a guide to get down to the least amount of environmental impact. 


The reverse mentality of not caring, is caring. Its also vibrational and it does bring healing and love to places it has not been. We have to look at "what we can do for others" -- ourselves as a WHOLE, and not just for ourselves. Evolution. If the reverse got us into this mess, then actually caring can get us out!!! Thats the power of consciousness and vibration!!!!


Down the road here, I will get the statistics on things like Vegan Mondays or Fridays, and a reduction on the abuse of cows as an animal. 

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I also wanted to mention, the vibrational life/consciousness that is effected by what we do or dont do. Whether it be spewing hate or toxicity, putting others down, manipulations, but also its reflected in how we treat Mother Earth. We like to separate the two and they in fact aren't separate. What you do, is reflected on the whole, and its this concept of always thinking of the individual that is our greatest flaw. Which highlights Kennedy's famous phrase. Everything exist as a consciousness on Earth. At one point you have evolve your perceptions and what you are doing for the greater of the whole. 




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I favour "The School of Tradition" rather than Conservativism ... because what exactly are you Conserving and why ?  And what happens when society moves forward, will you stop it ?  Nah, that's very limited.
Tradition is different, it states that we should attempt to follow the pattern of Nature or the pattern of existence in everything you do.  And so you can move forward but in all activities you follow the pattern and rhythm of nature.

Conservatism is simply afraid to move forward and wishes to maintain something of the past but it doesn't really know what or why.
And what is the pattern of nature : Yin and Yang, the 4 seasons and yearly harvest ... as above so below.  How can one grow a field of wheat, you use the same principles for everything from growing a family to a country to a bridge.
We are not "all life together" ... that is only part of us.  We are also "me" and the results of my understanding and what I can do.


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I guess it comes down to perception. What is someones perception of conservatism?  of tradition?  Does it mean no advancement?  Im not so sure either can be generalized.  We may be individuals made up of atoms.... many many of them, but it takes many to make a whole. Then the whole becomes one of the ,many and so on... perception is key and perception comes with understanding...based on what we actually understand is how limited our perceptions can be. My apologies if this makes no sense to anyone...it just makes sense to me... 🧩🌎

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The important thing is that it is very easy to criticise society and human life, very easy, too easy.  But what exactly is to replace it or repair it.  What exactly are the principles by which a good society or person should function?  Often you get no answer or just fantasy, everyone is just great we don't need Government ... and so on, which is obviously rubbish.
Tradition which I discovered about a year ago answers this question in the same way as many sages by saying that there is a design in the universe, the macrocosm, and we should endeavour to replicate that design at any scale and in any project.  People who work the land and are in touch with the natural world know all this far too well as they see the result of their action and pay a heavy price for getting things wrong, they learn from the soil and they learn tough lessons that are not forgotten.  But whether you learn the lessons from the soil or for the sky, they are the same lessons, as everything in this universe functions according to the same principles ... and if those principles are broken they do not function.
The problem with current Western society is that there are a great many people who no longer know of any principles whatsoever.  Perhaps 150 years ago their ancestors were still in touch with both the earth and sky, and after the industrial revolution perhaps just the sky through Christianity, and after WW1 ... just by habit or passed down from the family.  But after the 60s even the family is destroyed.
Now they have no idea what they are doing, how to regain it, and can't even say if anything is wrong.  Meanwhile they are declining rapidly.
The signs were clearly visible a long time ago ... now we are far downriver.


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