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best film scenes

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there was a thread about this before the hack. here's my fave scenes from movies.


Jurassic Park (1993) - Welcome to Jurassic Park Scene (1/10) | Movieclips


Trainspotting (1996) - Final Scene [HD]


BLADE RUNNER - I've seen things



My Name Is Maximus | Gladiator | SceneScreen


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Was just watching a clip today from The Duelists a Ridley Scott film from while back 97 maybe ... anyway these Napoleonic era gentlemen were having many duels and skewering each other with long pointy swords ... maybe 300 years ago history.   Anyway thought this is really stupid, these guys so desperate to prove they are men they take to playing who will kebab the other first ... stupid game.   Doesn't really make you a man.  If you skewer the other guy first no guarantee you are better at anything, maybe just lucky shot.  Maybe other guy has hangover.

It means that even 300 years ago people realise they were becoming weak from being lazy and not exerting any effort.  Life already too easy 300 years ago.   That's the meaning I take from the film.


Here is a clip from the second "test of manhood" :



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This scene - beautifully directed - dictates the whole course of this movie - what happens here seals vincent vega's fate -  vincents aggresive action makes Butch not want to lose the boxing match, that he was supposed to lose, so the other boxer gets killed by Butch, Vincent gets killed - by Butch, Marcellus gets run over and raped,(although not raped not by butch) and the shop owner, Zed, and the gimp get killed.
All because Of Vincent being a nobhead to Butch.


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Spoiler alert just watch The Victim, if you care halfway about funny kung fu films. If not maybe skip this entirely


There was an arcade game I liked way back when it was dangerous to go look and you could do with a few kung fu skills to visit the arcade and come back without empty pockets and a bruise or two -  - Final Fight. This film is the human equivalent 9 years earlier, good choreography Sammo ! Go Beardy!



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