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This guy performed and modernised his own version of what's said to be the oldest known recorded song in history called Hurrian Hymn No 6. It's meant to be a hymn written for a Goddess called Nikka, the wife of Yarikh, a moon God.

IDK anything about the religion they're associated with, came across the song earlier this year and thought it sounded like an interesting interpretation. It's cool but has a kind of sad vibe to it.

The song popped into my head again and I wasn't really paying attention to the details before but the whole No 6 thing reminded me of the Rona Rule of 6 stuff. Maybe you guys know a thing or two about the mythology behind this song?


He also made this video that reminded me of us lot when I saw the thumbnail. Had to watch of out of duty to our clan :D It turned out to be a pretty interesting one too. He had an issue with some noise interference and ended up locating the source using his guitar and amp as a faulty shielding on a transformer box on his street. Don't think he's a tin foil hatter or entertains conspiracy theories, his personality comes off as more of an educated normie type but still interesting viewing.

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The terms 'Short Squeeze' come from the stock market and that 'Game Stop' stock thing.


Betting against stocks is called 'shorting' them and then betting against the short is called 'squeezing' the short.


They made that movie about traders who betted against those mortgages called 'The Big Short' so if they make a movie about Game Stop it could be called 'The Big Short Squeeze' 😋

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I am always moaning about people watching other people watch stuff and how it's a bit stupid? I can't lie this makes me happy. 



An American loving a British cuppa ;) 


I know it's straying to normie land but the guy below an African American enjoying only fools. The matrix has been hacked :)


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On 2/10/2021 at 1:38 AM, DarianF said:

There is no conspiracy. Bill Gates is actually a great guy. 😄



More dislikes than likes. Fantastic.

I hear Dr grande is a massive fan of Mr icke 😂. What a strange man he is. Got a face like a slapped arse. 

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17 minutes ago, Fluke said:

I am not very clued up on science but the Texans should try putting it in a tub with lid closed then applying that with the flame. A metal container if they need water. 


Snow evaporates otherwise. I think?

I've never tried to burn compacted snow so it's a shame it's all melted here or we could recreate the experiment. Soot from the candle flame is nothing unusual. 


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