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Halting the technosphere

The New Axis and the major transition


"EMP is essentially an anti-technology weapon"


"Crucially, for such a transition to become permanent, mechanisms must emerge which prevent the new, higher-level individuals reverting to their constituent parts. This means it is essential that networks all be gone in a flash, and that information itself be blacked out"




"Given that the service providers preferred by industrial users are Iridium, Inmarsat’s IsatPhone, and Globalstar, and assuming some LEO constellations may survive a first EMP event, we propose to target additional assets during the second EMP event, schedules to happen 288 hrs after first event"


"At the end of the first stage, all state and military command and control systems, the economy, ICBMs, mobile based ICBMs, missiles on the flight trajectory, radar sites, spacecraft, and energy supply systems will be effectively destroyed. We expect power plants, substations, and transmission lines for entire cities or regions to be fried. The success relies on preventing the shut down of the world grid before it's struck."


"Computations show that the population might be without power for days or weeks, leading to food shortages and untold crises. The effects on the economy would also be devastating. "


"For the US region, the attack addresses an scenario targeting 68,992 electric substations , 3,200 control centers, 13,617 microwave radio links, 8,750 fiber amplifiers, 4,570 radio base stations below 1GHz out of a total of 51,954 radios at all frequencies, with a special emphasis on wiping out the 6 GHz and 11 GHz microwave radios, which are the most widely used by utilities."




"The catastrophic loss of electricity over an extended area and time would cause a major or possibly complete cessation in manufacturing goods or providing services, resulting in lost wages, interruption in supply chains, and societal turmoil that would most likely intensify as the outage persists. The combined and simultaneous attack on the EU, USA, SEA, MidEast, and SA regions will translate into a total breakdown of the Sol-3 technosfere after the second event. Most part of the population will die through starvation, disease, and the global societal collapse given the prolonged damage to the world grid.”


"if gasoline station pumps were inoperable due to lack of power, and municipal water and sanitation services stopped working, a high percentage of the population would be dead after one month"


"Expected numbers of EMP attacks is between 3 and 4, given that any nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 400 kilometers will produce an EMP field with a radius of about 2,200 kilometers, enough to cover the 6,371 kilometers of Sol-3 radius. The first two events should be scheduled for the North hemisphere's winter in order to maximize casualties"




"An EMP attack can be delivered anonymously. Launched off a freighter, a submarine, by jet, or by satellite (hundreds of satellites are in low Earth orbit), the perpetrator of an EMP attack might never be identified. EMP attack leaves no fingerprints."


"We know the technosphere is destined to collapse, so we need to anticipate for the collapse to be graceful so that it won't impact us more grievously than it has to. Call it an orderly 'shutdown', the 'graceful dead of the technosphere', or simply 'the great reset'. Names are unimportant here. The important thing is tomorrow's survival of humanity by sacrificing today its technosphere."







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Thanks, glad that I'm not the only one that can spot subversives.


On 8/25/2020 at 6:28 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

In short, here are my views on him.


> Be George Carlin
> Love CNN
> Constantly mock conservatives
> Take the piss out of those that are pro-life
> Pro-gun control
> Godless
> Muh drugs
> Makes redditors feel smart for confirming observations that every normal human being already knew
> Hated nationalism
> Rapey
> Often trends on twitter because normies interpret his rants as Anti-Trump

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Just a thankyou to this site.


I input DI into a search with Targetted Individuals as I wanted to get David's take on it.


The search brought me back to this site and an article published by it referring to the internet site Freedon For Targetted Individuals. It's an excellent resource and goes along way to giving legitamacy to people's claims of being targetted via gangstalking etc. https://www.freedomfortargetedindividuals.org/


This was interesting, under the United Nations sub heading:

FFTI's response to the UN's Request for Information (RFI) on torture was accepted and published on the website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


So, the UN accept that Targetted Individuals in relation to gang stalking torture that includes members of the public sector as perpetraters, is real and is happening. Makes it harder to be called crazy.


I've shared this with numerous public sector institutions and members of the public (Councillors). Not sure what good it'll do me but worth a try. I've been complaining about it to them for a while.



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