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does di offer any solution?

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I think he offers an idea of why you should think for yourself, and question and research the information you receive. Many times I have heard him say along the lines of “don’t listen to me check it out. Or that sort of thing. By doing that he implies to me personally that it is possible to make more informed decisions that could help in any number of ways, not just stuff linked to his works. If people all did this solutions would happen naturally as a result. Or maybe I’m talking rubbish😁

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I guess you’d have to do independent research from scratch using methods invent  yourself.i agree an awful lot of info is dodgy. So I guess you decide who you believe. If everyone is lying to you I don’t know how to answer. Must be impossible to do anything no? Not being sarcastic just think for science, mathematics for example there are methods devised to help quantify things. This way I think it’s possible to check for oneself the validity of information. With individuals obviously a lot harder especially with so many false people around.

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Raise awareness. Tell people about what's going on in the world and make them think. Do the inverse of what Tell-Lie-Vision is doing. Encourage people to question the narrative.


And sometimes you can't tell people... you have to show them. That's why David does his videos and books.

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20 hours ago, mrfukhusen said:

Does David icke offer ANY solutions to the problems he presents?  How are we to stop what's coming?

Yes, it's all in his books and talks. The London Real interview Rose/Icke IV is probably the most specific one addressing that. 

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On 8/9/2020 at 10:35 PM, Bombadil said:

I guess you’d have to do independent research from scratch using methods invent  yourself.i agree an awful lot of info is dodgy. So I guess you decide who you believe. If everyone is lying to you I don’t know how to answer. Must be impossible to do anything no? Not being sarcastic just think for science, mathematics for example there are methods devised to help quantify things. This way I think it’s possible to check for oneself the validity of information. With individuals obviously a lot harder especially with so many false people around.


Good answer.

If you are a good man, then when you learn to be a carpenter first you copy the "old man", and develop competence at the various tools and tasks, later you will develop your own understanding and perhaps invent some new ways to do things ... that comes about naturally.  It takes time, but the end result is real knowledge.   I think this is an excellent understanding of how real knowledge actually happens, it is not for free, because knowledge is something that has changed inside you ... it's not on the surface, it's not words.
If you have developed competence in this way in several fields and areas, then perhaps you don't need to start at the beginning next time ... a good carpenter can shift into electrical work without starting at the beginning.  This shows that real knowledge learnt in one place can be transferred.  Gradually you can become a rounded and wise being.
And although most knowledge comes slowly, there is also the opportunity to take a jump from time to time ... perhaps you are faced with a thorny carpentry issue and you just have to invent a new solution - you make an intuitive jump, very good.

All this kind of knowledge has nothing to do with anyone else, you own it ... and you are it.

So what else do you need to know ?  You see the sun rise and set, your dick will tell you who you want to screw .... you know all you need to know.

In "society" there are many monkeys talking, enjoy it if you like it doesn't mean much.

Just keep growing in your "work", because in that engagement, in those years of engagement, you will know inside you the truth of things.

- a lot of the "truther" talk and the startled worried people on the internet "exposing" new "facts" are those that are not growing, they live from tidbit to tidbit and in the end will have nothing - 
And all this that I have said is exactly the same on the "spiritual path", it is a new field of knowledge ... but with the same principles.  Find the old man, learn and follow ... and use what you already know so you don't have to start right at the bottom.

Tom Bombadil was a man of the woods, he knew many things.


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I think everyone is configured differently and has different skill sets. Therefore, I don't think there is a one solution fits all. We are all creative geniuses and we should use that to find novel solutions to the current threat, and focus the majority of the energy that we have on the solution, and not complaining (although some complaining in this situation I think is perfectly normal and healthy, but not to to the point where it prevents real action from happening).


I also think it's a case of trial and error. I've never been in this situation before so I don't know what solution will work.


What i've tried so far is to be positive, calm, try to re-orientate people's attention to alternative non-main stream media when an appropriate situation arises, continuing on with the old normal as much as possible, not letting that effect the projects I plan to do.


I enjoy writing so, I did try and write to my MP several times. As i said trial and error. I've realised that this isn't going to do very much. I'm currently thinking about posting pamphlets locally to households with some simple facts and links to official data sets - something like this - again a good idea? I've no idea, perhaps it's terrible - but unless you try and get feedback, who knows what will work?


Other people enjoy demonstrable protests, and there are groups you can join across the country if this is your thing (such as the gp that organised the rally in liverpool on the video mainpage). Some other people might find meditation and prayer to be effective for them...some people who have expert credentials might find the best way to help, is to find a public outlet to voice their expert opinion on the matter to counter balance the false information, some people may be expert in law and may take it upon themselves to legally challenge some of this nonsense......


I think there are literally hundreds of things you could think of to do. 


I think do something, and if it doesn't work try something else.....


Just my opinion...


Edit: Oh and I also make sure to listen to Vernon Coleman, UK column news broadcasts very loudly in the garden at lunchtime when every other single person is out in their gardens.

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Just been watching some new DI videos referenced on the page for the new book The Answer.

In my opinion DI is wrong about several very critical facts.

