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Where Does "Evil Behaviour" Come From?


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1 hour ago, labrats said:

True - I have experienced evil trust me and from good, really good people, it's amazing how humans can behave in different circumstances, how good people can be so cruel and evil, knowingly wanting to inflict suffering on another human.

You’re right.  Never considered myself an evil person, but I’ve been repenting evil things I’ve done since June and still more continue to surface.  Maybe humans are innately evil. 

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One thing I'm seeing is an increase in people devoid of moral code. Progressives particularly seem to want to claim that reality is what they wish it to be instead of what it actually is. They often push various aspects of marxism and i wonder to what extent the materialism of marxism has created that situation


In symbolic terms you could see christianity as an attempt to balance aspects within us. Symbolically speaking jesus would represent the heart acting as a mediator between the intellect/lucifer and the animal nature/satan


An intellect unrestrained by heart can create things like the nuclear bomb and the animal nature is capable of acts of barbarity. They need to be held in balance from one moment to the next


So perhaps christianity was an attempt to constrain certain impulses through the cultivation of heart-power. When that is cast aside what moral code is left?

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I get agitated. 

Christianity isn’t meant to be interpreted through an Eastern or esoteric lens.  

Christianity isn’t what you want it to be you either follow the word in the Bible and accept Jesus as your savior or you do not.  If you believe Christianity to be an invention or like an -ism you’re missing the point. 


It’s not something to wax poetic about its pretty straightforward.  The commandments are straight on and they make sense.  So are Jesus’ teachings.  And if you make the choice to really believe and live by what is expected of you in the Bible it lights a fire under your ass to get busy.  


If you are a Christian you serve no other master that includes yourself.  Jesus becomes your king and you his servant period.  And in the end your heart will be judged, so will your thoughts and deeds during your lifetime. 


If that’s not your cup of tea, fine, carry on. 


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The Red Terror, implemented by Dzerzhinsky on September 5, 1918, was vividly described by the Red Army journal Krasnaya Gazeta:

Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritsky … let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie – more blood, as much as possible..."[20]




In order to do this to people you need to hate them. The hatred for Christian Russians comes from a very definite quarter...


Felix Dzerzhinsky comes from a particular ethnic religious group which has hated and murdered Christians for two thousands years.


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Evil behaviour comes from pain, pain comes from having problems that you can't fix.  Inner problems.  Hatred, anger, misery, habitual tendencies, repeated failures, delusions fantasies, plans that fail, relationships that fail.

Everyone has these things.

Then you feel bad.

Looking out of your eyes you see something wrong with the world or with a person ... and your unhappiness is triggered ... you start shouting at him, blaming him, attacking him ... being evil.

But return to the beginning and you see what the problem is.

Nearly all evil is like this.


Another type of evil comes from corrupting people.  For instance if young people are raised in a phoney and materilistic society then when they come of age they wish to take control of the world ... but all their ideas about the world are completely bullshit.  Then whilst smiling they start to break everything as they enter the power structures and economy and take positions of authority.

It is hard to talk to such people as they were raised on phoney ness.

And the more they carry on they start to feel insecure inside that things aren't going the way their dreams did ... but it's a bit late now.  Not easy to change.

Corruption happens when dodgy people encourage you to take a shortcut ... to find a way to avoid hard work and experiences ... because "you are better than that" ... so they will tell you.  But to avoid hard experiences you rob yourself of real understanding.   Many industries are based on these kinds of lies and giving you the feeling that "you are better than that."


I was thinking today how the internet has faciltiated worldwide lynchmobs.  Nothing humans like more than a lynch mob.  One attacks the right, another the left ... and many people are sucked in.

Lynchmobs give people a sense of security.

The other type of security comes from self-knowledge when you feel stable and in control of yourself inside ... but many people just feel wobbly inside full of problems.  


Living for the outside and the agendas and lynchmobs of the outside ... comes from actually giving up on your own self.  You live through the success and failure, good and bad guys on screen on the news ... because you were not educated to deal with your own self that you ignore.


It's not good.   With these disastrous things happening often humans just end up tearing down the foundations of the society and killing themselves.  Afterwards it is quiet.

Such things have happened many times.




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13 hours ago, Truthspoon said:

In order to do this to people you need to hate them. The hatred for Christian Russians comes from a very definite quarter...


Felix Dzerzhinsky comes from a particular ethnic religious group which has hated and murdered Christians for two thousands years.


sacha baron cohen is working on another movie aimed at degrading christians in the US.....

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