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Explosions reported as Iraqi Shiite militia targets US military convoy near Kuwait border


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So, the idea is...

This develops the whole Sunni and Shiite Narrative which the Globalists via Zionism/Israel want to play because they want to create incitement and chaos between the various Islamists so, then they can get in the middle and do what they want to do, claim what they're behind is the result of Islamists at each others throats and of course, you mutually destory Islam by doing this which or course is a huge plus for the Zionists, a win win.

Spead the rest around the world, turning them into the "new Jews", enforce a multicultural ethos at the demise of National values which become racist and you create, a National Extremist Resistance, by design.

This being a response to the recent targeting of Beirut, which of course, "wasn't targeted at all" ūüôĄ


If you ask me, none of this is "Islam" so called militia groups.

It's the use of Intelligence Groups between Mossad and the CIA destorying US military targets, blaming groups they want to attack, while fueling this phoney Sunni and Shiite concocted by the Intelligence Agencies as a tool within the first instance. Saber-Rattling

By the Sabbatean Frankist Cult "Islamists" being used to reshape the whole of Islam, the Middle East and the World by these wars, out of divide and rule. It's the Globalist Death Cult, just as the incident within Beirut which I suspect was the use of some form of new technology we've not seen before, perhaps their so called, SMART or Mini Nuclear Devices, designed to be limited tactical towards a certain area.

We know these exist but haven't seen these in use. This isn't a traditional nuclear weapon people are building a strawman out of, to knock down. It's as it sounds, a smaller one and more localised and as this explosive in Beirut simulated a smaller version of the appearance of what looks like a Nuclear Bomb - because, it was a smaller version of one and repeated the same pattern and characteristics of such an explosion, with a similar type of immediate damage...



United States‚Äô first ‚Äėsmart‚Äô nuclear bomb signals new arms race with China and Russia: analysts
The 350kg bomb, which can penetrate structures underground, is designed to hit targets precisely with limited damage elsewhere



While at the same time, the incident within Beirut could be blamed on Turkey over the long-term after an "investigation".

Further, spreading this phoney idea made up out of Sunni Vs Shiite, which Globalists Death Cult controlled, influenced and manipulated Turkey political affairs, can be used to spread this chaos in the Middle East.


This being, why Trump initially was laying the foundations for the Zionists yet again. Very deceptive.




Explosions reported as Iraqi Shiite militia targets US military convoy near Kuwait border - security forces


An explosion has rocked a convoy carrying US military gear in Iraq near the border with Kuwait, according to Iraqi security services, who say a Shiite militia group is behind the attack. The blast targeted a convoy near the Jraischan crossing on the Iraq-Kuwait border late on Monday after a militia group smuggled an explosive device into the area, Reuters reported, citing security sources.



Footage purporting to show the moment of the attack circulated on social media. Local news outlets reported that the Ashab al-Kahaf militia group had claimed responsibility for the attack.

No casualties have yet been reported, and it is unknown whether any American soldiers were in the convoy.



Long-term Goals...



While, deliberately created economic depressions, historical, helps find money for wars to transform economic turmoil...

Covid-19 deliberate, orchestrated, systematic collapse of society and our infrastructure, the appearance of simulated apocalyptic end time events.

Hunger Games or Globalism?

The Continuation of the effects of apocalyptic events, or Global Unification to ensure mutual peace and cooperation?


2020 is the year to worry about nuclear weapons

The confrontation between the United States and Iran is just the beginning


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3 minutes ago, alfredo79 said:

Source about this attack? I don't find.


Updated the O.P.


Information is still being made up about the event, while the known of it happening has been put out already, to fuel the idea of journalism taking place and not rolling out scripted events...

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A lot of crazy shit is taking place around the world, in my opinion deliberately created...



The Hill (@thehill) Tweeted: #BREAKING: President Trump abruptly leaves press conference mid-sentence after an aide gets his attention. The President offers no explanation as he leaves. https://t.co/DQTb69l3gb

Remember the upside-down book about a goat?



Let's see what happens.

Very unusual this happens at the same time...


Trump abruptly pulled from briefing after shots fired outside White House , more details : https://www.break.ma/news/13623620


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53 minutes ago, Velma said:

Benny Gantz, claimed the Beirut explosion was due to Hezbollah storing weapons in a civilian environment and may 'recur' because Israel has "no choice but to fight, it might have harsh implications.‚ÄĚ




Yep, I'm sure the whole situation has been cooked up. We are entering a time, it's desirable Israel, Zionists, AKA the Globalists, want to blow up The Dome of the Rock and that deception ain't going to be easy to achieve, but they will try their best to achieve it, out of creating chaos between their various controlled "Islamic" Terror organisations.

