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How to delete account?

Guest Chica

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Guest Chica

I am trying to delete my account from this forum but I cannot find any option to do so under settings. I used the Contact Us option as well, at the bottom of this page, but have not received a reply. Could somebody please advise me how to delete one's account (and posts)? Thanks!

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1 hour ago, AXPCalledJeff said:

Why is not possible to delete your account? 


In normal circumstances, there is no real need for anyone to delete their account.


Only the admins can delete accounts, this is usually reserved for spammers or persistent troublemakers.


If anyone no longer wishes to participate here, then just don't log in again. There's no need to have your account deleted, because you never know if you may change your mind in the future.


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1 hour ago, metak88 said:


I assume the owners / admins would have to purchase this extension to make that option available?


"This application will allow users from specific user groups to request to delete their account. All requests will be reviewed by Staff (admins), directly on ModeratorCP -> Delete Account Requests, to approve or deny the request. The whole user content (topics, posts, attachments, polls, etc.) will be preserved; only the account will be deleted." 

So, just as easy to stop posting or request a ban..

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Why don't you just delete the account?

Sometimes people want to draw a line under the experience of being on a forum without being told that they cannot do that.

It's like being told that you cannot die without somebody else's permission.

That doesn't feel right to me.


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