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Boiling hot weather from middle of March and nobody seems to notice


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15 hours ago, Smokestack Lightnin' said:

I loved confronting these Climate Change 'experts' last year when they were rampant. Not one of them could tell me what caused the abnormal heat in the UK between 1213 and 1222each (11 years) summer or the summers between 826 BC and 357 BC (469 years). 

Why is it that people born between 1940 and 2000 think that because the UK is not snowing in January or experiencing a nice balmy day in July that anything is different?   


(In 358 BC, the UK temperature was 42 degrees on 31st July)   


Quite so! And in the Iron Age the temperatures in Britain were more like what you see on the Med.

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19 hours ago, Captain Falcon said:

July was actually more like october/november, very autumnal. I don't think the temperature is that high, not the record breaking stuff we had a few years back... I remember walking around London in 38 degrees. The humidity and lack of air con in the uk makes it feel worse. it's 28.5 degrees in this room as I type.  


I was more worried about the low temperatures and grey skies in July. They probably didn't want people going out in a nice blue sky July summer, mingling and wondering where the big bad virus is.


The control freaks want to control every last thing they can, including the weather, it's utterly pathetic.


July was chilly- just like October. I was wearing winter woolies again. Very disappointing. 

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16 hours ago, bard said:

The world is periodically destroyed by Water or Fire ("Timaeus"). The last destruction (circa 10 000 BC) was by Water. The next one will be by Fire.

LOL bard. If the world was really destroyed in 10,000 BC, where are we now exactly? Is it the same world?

Paddy Power is offering 3000/1 on Earth being truly destroyed in 2025 by Simon Cowell's X Factor programme but you will have to go to Jupiter to collect your winnings if you survived by clinging on to a piece of molten rock.  

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13 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

simon cowell will be doing sweet fa with a broken back.

Cowell - When I'm fully recovered, will I still be able to dedicate my life to finding extraordinary talent and will the people still love me? 

Doctor - Of course Simon

Simon - That's fantastic Doc because I all I could find up till now were jobless, celebrity wannabees ...and the majority of people with an IQ over 60 hate my fucking guts. 

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20 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

maybe they hoping more old ppl die in the heat. "covid"


The mask rules will help to bump more off.  Many of the elderly will be frightened because of the BBC COVID terror and will wear them, will not want to be seen not wearing a mask as they fear of being looked at or told off, even though they are entitled not to wear them beacause of health conditions and safety issues.

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On 8/11/2020 at 10:03 AM, sickofallthebollocks said:

Great post thread,  myself and just about everything you guys say is spot on.  It's beena great year weatherwise since March, especially March to end of June when there were no planes in the sky.  Funny that?

This week it's been a bit of a heatwave here in the UK, I've been watching the skys with particular interest this last week, and, following a perfect blue sky morning, once I see the 'contrails' from the planes in the sky (obviously chemtrails not contrails which evaporate usually within 30 seconds) .......   once I see the long white contrails in the sky, they 'foam up' and become clouds, which then seem to mysteriously move toward the sun and make what was a beautiful perfectly sunny morning into a typical british 'quite-sunny' HAZY day (sunwise)

This happens without fail - I point it out to people and they say "yeah?"  "actually - yeah?  I noticed that too?"   although they can't explain why, and quickly lose interest when you start mentioning that they are actually chemtrails and not water evaporation of jet fuel.  (contrails)

It's so plain to see isn't it, as soon as you see the kriss-krossing of whitelines in the sky that don't disappear with a few minutes - then the weather gets cloudier.


a little thing i learnt was most modern jets in this day and age do not leave vapour trails, as the engines are of a bypass design. but years ago they did like 70s 80s so very very few jets in the sky actually leave a vapour trail. just an odd fact i learnt years ago

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On 8/10/2020 at 10:54 PM, Chef said:

Not completely off topic. Any thoughts about the amount of storms we had between September 19 and March 20. I have never known so many in my 34 years knocking around this place. A connection maybe?

This is true! Boiling hot from March no but so many storms and slays at the weekend. I’ve noticed this too

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