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Globalist Or Idealist?

Hegel Schmegel

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Q: When you hear a person say something like, We really have to think globally, but start locally, are they possibly naive, well-meaning folks or actually in support of a NWO?


Q: And what to make of the self-professing cosmopolitan -- he who speaks fondly of an imagined future where there are no national boundaries, and everyone is living in worldwide peace and harmony -- sentiments perhaps even couched in religious terminology (i.e. via the establishment of a theocratic, heavenly one-world government ruled by Christ)? The sugar-coating talk of a crypto-globalist, or of a sincere, well-intentioned idealist?



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The evil ones who control this place are very clever ... they high-jack good ideas , and use them to enslave us more deeply ....


All clear thinking people want a united world with people free to travel where they like , with no passports and borders . So many get drawn into supporting the EU ...UN  and mass immigration ..


These two institutions are corrupt and the way mass immigration is being done is destructive and designed to bring Europe to ruin ....


So stay fast to the original dream , but until the dark ones are off our backs , it can't be implemented. 

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It's frightening to think just how many people, when you talk of global government, are all (undoubtedly, innocently) for it.


Case in point: Someone once told me the story of a man who years ago went door-to-door on behalf of his sectarian faith. This person was apolitical but would often begin his religious pitch by talking about how the current system of things was corrupt, how we needed a new government, and how he was there to speak about a glorious future which awaited mankind, that would usher in a new world order. The majority of people he came into contact with amid his ministering had assumed he was a politician; their faces would light up and his presentation was most welcomed.


There is definitely some totalitarian characteristics and tendencies even to be found within certain fundamentalist Christian groups or offshoots, who imagine and await a new system of things where everyone the world over will believe exactly the same things. I would call this groupthink taken to the nth degree! A collectivist mentality where independent thinking is a no-no and that on the surface preaches love and truth but where internal spying, eavesdropping, snitching and snooping is to be found. These are the fruit of hypocrites and offspring of vipers. Blue Pill People who scoff and snicker like ignoramuses when talk of conspiracy theories are even hinted at. Who aren't aware that a Rabbit Hole even exists. Despite this, smugly, and like good little unquestioning anti-intellectuals, they nevertheless think they've got it all figured out and regard the rest of us not apart of their elitist, triumphalist Orwellian mindset as being utterly lost and in the dark.

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It's caused by a certain kind of ignorant idealism, where these people believe that with just a few more laws, just the right people in charge, just the right system in place, the world can be like a Utopia.  To these people, these ideas are not theories, they are the reality that can be achieved right around the corner if only this and that will happen, and they just assume that all of the rest of us are in total agreement, because who wouldn't want to live in a Utopia.


They fail to look at even a short moment of history, where we have case after case of these kinds of Utopias, cases going back generations, and they're all the same.  They exploit the ignorant idealists, who are mostly people under 30, who are unmarried, do not have careers, never owned any property, and never had to be responsible or accountable for themselves or anyone else.  Then, after the coup, these idealists soon find out that actually 50% or more of the people do not want to live like that, and like all Utopias, they can only be successful with 100% obedience and cooperation.  They soon get to watch people in their families, some of their friends, their neighbors, getting hauled off to the gulags for non-conformity, because everyone must conform.


I think there's a certain kind of blind laziness in many people also.  They want someone else to do all the thinking, making all the decisions, determining all the hard choices.  It absolves them of having to be accountable or responsible for anything, so they can live in like an alpha wave intoxicated-like stupor, obsessing on trivial bullshit like social media and how many Likes they have.

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Interestingly, it has been well documented that certain intelligence agencies had funded countercultural gurus like Timothy Leary back in the Sixties, as part of a social engineering program. This led to many (anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-marriage) hippies believing that love, peace, and harmony would eventually lead to an end of nations and a one-world government, a planetary commune, based on these idealistic notions. These flower children were utopian, unaware that such a world, one based in reality, would quickly descend into totalitarianism.


These fanciful notions crept into the music industry at the time, as with John Lennon's "Imagine," a song about a world without borders and religion.

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