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Evil ET alliance plan to use SSP to fire on population centers "within a few years "


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Here's the latest update from the best source we have 


2:29:00 ..."....A dire imposition of lethal destruction , to be carried out by humans themselves , working through the SSP to turn advanced extraterrestrial weapons to bear on populations centers , infrastructure , and sources of supply needed to sustain human civilization , to be followed by a mop up crew to find the stragglers and eliminate them one by one ...."


This may be after the arrival of supposedly "friendly"  ET's ...not clear ..... full interview here ...  https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=4B5U685XRW73


One way to scupper these plans , call on Creator to heal the dark forces 



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There's been talk and urban myth of ET's since the dawn of time. Ancient Egyptian tombs with pictures of off world craft and deities. Mankind with all this covid crap is at war from within humanity has always been its nature to destroy itself. A societies worse 2 cancers are hypocrisy and corruption.  


On the grand scheme its very self fish and naïve to assume even believe that were the only ones to exist. Using fossil fuels to other outer space entities may make us look like were still in the caveman era? Planet earth is the size of a grain of sand on a beach in comparison with the size of the universe. Mankind's issues boils down to individual greed materialistic gain and envy. We do not work as a collective for the benefit of the race its all selfishness and gluttony.


Videos like this come straight out of Hollywood carries no more real credibly than coroni planscamdemic. Mankind's biggest threat is each other were policing ourselves into extinction because of the idiots who believe the states version of everything. Individuality is very rare today the sheeple, zombies threaten and are a bigger liability than any virus or other species.


Humanity is killing the planet were more parasites than caretakers. As for other life yes I do believe there is extra-terrestrial intentions sinister or good who knows for now?


But suffices to say to any species prob thousands of years more advanced than we. Were just ants live on a sphere that are inferior and could be wiped out in a heart beat?


Of course there's stuff going on Govs are in on it. People are kept in the dark by design whether the agenda or even corrupt polictrictians know all about it its supressed to keep us in servitude and ignorance. We think were advanced compared to a dung beetle possibly may be even so. But in reality were still in the dark ages just bald monkeys whom have the arrogant and inherent belief were dominant over all other life on the planet. Everything has a price its called money and whilst ever we choose and let our existences remain in that domain we will never evolve only at a snails pace because were trying to drive with the brakes on.


May be one day it will leak out that other life is out there even here or been? Govs supress it because if so it would course a global panic look at the affects of hoax 19 and worlds gone absolutely mental.


People need to grow a pair and push back so if ET was let into the public domain society would just melt down! 

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