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The Ubuntu Liberation Movement


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The Ubuntu Movement has a simple plan to turn our small towns into places of abundance and prosperity for all the people,

where there are no hurdles to progress or restrictions on personal growth of the people.


Communities that will support and promote unbridled creative expression in all areas of our lives –

arts, culture, science, technology, healthcare, environment, architecture, agriculture, and all other areas of human activity.


But in order to create such harmonious communities, we, the people,

must lead a Revolution of Consciousness, without the need for any violence, opposition or conflict –

by simply creating a new alternative – a new system – a new way of doing things –

because the old way simply does not work for us anymore.





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I came across the Ubuntu movement at the end of last year and was very impressed with its manifesto. I think it is very difficult to plan how society can drastically improve, in the way that is needed, given the corruption within every system. However, I think Ubuntu presents the most logical, practical and affective way to transition into a new more conscious society, based on cooperation and community. I really recommend looking into it.



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