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ai diagnostic gp rollout

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in a way im for this, i have had a few calls to the doctor and much prefer that than waiting for an appointment, been able to get medication too if in too much pain.


Used to love going to the local pharmacy in asia and be able to get any medication i needed, just by asking the pharmacist.


Also sent the gp photos etc to get a diagnosis for daughter and myself too



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could be good for when a patient doesn't actually need to have hands on diagnosis by a gp, that's if its implemented properly which i have my doubts about. 


at least the ai might actually take note of all your medical record details instead of just brushing you off.  



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The art of a clinical examination has gone the way of the dodo so really not actually looking at the patient, or watching them walk through the door, can be deemed unimportant.


We have NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines that are used for many health conditions.  This is effectively tick box medicine meaning a doctor doesn't need to think, he's told what to do by the guidelines.  However, this can actually be quite useful depending on the health condition.  On the other hand though, don't assume that these guidelines are necessarily well-written from a patient perspective and can actually leave a patient with a reduced quality of life.  Highly likely these have been done with Pharma involvement, after all the NHS is well and truly in their pocket.



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On 8/10/2020 at 1:00 PM, eddy64 said:

yes nice have pathways and flow charts for most conditions from what ive seen.  might need some fuzzy logic to navigate some of the decision trees for any ai i would think.



@eddy64 if you have a health condition that's covered by a NICE guideline then it is definitely worth reading although realise it can be a lot to plough through.  Pick holes in it, write it down, print out and use as ammo when you consult with an NHS doctor.

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