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NEWS FLASH FROM AUSTRALIA. Victorian State Government can not enforce their laws re corona virus 19

Bella Maria Burton

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Australia Lawyer, Serene Teffaha has led the way for Victorians to free themselves.

Despite the brain washing from the mainstream media and the threats or Premier Dan Andrews and his police business the facts, and  law, are on the side of any freedom loving Victorian.

Anyone who believes they are free to move around as they please, to not wear a mask and to continue on with their lives as normal 100% CORRECT under the eyes of the Federal Law..

According to Ms Teffaha, federal law overrides State Law and " NO STATE OF EMERGENCY" situation changes that.

 The Bio- Security Act (2015) which is federal law, clearly states a list of obligations the government must fill in order to impose any restrictions on the good people of Victoria.

The primary obligation the Victorian Government has NOT filled in they have NOT issued each person with one essential thing;" a biosecurity control order".

According to federal law in Victoria we must each be issued our" own human biosecurity control order". before we are expected to obey any orders.

I don't about you but I haven't had mine delivered yet. No human biosecurity control order has been slipped under my door.

Certainly no personally addressed human biosecurity control order sent to me in the mail  either.

For any orders to have validity not only must we receive a personal human biosecurity control order it must specify:

1. The grounds under which order is imposed.

2. The  listed disease in relation to which the order is imposed.

3  Any signs or symptoms of the listed human disease we are, individually, meant to be exhibiting.

4. A unique identifier for the order.

5. A list of each biosecurity measure with which the individual must comply, and the explanation of why...And More.

If we are not issued with the correct human biosecurity control order then WE DONT  HAVE TO DO ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT SAYS.

Any Fines or action taken against us by the police would be deemed UNLAWFUL in a federal court.





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This is wonderful to hear and all Victorians need to know this. I live in Britain, by the way, but the criminal situation down there has upset me very much. I have seen videos posted by Max Igan in his latest reports and shot by by-standers that the Victoria police simply grab whoever they want and beat them up: women, teenagers, anyone weaker than them, I suppose. And it will be very difficult to prevent them from attacking an individual who tells them they and their governor are violating federal law. However, I wish them every success!

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