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JP Sears now censored

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So I have been following the censorship during the crisis. And to be honest with you it has disgusted me.


But when you start banning comedians, I mean this is whole new level Stasi shizz!


Not sure if you know this guy but I personally find him a very funny conscious comedian (JP Sears)


Quite worrying now for society when the arts start getting banned.


From JP Sears



CENSORED ON YOUTUBE 😡😷I’m concerned. YouTube has been censoring doctors, banning videos that speak about medicine and health from perspectives that aren’t calibrated into the orchestrated main stream narrative. Last night they put duct tape over my mouth, banning my most recent video.

My concern isn’t for me and my videos, my concern is for human freedoms, civil liberties, at the heart of which is freedom of speech. The social media platforms are the modern day Townhall in which speech is conveyed. My love for humanity and human expression is immense. Right now we have already begun sliding down a very slippery slope where a straight jacket is being fitted and tightened restricting human expression.

I don’t know a short concise cookie-cutter solution to this. But I do know being silent about being censored is not part of the solution. And I do know that raising awareness around it is part of it.

I have had the good fortune through a ton of hardwork and beautiful weirdos around the world enjoying my work to build quite an online empire on YouTube and the other platforms. I will not remain silent out of fear of getting deplatformed and losing it all. I will be speaking my truth in the face of intimidation. I would much rather have to collect cans to feed my family while speaking my truth, rather than remaining silent to keep it all while being enslaved.

Freedom of speech is one of the most beautiful gifts in life. If it continues to erode away into nothing more than a memory, it won’t happen with me sitting on the sideline. If that were to happen, as a bring my son into this world, and one day he asked me, “Dad what did you do when all the freedoms were being taken away?” My answer sure as hell won’t be, “ I watched it happen.” I owe my son better than that and I dare say I owe humanity better than that. You can choose to watch or you can choose to join me in standing for human freedoms. The choice is yours. As my friend @timkennedymma wisely says, we are living in a time when you get to choose peaceful slavery or dangerous freedom. The choice is yours."



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On 8/12/2020 at 11:13 PM, Mr H said:


It was entitled, "the covid conspiracy guy"


Still on FB


Maybe I'm misreading it, but it looks as though he is satirizing conspiracy theory rather than endorsing it, so I'm unsure why youtube banned it. 

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