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best film scenes

Given To Fly

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Capricorn One : Fake Moon Landings

awesome movie


I was on Concorde in about 1975 with my family, London to NY.  And I've been to cape canaveral several times and I saw the Space Shuttle Columbia launch once live with my eyes.  So no I don't believe the Moon landing are fake, I think it was within the sphere of human ability at the time.  Plus that generation of people were about 50 times smarter than the monkey people of today.

Their movies are better as well, even their conspiracy movies.


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1 hour ago, DarianF said:

Can't find the particular scenes, but a movie called Jawbone. Powerful acting performance by Johnny Harris. He reaches deep. A welcome break from the usual romanticised hollywood boxing shite.



Looks good, think i'll give it a watch over the xmas period.

My favourite hollywood boxing movie is raging bull but I also have a soft spot for the trash fest that is  Rocky 3 😬



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I'm quite a fan of old kung fu movies.


Most of them build up to the final battle scene versus the big boss man and there are many great ones that come to mind immediately - Clan of the white lotus for example.


But the film Thundering Mantis has an end scene, I don't know If I can call it the best ever, but it's the most extraordinary. The guy has been learning this Mantis technique from his master, then after they kill his master the guy totally flips and thinks he is actually a Mantis! And starts trying to eat people. It's really really crazy stuff. Not sure how the actor managed to pull this one off! You have to see it to believe it all really ....lol


One of my fave scenes from kung fu movies, definitely had my draw dropping!


The Thundering Mantis (1979) final battle - YouTube



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