The same situation to advance war on Iran.


These situations aren't just complete accidents nor coincidence, that's for sure.

We are being played by a script based upon orchestrating as much chaos as humanly possible. That's the whole game of the age of the info war. To keep people confused and uncomfortable so they don't know what's going on or what to do and how to act anymore.


Can anyone say shooting fish in a barrel?

That's what they've created for themselves!

Makes me sick!


Israel says ready for war with Lebanon: Gantz

Gantz says Hezbollah leader is Israel’s 'biggest enemy'



Hezbollah are being used as a tool to do this in my mind no different to how ISIS are used to facilitate goals.

Because of this Israel/Globalist Politics will justify going to war with whole nations, mass exterminating certain areas or nations.

Ethnic cleansing.

While saying, they're at war witn Hezbollah, ISIS or Hamas?

That has very little to do with what's going on.

They want to wipe out, reclaim territory and rebuild. Scatter what's left of peoples around the world and play an us versus them mentality, here at home while preying upon our "racism" by way of newspeak - political correctness - making us subservient to authority if we accept such concerns as racism, which over time, will reach a boiling point.

Ultimately, destroying Nationalism.

Shaming Nationalism, after building a strawman to knock down by way of people seeking Nationalist Extremist values to be able to express their concerns about whats taking place and how they're being denied having or expressing their opinions and concerns, as being hate speech.

Nationalism will be pitted towards its own demise.

Globalism reign supreme.

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5 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Something is odd..

The Q lot are spinning it as the Cabal being arrested as always..ūü•ī

I think its not a coincidence tho..seems to more natural synchronistic omen of some kind.

Could be DEW getting trigger happy.




Something ain't right that's for sure.

To me, they're trying to simulate end times prophecy of destruction and cataclysms to infrastructure. It's incitement of fear in an already uncertain world, designed to scare people into seeking out authorities.

But notice, I have only heard Beirut and one other fire on social media be likened to a nuclear explosion when it really didn't look anything like that or anything like Beirut...

Are some of these over shrouding events of those in Beirut?

Quite literally smokescreens?


I've noticed some of what you mean by Q.

They where very resistant with Beirut and people seemed to be actually getting annoyed with Trump originally for stating he thought this was an attack, people whom would usually support him no matter what.

This to me, is laying the foundations to blame someone else later, while really, it's the traditional enemies responsible.


If the media can spin the lies of Covid-19 related impact on various services, cause disruption based on events like all of these, they can claim such incidents are sending various services over the edge in various ways. Ultimately, simulating their hunger games society, so you have to comply with their Globalist resolve.

It doesn't even mean that what they're saying is true like the whole Covid-19 scam, it doesn't necessarily mean all these smokescreens are as impacting as say Beirut.

But I'd definitely suggest they're trying to front the illusion of pressure on top of public services which already facing so much pressure due to Covid-19, to give the appearance of them being unable to function.

This can allow private sector firms say of security services taken over police or the NHS being sold out from under our nose as a matter of resolve and need due to circumstances they have created to do exactly that, while people will be made to believe such matters haven't been created at all but somehow spontaneous.


This only appeared on Facebook after the Beirut government had stepped aside...



It's of course about Globalism, resolving problems under the guise of "aid".

Killing with kindness so to speak.

They take over the world with the handing out of an olive branch these days, if you don't take it they'll leave you to drown, due to the nature of their games of inversion and them being the only one capable of supplying those olive branches, they've created a monopoly by global infrastructure and those infrastructures they don't want to exist, they cause the trouble in the first place for that aid to be possible and justified, then they're in, like a salesman with their foot in the door.




It's essentially how they've globalised "third world" nations. They offer aid/loans via World Bank and International Monetary Fund, they then build a Mcdonalds and all such mass corporations like this, the illusion of competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, they're not offering aid at all, but developping nations into carbon copy clones of what the rest of the world looks like, cartel monopolies and in doing so, indebting that nation to Globalist Banks indefinitely for the privilege of that "aid".

This is now happening to the world by the deliberate failure of our public infrastructure and turning us all into "third world nations" which needs those Globalist infrastructures to even exist and survive at all.

So it's the only path out of a deliberate state of failure they've simulated...


International Medical Corps Receives $1.6 Million Grant from Gates Foundation for East Africa Emergency Nutrition & Health Response



Ain't Bill a Goddamn Saint...




We Need a World Government ‚ÄĒ But It Has to Be Democratic¬†

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged influential figures like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair to press for new structures of global governance. But the system they have in mind won’t be democratic. We need a radically democratic world government.


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