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52 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Apparently he is terminally ill. But our vlads a fighter.


Somebody laughed at what I posted but....

On 5/14/2022 at 1:57 AM, DaleP said:

This may have already been posted.... I haven't read a thing in this thread tbh.


Well, it looks like Russia can only last another 2-3 months.....tide is turning against Russian due to lack of money.

Popularity of Putin is sinking and army isn't listening to him apparently.

Official figure for death is like just over 1000+ but it is estimated somewhere around 20K on Russian side.

This means 25% reduction in their army.

Five prefectural governors have resigned and further two are considering but they have been stopped.


Furthermore, Russian independent news (true or not?) have reported that Putin's lover is expecting their 5th child and Putin wasn't expecting this surprise news just before the cancelled event. Apparently, he went silent after that. This also indicates that these kind of news wouldn't have surfaced IF everything was as it should be in Russia but it's not.


A doctor has spotted a sign of Parkinson's disease.... others say Putin is going to have a cancer treatment and he wants to delegate Dmitry Kovalev, a 36-year-old while he's under treatment and the next presidential election to be won by him. Dmitry has no experience in politics.


This could all be over in 3 months....probably move to Is-ra-el, middle east direction.

The recent spike in Gold price could have been a result of Royalty preparing to defect from Saudi..... The one who created Is-ra-el might do a moonlight flip.

It's possible that they might escape to Argentina or UK. How predictable....


OK, I'll post the rest in Random thread. 


Vladimir Putin ‘very ill with blood cancer' according to 'top oligarch caught in secret recording'



He shouldn't have kicked out Rusian scientists who could have provided him the solution he needs...

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Would you work for free hoping to get the job?


some employers are asking candidates to work before they’re even hired – sometimes, on tasks that take hours, even days.



I think this is utter BS, abuse even.

This is like zero hour contract. Slaves are taken for a ride and dumped.

Unless we say NO then the trend will continue like we still have zero hour contract.

We are the one perpetuating the problem but normies won't realise this. The only way to get away is from removing yourself from these kind of environment.

Set up a trust and pay yourself minimum wage while you've got a control over all of your asset. When the time comes for you to depart this world, everything is set, you add your kid's name in the trust and you don't have to bother with tax and inheritance tax etc.

If anybody is interested in template or a course, get in touch. I won't be the one taking money if that's what you are interested.

It's all about living smart....in our way that is.


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Have watched a couple of documentaries on Africa lately, 1 on Liberia and 1 on Uganda. In both cases, especially the first, it is really common to do human child sacrifices. They basically cut out the heart of a child whilst it is alive and then eat it before going into a fight. Just wondering if David has ever mentioned or considered the voodoo magic connection when looking into the child sacrifices that the elites apparently do.

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On 5/18/2022 at 2:02 PM, Fluke said:



So....do you think we should save Putin then?

I would save him if he agrees not to use nuke.


Being Russian president, I would have thought he has the best scientists, medical doctors around him.

While I was thinking about Putin, I did sense his energy and he IS strong. He might have this or that ailment but I don't know if that is the energy of someone who is going to die in 2-3 months.

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Love this person not letting them walk all over him.



An autistic man is taking supermarket giant Sainsbury's to court for refusing entry to his assistance cat.


He says she helps him stay calm, but the supermarket argues that cats, unlike assistance dogs, present risks to food hygiene.





Assisted pony.






Four years ago, American airlines recorded 751,000 requests to take emotional support animals on flights - including miniature horses and a turkey. The matter turned into a national media debate when a passenger was banned from taking their support peacock on a plane.


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