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On 8/8/2020 at 1:03 PM, shadowmoon said:

You know,  you can talk to your guardian angel and ask it to talk to other peoples  guardian angels.

Watch out boris and crew, I have spoken to mine, he will be warning you and  yours now.

Awesome, that explains why he's been cowering away from leadership since the plandemic began. I'll get mine onto him as well, if a few of us do this he won't stand  a chance. 😀

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23 hours ago, peter said:

Sorry mate I have put exactly the same topic up in general chat, well after you ,so in effect I've ripped you off

My apologies

No problem. 😉

Yours went much better than mine anyway.

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Another time when I was an apprentice I was on a building site walking next to my boss who was telling me what was going on for the day , we stopped so he could show me something and just as I stopped a full size brick landed 8" in front of my feet from 60ft up , one more step and I would have been history,there was no helmet requirements back in those days

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