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NOW 2020 ! Now that's what I call music!


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Senser                                                     - States of Mind    (great UK band - similar to rage against the machine but slightly more electro sound & effects)
Toyah                                                       - I want to be free
Plan B                                                     - Ill manors
Disposable heroes of hiphopcracy    - satanic reverses
LFO                                                          - flushot
Tanita Tikaram                                      - preyed upon
Steve Mason                                          - never be alone
Atmosphere                                            - puppets
Atmosphere                                            - national disgrace
The Specials                                           - Ghost town
Rocket from the crypt                            - on a rope
The Buzzcocks                                       - why can't I touch it?
Faith No More                                          - falling to pieces
Scroobius Pip                                          - The Struggle
Black Sheep                                              - The Choice is yours
Syntax                                                       - pray
Them. feat Van Morrison                        - I can only give you everything
Public Enemy                                             - Welcome to the terrordome
Disclosure                                                    - help me lose my mind
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)                 - Livin thing
The Kinks                                                     - All day and all of the night
Black Rebel Motorcycle club                    - Ain't no easy way
De la Soul                                                     -  Say no go
De la Soul                                                     -  Eye know
ROC                                                             - Soviva
X Ray Spex                                                 - Germ free adolescents
Led Zeppelin                                                  - In the light
Public enemy                                              - Shute em down
Radiohead                                                   - House of cards
Silver Bullet                                               - Bring forth the guillotine
Lou reed                                                     - Walk on the wild side
Grandmaster Melle Mel:                          - The Message
Plump Dj's                                                      - gobstopper
REM                                                                - hope
James Brown                                           - Give it up or turn it loose
NWA                                                      - Express yourself
Blur                                                    - come together
Foo Fighters                                   - for all the cows      (cattle - as the elite see us)
Stevie Wonder                              - livin for the city
Tom Petty                                     - free fallin
Led Zeppelin                            - In my time of dying
Alien Stadium                           - this one's for the humans
ICE T                                           - 99 problems
Steve Mason                             - fight them back





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add a couple more
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1. Ghost Town - The Specials (Corona goes "viral")

2. The Rise and Fall - Madness

3. It's the end of the world as we know it - R.E.M

4. The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel 

5.Get up, stand up - Bob Marley and the Wailers (Along with song 6, protest songs)

6. You're the voice -John Farnham

7. Elizabeth my dear - Stone Roses (Fall of the Monarch)

8. Lizard People - Fleetwood Mac 

9. Bombtrack - RATM (I mean..surely this is a necessary song? 😄 )

Can't think of any more at the moment..


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Numbers were jumbled..it's late.
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Showroom Dummies kraftwerk
the robots      kraftwerk
numbers   kraftwerk
the inmates  gary numan
this wreckage  gary numan
i die you die  gary numan
remind me to smile gary numan
new anger gary numan
dream corrosion  gary numan
the seed of a lie gary numan
statues  omd
a heros death  fontaines dc
televised mind fontaines dc
ceremony     new order
thieves like us  new order
murder    new order
transmission  joy division
fractured box  joy division

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On 8/14/2020 at 7:36 PM, Smokestack Lightnin' said:

Just the type of crap I was referring to earlier. How can people listen to such bullshit when there is so much good music in the world? 

Actually, the young people ARE listening to good music. Studies have shown that Millennials are more familiar with songs from the 50s to 90s than songs of the 2000s.


Their iPod playlists are stuffed with GOLDEN OLDIES from the VlNYL AGE.

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22 minutes ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

Actually, the young people ARE listening to good music. Studies have shown that Millennials are more familiar with songs from the 50s to 90s than songs of the 2000s.


Their iPod playlists are stuffed with GOLDEN OLDIES from the VlNYL AGE.


'Golden oldies' pop songs last 2/3 minutes but very few would have the attention span to listen to a full album. It's the way they are educated now. 

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