Firstly when you die you do not become infinite consciousness, you die.  You can tell this is the case because when you go to sleep your human awake state is de-powered and what happens ?  Nothing, vanish.  You vanish it's finished.  Now in China somebody else wakes up but it's not you.

Why is not you ?
Because you never really were infinite consciousness you began as a temporary form and were discarded.  In other words you literally die.

As above so below.

You can see how existence deals with acorns, out of 10,000 of them only 1 becomes the oak tree.  9,999 are discarded.  This is the rule of life.

Now for animals and acorns it's not a problem because they have no idea what's going on anyway.

For us we do have some sense of life ... and we don't want to die.

And, over thousands of years the spiritual path was developed to fix this problem so that when your body dies you do not die.  How is that possible, it is possible because we use our faculties of the mind to merge with the Source and this creates a permanent individuated part, or soul.  It is for that reason to accomplish that task that spirituality exists.  It's not words, but a practice and a change.

So ... 
Second thing is DI wishes us to discard labels we are not white black transgender man woman ... it's all meaningless according to him.  Well is it?  Why did life give us these labels in the first place?  Is life existence, is the universe stupid?
In fact these "labels" are simply part of our intelligence, as we grow in intelligence we are able to use that same intelligence on the path to immortality.  But if you tell people not even to have the basic sense of sanity to say, "I am a white man", then you destroy their basic simple intelligence.

And btw the NWO are doing exactly that.  In order to divide and conquer the NWO wishes to destroy all labels so you don't mind so much if your nation or culture is destroyed .... because everyone is everyone right?  We are all equal.  And DI is basically saying the same thing.
This is wrong imo.  It is totally wrong.
This world is not very pretty if you don't defend yourself you will be destroyed.   It is an ancient trick to teach people that ... everyone is everyone .... then they allow migrants to romp in and steal everything and that your country is dead.
So, no I don't agree with that either.
And ... if we wish to roll back the current chaos we must go back to the previous order.
Perhaps if things weren't so far gone, a little nip and tuck would be sufficient to re-order things.
But that's not where we are.  Now we are like a pot of green paint that has got so much gunk in it, you cannot really tell what it is ... nip and tuk won't clean it up.  You have to poor new green paint in it.
You have to pour the source into it ... and the source of British culture, is part Anglo Saxon, part Christian and part Roman ... and that has to be poured in once again.


Just come back from Brighton centre; it is chaos.  People covered in dark tattoos shins, arms, neck.  Rainbow everywhere.  These people certainly have no labels, they have no clue ... the are "free".  And they do not wake up as some well behave kindly infinite consciousness.   Far from it, they are mean and sarcastic, defensive and angry.

Society cannot be made from this kind of thing.  It is always made the same way, through some for of order.


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Furthermore on the infinite consciousness thing :



The World --<=======   MAN ---<======== INFINTE LIGHT


What is occurring in the universe is that the infinite light or infinite consciousness is poured into countless beings large and small, including man.  The light pours through them and into The World you see out of your eyes.   So yes the Light is watching the world through your eyes.

And after you die it will watch the world through somebody else's eyes, when the stream of energy passes through then you are "Alive", in other words you sense your own life as the energy passes through you.  But when the body vehicle ends it's finished.

For a plant or an iguana, nobody complains because those vehicles are quite small and don't have much sense of what's going on.

But the human vehicle is higher and that Man does start to taste Real Life, meaning he starts to feel what the Infinite Light itself feels like and so he may wish to "live forever".

How can that happen ?

When you remember the father or worship the source what happens is this :



The World --<=======   MAN ---<======== INFINTE LIGHT


Basically Man has remembered the father and senses the origin of his own consciousness, he senses not only the world out front, but at the same time he senses the father-source-consciousness-origin ... simultaneously.  This is awakening.

If this continues through daily practice the reversal of energy flow creates a kind of loop of energy, the energy pours into you and from you it returns to the origin and this creates a circular energy structure that lives forever in the house of the father., meaning it exists permanently in relationship to the source, like a sunbeam that has returned back to the father to create a permanent structure.

And this is the ultimate goal for the universe.

In the beginning there was darkness over the face of the waves .... and that darkness has lasted for unseen eons, until some beings woke up and remembered our father who art in heaven our source that is Conscious.


So ... yes we are infinite consciousness, but with details.






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On 8/9/2020 at 6:43 PM, mrfukhusen said:

Great.. how do we do that? Love energy?  Love and light to everyone including our greatest enemies..?

Remember how Jesus did it. He asked for them to be forgiven, as they do not know what they are doing. And even if they do, I think if we can pity them for being unable to feel compassion, empathy and love for others, it will be easier to send them love too. I do pity them. They must live in constant fear and in their own hell. We can create beauty and fine, noble feelings. That will help us ascend to the fifth dimension, while they will all remain stuck down there in the lower fourth I have been told they exist.

I just watched a video of the huge Demo against Covid-19 in Berlin and there I saw how when the police arrived to try and disperse this multitude, the demonstrators simply smiled and many sat down on loudspeakers I think and invoked their inner Gandhi. And the police was powerless and many of the officers proved to be on the side of the demonstrators anyway and were only forced to follow orders. Yes, it is in German, but it is still a beautiful lecture on how we could really achieve success!



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