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If you can catch about 100 red fire ants that live in the southwestern desert and also about 100 of those large black ants that live there and drop them in the same jar, not much will happen– until you shake the jar vigorously and dump them out on the ground. The red ants will attack the black ants and the black ants will attack the red ants and they’ll devastate each other. The thing is, the red ants think the enemy is the black ants and the black ants think the enemy is the red ants and all those ants put together never do figure out that the real enemy is the one who shook the jar.




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At Whitendale in April of 1922 he sat in a heather covered bower beside a waterfall that flowed between two huge stones to fall five or six feet to moss-covered rocks. There he set about studying water fairies. The tallest was about eight inches high, but all could increase their size to about two feet, some with rosy-colored auras, some pale green. Hodson saw them as diminutive human females, entirely nude, their long hair streaming behind them, a garland of small flowers around their foreheads, beautiful but utterly remote from human life. Because they were more subtle and quick in their movements and changed their form with bewildering rapidity, it was hard for him to attract their attention or influence them in any way as they played in and out of the fall.
Flashing through the fall from different directions, they called out in wild tones, rising almost to a shriek, sounding to human ears-only faintly-like a shepherd's call across an Alpine valley, a sound he could represent by the series of vowels E-0-U-A-I, ending with a plaintive and appealing cadence: Wagner's Rhine maidens to a T.
With delight he watched as the undines traveled up the fall against the stream or remained motionless within it, generally playing and flashing through it, passing in and out of the great rocks without experiencing any obstruction. When a cloud passed from the face of the sun and the fall was again bathed in brilliant light, the creatures appeared to experience an added joy, increasing their activity and their singing.
He found less evolved undines, a foot high, their slim bodies supple and graceful, constantly assuming poses of great beauty as they floated in the midst of the fall or hovered just on the edge of the spray, rising like bubbles in water, body upright, limbs straight, drawing vital- ity from the sun and the falls until charged to bursting point, making a strong effort to compress and contain the vital energy until it became too much for them. At the summit he could see them flash free into the air, releasing the concentrated accumulated energy with a brilliant display of colour and light, radiating joy in all directions, "thrilling at the moment of discharge with delirious pleasure, as the energy impinges visibly on the surrounding rocks, bracken and trees, which means growth for them and for the scenery in which they live".
He found the undine's expression at the moment of discharge to be especially beautiful, particularly in the eyes, flashing with dazzling radiance, expressing rapturous joy and a sense of abnormal vitality and power: "At the magical moment of release she experiences an ecstacy and exaltation beyond anything possible to mere mortals dwelling in the prison of the flesh".
The condition is immediately followed by one of dreamy pleasure in which the consciousness is largely withdrawn from the physical plane and centred in the astral plane of emotion. The form becomes vague and indistinct until, having assimilated the whole experience, the undine reaapears and repeats the process.


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