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Will you refuse vaccination, no matter what?  

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On 8/10/2020 at 8:23 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

I will refuse a 'vaccine' on the basis that:

'Covid-19' does not exist (people are dying or becoming ill for other reasons)

'The Coronavirus' is a misnomer as there are a whole family of 'coronaviruses' most of which are not deadly. Like 'The Common Cold'.

This specific 'The Coronavirus' that allegedly causes the fabricated 'Covid-19' disease has never actually been isolated in a lab.

The PCR tests that apparently 'test for Covid-19' are flawed on this basis, and are unable to specifically test for a virus that has never been isolated and identified. People are being 'tested positive' when there is nothing wrong with them (apart from any other underlying condition they may already have).

Therefore if 'Covid-19' doesn't exist, and 'The Coronavirus' hasn't/can't be isolated, it is impossible to develop any vaccine for it.

And on that basis if it is impossible to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 / 'The Coronavirus' we should be demanding to know what exactly is being developed that 'they' are very keen for us all to take.

HAVE to AGREE with everything you have said - I could not have stated my reasons any better or more fully than you have.

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8 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

There is already a 'flu vaccine' which people are urged to take, especially those 'most at risk'.


People still die from flu. Including those who've already been 'vaccinated'.


Work that one out.



Shingles shot too.

STAY AWAY from that jab!

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The Nazis would say to the concentration camp prisoners your only going for a shower and they died , now they will say your going for your vaccine nothing has changed, they dont want us to live long lives they want us dead, they cant have wars like they did in the past to cull so they will do it with a vaccine, they dont need gas chambers anymore .

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Under no circumstances that I can conceive will I accept a vaccine....

There was a harrowing video on the forum at the beginning of the plandemic where a guy, in the US I think, had been forceably taken into hospital and vaccinated under continuous protest. It must have been a fear mongering ‘warning’ vid, to keep us all in line I guess, but that is waaay beyond the line..

On 8/23/2020 at 9:43 PM, jonesthepost said:

This is why; and no one tells me what to put in my body.




Many thanks for posting this video Jonesy, it is the best one I’ve seen about the vax. When I send this one to folks, I’m sure there will be less scepticism than usual, it will hopefully start to sew seeds of doubt about what we’re up against.

How can we allow total enslavement to happen to humanity, to children, to their future?

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