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Protest - Trafalgar Square - London - Midday Saturday 29th Aug 2020

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I really want to go on this march - I think it;s going to be huge.  I asked my partner if he would take me but sadly he threatened to phone the police on me!  I live in the London Borough of Bromley and have mobility problems meaning I cannot get off a train because of nerve damage in one foot and leg.  Walking, however is no problem.  I have asked around in 'truther' groups on fb for someone to take me to the event but sadly, no one has replied.  I have explained that I will pay towards petrol, parking and the congestion charge and that I would prefer a female person to take me.  I am desperate to go to this event - I feel that I will be able to get to know like minded individuals and may be make friends (I'm isolated because of my mental health problems and have had no psychological help since January).  I have no friends or family that share the same views as me.  I have been a fan of David's for about twenty years and his dot connecter videocasts every week have kept me sane.  The thought of seeing my hero on Saturday would be a dream come true for me.  Please if you can help please send me a Private Message - Thanks!

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Does anyone know how the police might behave in the underground stations near the route? I know it is not in the spirit of the event, but wearing a mask at the ticket barriers might be needed if you want to avoid a possible confrontation before reaching Trafalgar Square or Westminster. I like to think that there would be no trouble. 

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