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"Vladimir Putin's" COVID-19 vaccine, what is really happening?


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Guess who's involved. 

Take a magical guess.

I think we should stop blaming the cabal all the time because they are harder to reach. I think we should look into the devil we know vs the devil we don't. It's not all j***sh people of course but this is all happening under our noses. And the fact its never mentioned is enfuriating.

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Public health officials murdering elderly, BJ selling us out to israel, communism and the rothschild banking family. Just as every single politician, news media, health official and member of parliament who participate with this mass manipulation are complicit. Its the nazi germany playbook times a million. Just to name a few lol

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The following dates back from 2018…



In 2017, the Federal Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology reportedly determined that 48.7 percent of Russian children born in 2016 had not been vaccinated comprehensively and on the medically prescribed schedule.


As a result, Russian medical experts say the country struggles to maintain so-called herd immunity — the threshold percentage of the population that must be immunized for a disease to be kept at bay, generally considered to be between 92 and 95 percent — for diseases like diphtheria and measles, among others.[…]


But back home in Russia, a deeper-rooted distrust in authority has resulted in the phenomenon of parents choosing to not vaccinate their kids almost as an expression of agency.


“This doubt in any authority has been building up over many generations in Russians,” says Sergei Butry, a pediatrician. “If our government has been controlling people for many decades, here is one sphere of life where a person can stand in opposition.


“The anti-vaccine sentiment is in the air in Russia and it is very easy to catch,” Butry added.[…]


While parents could decide to not vaccinate their children during the Soviet period, there was a different mentality back then, says Alexei Rtishchev, who specializes in infectious diseases among children at the Russian National Research Medical University.


“The Soviet way was: If a doctor told you to do something, you did it,” he said.


But that began to change after the fall of the Soviet Union. As Russia moved to democracy in the early 90s, Russians started to become conscious of their rights, says Sergei Kolesnikov, who studies Russia’s healthcare system at the Russian Academy of Sciences.


And in 1998, legislation was passed that required parents’ consent before any medical procedure — including vaccinations — is done. The new law, medical experts say, planted the idea in Russians’ minds that they could decide not to vaccinate their children.


“This is the tragedy of democratization,” says Kolesnikov. If, before, a doctor would say, ‘Yes, this needs to happen,’ now a parent will say, ‘Well, we don’t want this and we’ll take you to court if it happens.’ Does a doctor want to sit behind bars?”



Because it may happen but only in Russia…



Declining vaccines is also particularly easy in Russia. In the United States, for example, parents must obtain religious exemptions, but in Russia, “all a parent has to do is say they don’t want the vaccine,” says Rtishchev.





'BRIXIT' : the BRICS stepping out from COVID…



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