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This is a weird video. So despite the obvious snowflakery of being afraid of just about everything. The title of the video "this looks completely innocent" and the actual caterpillar in question doesn't ring true for me.


It looks like a creature that would have a natural defense mechanism (as most do) but one that might pack a punch. A bit like the false widow spider, relatively harmless but can give you a nip if you provoke it. I personally don't mind spiders, but the false widows don't look pleasent to me at all and I don't like picking them up. 


This to me is kind of like social engineering. The colours of things and the look of things in nature should send your natural instincts off. I look at the comments and it's scary not only the cowardice of grown adults (I know there's probably kids in the comments) but the apparent lack of any sentience about nature and the world around them. "This might look innocent" er no it doesn't really. 



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People's behaviour is increasingly irrational today. I feel something big is coming down the pike. Watch out for people who like their authority, especially hi-vis types. Roads are pretty dangerous as well. My own Intolerance for people's pettiness Is low. But I know how to deal with these ghastly spastics.


I saw one of my first UFO sightings on Sunday. I don't think it was a spacecraft. But it was strange. I was watching the birds, all of a sudden everything went quiet, the atmosphere was hard too breath and the air had a claustraophobic feel. Then emptiness and stillness seemed to contact me over and the world felt like it stopped. Then I saw a white orb as bright as a planet come through the clouds at about 4pm and it remained for 15 minutes. Afterwards crows, seagulls, and pigeons flew by. 


Crows have been everywhere for the past 3 month's. I've never seen so many. Lots of dead bees on the floor also. 


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Texting a friend. Basic summary:


Friend: I've booked in for my jabs, I figure we have to do it anyway, so might as well get it out of the way now.


Me: You realise they are going to give you endless boosters after that, don't you, once you take the first ones? (I inserted evidence of this)


Friend: I'll just think of it like the flu shot; it's all good.


Me: But you said you read all the product info, showing the risks. Even the extra risk to you (i.e. under 40 male, myocarditis, pericarditis risk).


Friend: Yeah but what do you do. You have to have it so let's just get it over with.


Me: Fuck that mate, I'll never submit. They'll have to jail me or whatever, fuck it.


Friend: No way man, I'm not risking everything I worked for over a little injection.


Me: I'd rather be in jail than dead.



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There used to be a thread pre hack on words and other meanings. 


Protest - pro-test 




Definition of pro

 (Entry 1 of 7)

1: an argument or evidence in affirmation
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