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Oprah Wimpy.."child abuse makes children feel good"


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What a disgusting fool, that wants to ignore children cannot consent to sexual acts.


She is essentially endorsing rape, as paedophilia, or bestiality are both acts of rape.


No matter how much adults who want to sexually abuse kids, or animals want to rationalise there actions, neither kids or animals can consent to sexual acts with adult humans, making paedophilia, or bestiality rape.


How such a human became so famous really shows how demented todays world is.


She goes round saying all white people need to die off, before they can make that perfect world these people want.


She is obsessed with the foolish notion of a caste system that she thinks she is in the upper tear off.


Talk about being a supremacist?


Any belief in a caste system, is inhumane. She got to where she is, because of white christian western world, which is against that moronic caste system, she openly is for.

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Oprah Winfrey  is the weinsteins  lollywood  Pimp for the elite ,  thats how she makes money  like a epsteins Ghislaine Maxwell party harem organizer for United Nations  , or just  like BBC-s Jimmy Savile and the ancient unreplacability of criminal monarchization .




oprah weinstin plenty.jpg

oprah weinstein blonde.jpg

oprah clinton bill.jpg

clinton lolitas 2.jpg





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How can somebody really think that child abuse makes children feel good. Since I personally faced abuse, I understand from my own experience that no one deserves such treatment. Even adults are very difficult to survive such injuries, it is very difficult to say, how a child can survive. In my case, I faced with verbal and psychological violence in relationship with my boyfriend. I didn't have any support and I had to find ways how to respond effectively to verbal abuse by myself. I hope the children can receive more help from the adult in case of abuse.

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