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When will there be no turning back from dictatorship?


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As electronic progress is unstoppable, we will have to deal with new legislation for tracking systems.

Will this take us prisoner?

Is world dictatorship inevitable now?

When will it be clear that we have lost our freedom?

What needs to be done to live in harmony with nature and with each other again?

Should we stop inventing? Or even go back to old-fashioned systems to save humanity's soul?

People must be able to feel useful in this world and do useful, honorable work. A robot is then very undesirable.


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Just browsing and noticed this post. Surprised this has no replies... 🙁

Good post tho.  Helpful questions for all whether newbie to dictats and enslavilizations or not. 😺



I found a "white rose" sticker on Tues 9th of Feb in a subway (read into the name whatever u want, I did just by thinking pLandemic rather than thinking political) ...anyway.. More to the point It said simply as a warning¡¡>> "Live in Fear", and in brackets>> (= "it makes you easier to control")  



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