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∴ Covid-19 Noahide Laws - A Story of Peace ∴


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I’ve mentioned this before but incase you’ve missed it, I want to create a post explaining and expanding this here for those concerned and will take the time to read and get their head around this occult symbolism and ritual of Covid-19 with spiritual connotations which are used, twisted and inverted for perverse ends by those behind this.



Covid-19 is an agenda of the Globalist Death Cult to initiate a phoney world peace initiative, movement, even if it is led via a counterculture movement, people believe is working against the Globalist Agenda. I'm sure even the less researched "Conspiracy Theorists" know full well that this is the case with Covid-19. I'd consider this, a soft sale.

These scenarios set, especially three religious groups at odds with one another about what is positive and negative surrounding these Global events, their holy trinity to transform the globe into their New World Order; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


This has been created both symbolic and ritualistic, in the way which it has been played out by the hidden rulers of society, this Globalist Death Cult.

These religious and spiritual connotations for this phoney world peace initiative is what I want to focus on with Covid-19, as to why things have been depicted as they have and this significance.




This was obvious at the start of the scam of Covid-19, it should be ever more obvious now.



However, I’m sure not for those whom still cry conspiracy theorist and so obviously, they haven’t had a grounding in the perception of perceived attempts of Global Order they, via knee jerk reaction, denounce as hocus pocus by; paranoid, troubled souls with deluded minds.

Such maybe true, but we have realised this deception and we have reason to be paranoid and troubled, as we have witnessed a well maintained delusion, consistently imposed to create a perverse deceptive reality - a perception deception which many believe to be real, which is why any such notions of a conspiracy are denounced, by those under the spell, hypnosis, a mind virus. This being so perverse, they believe a fake, "physical" virus to be real and the only real virus that exists is that of the mind via these mind invaders...

^ Forgive me for using PBS

So the question is, are you enslaved or cooperating?

What happens when you no longer wish to cooperate?


Icke Intro - Trump is Israels man, a Zionist



Is it only then you begin to see this deception and a people yet, just haven't seen or had good enough reason for them not to cooperate yet?

Who are you doing all the work for, who is really doing it all and whom are knowingly pretending?

Opening Ceremony - London 2012 Olympics | Industrial Revolution Performance



When does that cooperating become enough is enough, because of being ruled by delusional, psychopaths, parasites, which become a parasite of the mind and collective consciousness, as you repeat patterns of their behaviour as being normal, that which is imposed cradle to grave, you no longer see that subjugation and enslavement anymore, but call your cooperation, peace, normal or, "the new normal"?

If we cooperate with states of perpetual war, is this peace?

Or would peace be to be against such wars?



There are constant wars on society, Covid-19 is one of them, not by accident but by design, deceptively and well coordinated.

The wars on terrorism and drugs, are wars on freedoms, choice and designed to divide society and ensure you uphold the pretence of this phoney system of reality, their matrix. Only evolving the mind and physical body their way via technology, to remove mankind from their sensation of spirit which is seen as, a nonsense and unnecessary experience like using "drugs" to perceive the world from an entirely different POV. Such, can't be controlled by those behind this system. Only, where and when it can be controlled to dumb and numb our senses with a misuse of SOMAR.





Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 






If you don’t or can’t acknowledge this state of affairs, that we are being controlled and influenced by psychopaths capable of the greatest deception and forms of psychological experimentation known to man, you would believe those whom speak of such, as being the delusional ones. That’s the nature of the great irony of this dualistic affair we find ourselves within.

It is the nature of division and bamboozling by duality that we are confused and easily deceived by these Great Deceivers controlling society and putting us all into boxes.


There’s a subtle form ritual and symbolism being followed throughout the above and Covid-19.

I hope some people will be able to see this for themselves.


I’m not going to pretend I’m aware of the full extent of this, but present what I know and as I see it.

More people maybe able to fill in the gaps and see this playing out elsewhere if it's true, otherwise, it will be limited to what I have here...


The Trigger - I plan to make a full post more dedicated within the respects of 9/11 and this below...



Twin Towers - Occult - Pillars of Establishment Destroyed - Sign of the coming Apocalyptic Event St. John consumes the book or is it he whom is consumed by the book?


On Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, etched into the exterior stonework of the landmarked Cathedral of St. John the Divine, you'll find a scene that depicts the End of Days.
The backdrop to this apocalypse is NYC, and features the Twin Towers toppling, the Brooklyn Bridge breaking in half, and a series of mushroom clouds above it all.
There are skulls, snakes, and people running, as chaos reigns and the four horsemen trot in. This is presumably a depiction of NYC as "Babylon the Great," as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. In other words, the city that suffers destruction at the hands of God. "Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons."
The pieces can be found on what the church calls their Portal of Paradise, located on the western facade, and it's been there since the late 1980s (though the church itself was conceived in the late 1800s, finally fully opening in 1941).

This current state of affairs is the apocalypse of our social infrastructure, the destruction of the old Babylonian system - The appearance on the surface - for that of the New World System of Order, by technological mechanisms. Their Global Technocracy.

The start, or trigger event for this slow but sure deconstruction of the old systems of society, was 9/11.

It set into motion, the planned demise. destruction a reformation of our social systems and order.

The Trigger of entering into the hunger games society, slowly but surely, piece by piece. Covid-19 is one more stepping stone.



This has been crafted surrounding religious ideology, so people accept these revelations and prophecy and ultimately, to not carry the roles out to the end of fulfilment and thus, destroy those religions which are made of no practical use anymore, but only serve to be as destructive as Nationalism, working to divide and isolate us from the bigger picture.




This is just a continuation of that agenda appearing via another form via well thought out mechanisms to transform society.




The first Globalist/Universal Laws will be ushered in under Noahide Laws, the Seven Laws of Noah - The Seven Churches - The Seven Chakras - these are essentially supposed to represent seven ideals in Judaism and Christianity, presented as a convenient that would be well adopted by all and so it should be, as it is imposed via kindness for our greater good. The first steps of Global Government.



This could be translated as a means or mechanism as to live ones life by to be able to enter within the kingdom of heaven, transcendence of spirit/soul, although I’m sure it it’s looked at differently by many whom wouldn’t necessarily make such an association as I am here, this is an interpretation. This is an imposition of something which is good and not evil in and of itself as some christians I'm sure attribute to chakra points. It's pushing of a narrative you can't seem to argue with without appearing as though you don't want global peace to ride ride roughshod over everyone and maintain the balance of peace, ensuring they and they alone maintain control over society.



Kabbalah Tree of life - St. John the Divine - On a Christian place of worship or Occults, both?


Which is therefore being imposed via the Globalists for perverse means and I'm sure many people that will seek to expose this will blame all the Jews collectively and not the "fake Jews, whom are a Synagogue of Satan." 

It's important to remember, the Globalist Death Cult deliberately created this state of affairs to perverse many religions and to not get caught in the trap of actually blaming other religious groups as this is designed to be used as such a mechanism to mutually destroy one another. That helps the occultists and that's their plan.
The fake Jews, whom are a Synagogue of Satan, where created by the Death Cult deliberately to present this view and exploitation of Christianity, as being Israel and those Zionist "Jews" come this long planned deception.



These may seem harmless in nature, maybe even something we should embrace and accept like the wearing of masks, “what’s the harm it’s easy and makes sense”- if you believe the lies - but they’re the first steps on the road towards Global Government and Global Laws, that’s what this is really all about.

This is the use of Christianity and Judaism, to manipulate and introduce a far greater perverse system more closely associated with satanism, or better put, the exact opposite and inversion of Christianity.

While using a common goal and enemy, being Islam.




I'm not a christian and I believe christianity itself has been used perversely to present all other religions other than itself as being "Satanic" as a means to attack, destroy them and impose christianity as a solution and in doing so, destroys any and all good christianity itself may actual otherwise represent. It has gone around the world morally seeking to ethnically cleanse the world for colonisation and reeducation by the likes of these early day Globalists being exposed here.


It’s the use of Christian ideals to achieve a certain end of control, much like in the respects of how Zionism use Judaism, Israel and manipulate many other political powers in the interests of representing Jews. The same is being achieved via globalism with a predominant use of Christianity, while drawing on underlying prophecy of many other religions and spiritual groups by deception. So they believe certain circumstances to be real and spontaneous, divine in nature and origin, not being played out as a great deception via these great deceivers.


Their One World Government, which issues these laws and therefore, controls the world and will streamline this process via technology, a Global Technocracy.

Just look at China, a carbon copy of such technological tools to control society in the most tyrannical manner, it is expected we become accustomed to such as “the new normal”.

It’s not always the said technology that is negative in and of itself.

This isn’t a pro-technology, anti-technology affair.

