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Those that can afford to, are forming a contract with farmers to supply them with food when the food shortage comes which will be  2025-2027 according to the above video. If you are single, then you need to join a community that has the contract with the farmers or starve. If the farmers don't keep the contract, you make sure there will be a consequence set by automatic trigger sealed in aether. You need every tools and weapons you have accummulated over the years now and if your bag of knowledge consists of knowing what 666 is or that people are worshipping Baphomet...... well you fell into the trap they laid out. You should have dug deeper. Oh well.

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R.I.P Vivienne Westwood - It sounds as though she died suddenly but was expected.

She's gone to see Rik.


Rik: Ah Vivienne! (in Young One's voice with mad look) What are we going to do with those that are fast asleep? There is no sign of them waking up!

Vivienne: What kind of mischieves to wake them up?

Rik: Now you are talking. I can think of a few 😁




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I watch it for the sheer beauty of it not cause I find it basically a good idea to buy a Chateau 😀
they do a great decoration job there + I find it funny when British people buy big Houses in the Country of their former arch enemy France cause it is cheaper there 😊
I dont think that British and French people go very well together because of their very different mentality. I simply dont believe that the British do understand the French in a way (not just because of their languages).

anyways....I love her cannel even if she is a bit hysterical 🎄✨



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