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Will you refuse vaccination, no matter what?  

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  1. 1. Will you refuse vaccination, no matter what?

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14 minutes ago, greenheart said:

The Illuminati are currently losing 4-0


I really, really mean NO MATTER WHAT.

Yes, me too. I think I would die inside else. Then I would be a zombie. I don't believe in life no matter what. Invading my space and being told to partially block my airways was not going to happen voluntarily. Next, forced internal invasion. No. 

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I don't  need a vaccine.


my immune system is fine.

a cold that weak won't  really harm me.

I don't  have underlying issues.


They want to offer it to my age group now and they can go screw themselves. no cure for cancer, no cure for a  common cold, but  suddenly a vaccine appears for this and I'm  supposed to think.."Cor thanks Mr gates, without you I dunno what we'd do.."

Starts with an F and ends with off.

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I will refuse a 'vaccine' on the basis that:

'Covid-19' does not exist (people are dying or becoming ill for other reasons)

'The Coronavirus' is a misnomer as there are a whole family of 'coronaviruses' most of which are not deadly. Like 'The Common Cold'.

This specific 'The Coronavirus' that allegedly causes the fabricated 'Covid-19' disease has never actually been isolated in a lab.

The PCR tests that apparently 'test for Covid-19' are flawed on this basis, and are unable to specifically test for a virus that has never been isolated and identified. People are being 'tested positive' when there is nothing wrong with them (apart from any other underlying condition they may already have).

Therefore if 'Covid-19' doesn't exist, and 'The Coronavirus' hasn't/can't be isolated, it is impossible to develop any vaccine for it.

And on that basis if it is impossible to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 / 'The Coronavirus' we should be demanding to know what exactly is being developed that 'they' are very keen for us all to take.

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I will never ever take that vaccine, never had a vaccine in my life, even as a child, I'm 54 now and don't intend to start now. For me personally it's like I'm taking the mark of the beast, I'm agreeing too every dirty lie those evil scumbugs have told us.  And I won't do it no matter what happens. Or how hard things will get.  Im resolute in that and will never change my mind. I'd rather die standing than live on my knees. 

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Guest Gone Fishing...
7 hours ago, greenheart said:

your reasons

Never had flu shots or any shots once l became an adult and could decide for myself.
My GP surgery hassle me every year to get the yearly flu shot......l just ignore them.
l don't like what''s in them and don't trust them.
Nothing has changed for me in 2020..

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I wouldn't get one. Not buying that Putins daughter has had "2" 'rona vaccines, most likely just bs.


I would never get a vaccine ever again, unfortunately had them as a child but who can control that eh..


What other animals/mammals would willingly go and have some foreign substance injected into them??


Speaking of which, what other animal would take orders from another of its same species who was making them wear a mask..






Problem with humans we are too god damn intelligent for our own good. From intelligence comes power, and order.

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On 8/11/2020 at 10:53 PM, sickofallthebollocks said:

SLY News have done a shitty little survey suggesting 53% would be likely to get a vaccine.

Of people THEY have asked, I would hope the figure for those NOT getting a vaccine will be much higher. 

It's a crap news segment to be honest, but if you want to see Boris being a dickhead at the start then clik here:


I'm surprised they even showed that woman at the start tbh. 

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