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Plannedemic/scamdemic(covid) Memes

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The Government El-ite taking us out for a boat ride



They decide to throw everyone overboard



People around the world were suffocating and drowning!



The El-ite throws a lifesaver to save the same people they threw overboard.
Only now "THEY" expect everyone to fully trust them!
The Lockdowns, Unemployment, The Vaccine, & Deaths
Was it all for nothing? 
  1. Who profited from the lockdowns?
  2. Who suffered losses from the lockdowns?


You fill in the blanks!

See what you come up with.

The 8 Areas of Life
  1. Which areas in your life were affected negatively from the pandemic?
  2. Which areas in your life were affected positively from the pandemic? 


Was this pandemic an opportunity to be grateful and thankful for the things in life that really matter in our lives?


  1. Being open to receive our Good God, The Holy Trinity's infinite love.
  2. Learning to love, to show mercy and forgive others.
  3. Appreciating the precious time, we get to spend with family and friends.
  4. Recognizing that we were given a rare opportunity to pray and get to know Jesus Christ as our Lord, God and Savior.


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