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For any fellow NBA fans........


My personal faves...


Shawn Kemp tomahawk dunk

Jordan giving Mutombo he's own finger wave after finally getting his first dunk on him in his career

Pippen giving the large after dunking and smashing Ewing to the floor

The commentator after Lebron's dunk "Lebron with no regard for human life!" 😅



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39 minutes ago, DaleP said:

Interesting. Al Jazeera quoted David.




I liked the part near the end where the guy being interviewed says that the Bildreberg Group and their ilk like to know what people think about them as it gives them insight. You can see why they like to listen to DI... he is showing to the world what the group is doing....so maybe they use his enlightenment to try to circumvent any fallout.  Got me thinking a bit... (happens occasionally ;-)  )

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This is a part 1 of 18 video.

I tried this part 1 and it was interesting. Try it and see for yourself THEN read the comments.

It's probably better that you read them afterwards to avoid an expectation of the experience but I can tell you I am agreeing with quite a few of the posters.

If you like it, proceed the rest. All the topics are interesting....like RV, OOB, Manifestation etc.


You'll need a pair of headphones for this.



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For fellow NBA fans..........


Flashback to the 90s. Rivals Chicago bulls vs Utah Jazz in the finals. Rodman vs Malone at power forward.......


And in the middle of this important series the two feature in a WCW wrestling match with Hollywood Hogan 🤣


The fight is hilarious.


I think Nitro Malone and Rodzilla actually performed very well.....


Their coaches were non too pleased at the time though! 😅


These things just wouldn't happen these days.......



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I love this guys use of words, intonation (although flat & firm in its delivery) and his seriousness and forcefulness of intent to defend himself however HE feels is right.

This Canadian chap (rightly IMO) not in any mood to be messed around with..........

In his words:
"We have the legal right, to defend ourselves by way of equal force, that means you fuckin come at me by way of Pitchfork? ""
"You leave this fucking world by way of pitchfork!"
"You come at me with a bat?"
"I fuckin quickly remove that bat from your grasp and shove it up your fuckin ass"
"And that also means, if you come at me with fuckin firearms....?
"read between the fuckin lines..."



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Exception of those who are working, how do you intend to spend your Sunday next week?

It is predicted that it's going to be 36C and I forecast that there will be many breakdown of supermarkets fridge and freezers....


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