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"COVID 19 Is Awful But Climate Change Could Be Worse" Says Billy Fvcking Gates


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Hey I too saw this headline. I've been waiting for someone to post. Thanks so much. I haven't read it all yet but I will. I detest the reptile too. Quick translation  so far - You lot aint seen nothing yet. I've killed off thousands in the fake pandemic now I'm going to destroy more of you with my geo engineering bullshit.   

I would love to see a statement analysis, by a professional, of this Gates threat. Keep us posted.

Much appreciated.


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I think telling people about the care homes and showing them the video on here will really work for alot of people. The elderly (50-80) ik 50 isnt elderly but you get my point, will obviously rebel to whats going on someone needs to tell the public without big techs involvement so direct message with the link explaining its contents might work. I hope anyway, some people wont wake up and they'll be the ones thrown into the woodchipper early. Thats what the globalists are like.

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