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Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)


After stealing the Chronosphere, an object that controls all of time in Wonderland, from the Castle of Eternity, Alice discovers an event in the past that is the cause of conflict in the present moment. Alice is confronted by a weakened Time, who berates her for putting all of time in danger. She runs into a nearby mirror back into the real world, where she wakes up in a mental hospital.


Dr Addison Bennet, a cruel psychiatric doctor, reads from a text book and says Alice is excitable, emotional, prone to fantasy - a text book case of female hysteria. Some people say her condition is untreatable, he says, but he begs to differ. He intends to give her a jab, and says he'll have her fixed in no time, but Alice is a clever girl...



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Alice came through a mirror into the real world and found her self in a psychiatric hospital where a doctor wanted to jab her, but she escaped the same way she came, but instead of going back through a mirror, what about escaping through a wardrobe?








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