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wow, just heard that we may lose internet all together.

I mean if Putin damages the cable in the sea..... 😱 🙀

Putin is well and everything is calculated.


According the script, US is the one to use nuke (like as always....) than Russia.


J.Biden will be assacinated by India soon (latest by 2023).

^This was predicted by astrology at the time of the last election.


THEN....after the assacination....there will be an election which will lead to civil unrest and people will be shooting neighbours. 😱🙀


Great reset isn't just financial. It's all inclusive....including the end of UN and rise of New UN.....i.e. New World Order.

N&S Korea to become one, China and US will split.


Russia/Ukraine is only the beginning i.e. more to come. 😱🙀


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Just have a look at these photo which were posted today.

Wouldn't you say it's full of occult images? 🤔




So it starts with a child hidden amongst rainbow coloured balls and end with a child hidden again.

I think this message is meant to 'hide the children' 🤔


Somebody is nesting....mnn who that may be... see the answer below.


Street lamp - black sun

White goat - well goat...you know their god... Baphomet


Hidden bugs....mnn I wonder who it may be? Keep reading...


Raised water level followed by a fish..... need to raise the secrecy level.


Followed by.....ah the lizard!!!


Window/mirror (to shatter an image/to hide the truth) How do you do it? "a frame within a frame."

ah so compartmentalization it is then.


Here comes the chipmunk! Hidden in plain sight! Cue the music 😁


Amongst the black n white masonic film canisters, a green one.

A definite infiltration!!


The rest....the red nutmeg, purple cloak (magick) and a shadow of snake...... yeah all it's magical to reveal who it is but be warned....hide the child anyway. 🤭




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"Inspired partly by his love of dogs and his belief in their moral sense, Darwin became involved in a campaign to regulate animal experiments. He was convinced of the importance of experimental physiology, but wanted measures taken to protect animals from cruelty. In Descent, he remarked on the capacity of dogs to love in the face of such cruelty: "everyone has heard of the dog suffering under vivisection, who licked the hand of the operator; this man, unless he had a heart of stone, must have felt remorse to the last hour of his life." (Descent 1: 40)



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