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New 'Questioning History' event, 18-20 Dec 2020

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Join us in a stimulating 'Questioning History' event 18-20 December, 30 minutes from London.   

Spend three days among like-minded people in beautiful surroundings with stimulating speakers and excellent food in Hertfordshire, just 30 minutes by train from London. You can also buy signed copies of books by authors - unique Christmas presents!   After our successful event last year,, with visitors from the UK, Europe and Asia, we  expanded the programme to offer more talks and more time for socialising.


Why history?  As Voltaire said, 'history is the lie commonly agreed upon' and this matters since, according to Orwell, 'Who controls the past, controls the future:  who controls the present, controls the past'.   So, we are morally compelled to question official history and stop the falsification of the present.


Amazing line-up of speakers include:

Mark Devlin

- The Pandemic:  the history and timeline behind this 

- The CIA control of the Hippie movement

-  The Black Heart of the BBC and the truth behind what this establishment institution may really be about.

Gerry Docherty 

- Why the First World War was prolonged

- The Balfour declarationl:  the truth about this  

-  The Oxford elite and its links to racism.

Andrew Gough 

- Hollow Earth – fact not fiction;

- Yamashita’s gold – an untold secret.

Gloria Moss 

- The secrets of Asclepian centres, medical centres for hundreds of years

- Surprising facts about famous archaeologists and how this may affect the sites that they excavated (Knossos;  Qumran by the Dead Sea and ancient temples at Malta)  

Prof David Bates – the Bayeux tapestry as propaganda.


More information:

Email:   [email protected]

Website:  https://learningholidays.webs.com     

Mobile:    + 44 (0) 777 1535 087   Don't hesitate to phone for information!


Early Bird ticket (up to 1 September 2020):  long weekend, including talks, top-notch food (standard, veggie and vegan) and two nights’ overnight accommodation in ensuite room (single or double) £235.   Spaces are limited for this unique event so look forward to hearing from you!


Offer your own talk:   feel free to submit an outline of a talk that you would like to give yourself in one of the after dinner slots

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Maybe we should question the "questioning" of history.  The internet is full of people gawking (questioning) things feeling a bit rebellious.

But what happened happened, so what ?

We feel good if we blame someone ... but it's all illusions.

Mostly it ends up being a feel good fest, where you can slag off "The Man" who is putting you down, or the institution, or perhaps a bit of self-suicide ... hating your colour, sex, history, race, religion, country .... and ... this feels good.

But, it's going nowhere.

If something else could have been done it would have been done, and don't think you really "understand" something like you see the Light ... and whatever.

It's very difficult to say what motivates any particular person, what they are feeling or thinking, especially those in the past who live in a different world ... you will never understand them, or appreciate them.

They are probably just like you ... one day you try to do your best ... another day, you don't, you allow the bad parts to have the best of you and make lots of decisions you regret later.

And I don't really see any progress ... people talk like they want to "draw a line" under the past.  Because of course we are so much better.

But it seems to me that everyone who is born on this planet has to learn all the lessons from the beginning, so how is there any progress?  If you are born today or 200,000 years ago, you still have to learn everything.  Only the clothing and noise has changed, which is not much.

It's good to introspect yourself then you can start to understand yourself and ... other human beings.

Oh, and probably the most important thing to know is how to construct actual functioning societies.  Slagging people off is easy.  But do real functioning societies actually work?  Is it because we are all love and god-source-energy ... is that how things work ?
Doesn't appear to be.

Functioning societies are much like fields that farmers manage.  Fields of people.  There are processes, principles, discipline, weeding etc...

Once you know that you don't need to worry about the past, you just need to manage society properly.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

... this morning was listening to an extract from the notebooks of the last German King surrounding the events leading up to WW1 ... he blames the British - because Germany's businesses were entering many foreign markets and become #1 manufacturer in Europe and doing well economically, but this was not appreciated by the Brits.  Sounds plausible.

But reading further about Wilhelm, he went into exile and wrote some advice to Hitler occasionally, mostly Hitler laughed at the old King's letters .... but events had overtaken the German monarchy.

So this leaves me with certain questions about "history" ...

Societies always have a story, and it's not that the story can be wholly discounted, it can't be ... but life always changes, and many forces fight for power and overtake each other.  It's a difficult world, nothing is stable.  Rulers change, directions change.  Things rise and they fall. 

I think this just reflects the species ... people still need legends inspiration and history ... but we also make a mess of everything.

Probably the real causes of the rise and fall of cultures are not well known under the weight of heroes and villains that get all the limelight.

Knowledge in general ... human knowledge is very important because engaging with knowledge whether history or engineering exerts your faculties and so you become wise shrewd and experienced.  But, one cannot take the knowledge as concrete because things change.   Knowledge is like mowing a lawn, yes it needs to be mowed, because it keeps the brain well-oiled, but afterwards forget about the lawn it might not be there tomorrow.

At Wilhelms funeral a few hundred people turned up, some wearing ancient German military dress, others modern uniforms, some monarchists were there, some royals were there ... it was a bit of a mess, people with memories of the past, or hopes of a new monarchy ... 

Then the world changes again.

It's not so easy to learn truth in a world that always changes, but you also can't throw everything away otherwise there is no material to learn from and you do not improve your mind.



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