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The Matrix Films Are A 'Trans Metaphor' Lilly Wachowski Says


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Soo... was the "Red Pill" in 1999's Matrix all about "voting Republican, not Democrat" and allowing 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistant and all that other BAD SHIT to happen?


That would explain how the largely unknown Wachowskis got to make MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE Sci-Fi films like the Matrix Trilogy all of a sudden...

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Red pill or blue pill


So if red = male, and blue = female... I guess the Wachowskis took one too many red pills then...


Sorry, but I've watched The Matrix movies, and I can't see how they are a 'trans metaphor'.


Unless this is all another well timed distraction, aimed at discrediting all those people who believed The Matrix was an allegory for the true nature of our reality?

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There have been people in the past that have claimed "THE MATRIX MOVIES ARE AN INVERSE NARRATIVE".




I.e. - we are supposed to believe that NEO is THE ONE, while the Wachowskis actually meant AGENT SMITH to be THE ONE.


NEO keeps getting told OVER AND OVER "SORRY KID, YOU ARE NOT THE ONE". Yet everybody thinks the Wachowskis as ROOTING FOR NEO.


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