It’s the reason for it’s being and how it is to be used to control, influence and manipulate society in most respects of the technological debate.


Contact (Movie)   Are we Happier?  



The warning of Covid-19 back in 1995?

The Second decade of the 21st Century - 2020 - The Info Wars - Corporations Rule - Lethal Virus Technology transplanted into brains?

A virus which is spread via technological exposure causing nerve damage... 5G, Technological SMART GRID? Who knew?



Unlike 5G, this is negative in all regards, it’s use, the technological exposure itself and how it is intended to be used, mimicking the cosmic web, ether, indras net, a technological duplication, to string all parts of our existence into the dependence on technological aids as a matter of convenience and being the most comfortable. 

This is for control via the use of such technological tools.





5G, Technological SMART GRID? Who knew? I hope you can see what I’m getting at...



This Occult Symbolic and Ritualistic Agenda follows or mimics the story of Noah


Noah with his Covid-19 travel pass


After the flood, Noah witnessed a great rainbow, a sign and symbol from God associated spiritually and as a sign of higher intelligence, communication, a higher path, dimension or symbolic of spiritual transcendence back to pure light, back to the source, pure consciousness, and so on, an it is the same within many cultures, the story is the same when it comes to the rainbow, it’s the interpretation which is different and the story behind it, to the story of Christianity, that the wrath of God was over and everything was coming to a calm.



Rainbow body, achieved via the practice of kundalini meditation, the seven chakras, the seven sources of light in the rainbow and transcendence of the soul, spirit or consciousness, using the seven chakras as guides, so you can realise your true higher self beyond this physical body and mind - transcendence back to source of your true state of being beyond this fantasia illusion, reflection or hologram, sometimes referred to as, The Kingdom of Heaven, Shambhala, Shabalba - Xibalba, based upon purity of the consciousness by realising oneself and not becoming bound by the illusion material pursuits of life, but the spiritual underlying nature that given birth for such an existence to arise.



Noah witnessed a white dove which led them back to a new world cleansed of sin, which they will now inherit and spread fourth.



This is symbolic in the Globalist plan, even if they invert such symbolism.

Right at the start of this phoney pandemic, Covid-19 was always associated with the rainbow and analogies, slogans and terms around the world as...


‘After every storm comes a rainbow’

‘Sometimes the greatest storm bringst out the greatest beauty or how Vincent Van Gogh once said "There is still peace, even in the Storm".’

‘Stronger together’ - Global Order 

‘We Race as One’ - F1 Globalist rhetoric to achieve Global Order, with use of BLM

‘For staying home, raising our spirits and making us smile.‘ - Nothing could be further from the truth, this arbitrary situation is designed to destroy and trample the human spirit!


These are all psychological, newspeak terms, likely conjured up via the source, the Tavistock Institute to manipulate individuals into perceiving a global sense of unity, when and how they're associated with this great deception. 

Just like building a mountain out of frontline NHS staff so the Globalist deception can't be questioned, without appearing to undermine and marginalise these dancing heros, used to make fools out of all involved!

This may sound positive, but it’s deeply deceptive.

This is about that Global Government being introduced out of the ashes of the old Babylonian System.


So, the storm, Covid-19 and we have been shown the calm before the actual storm as it’s inversion and the Global World Peace plan, the Noahide Laws, will be symbolised globally by the Dove of Peace.




This is to seek a path to inherit a New World Order.


The Dome of the Rock has to be destroyed, symbolically within the game these Globalists are playing. It will of course be by these Globalists.

It will be said to have been destroyed, attacked by UFO's, possibly alien in origin, as it is unknown.

Think of how that can be used deceptively for a moment...

You'll see how and why it is likely, even if many will perceive this as unexpected.




This is to divide people, separate those whom "want to believe from the nonbelievers."




Yet, this paradigm will be flipped on it's head, when the controlled MSM are the ones advocating - of sorts - UFO's are responsible for an attack on the temple mount, Al Aqsa, removing The Dome of the Rock, making way for King Solomon's Temple.

I won't go into this here but create another post about this.

I have many posts to catch up on, I was unable to posts due to the previous forum attacks.



We are all starseeds, star people, or starborn meaning we are not created in physical reality. Our souls experience simultaneously in many realities, timelines, and realms. We are souls sparks of light having one or more experiences in physical reality about to remember that it is all a consciousness hologram.



This pretty much sums up what a Bilderberg meeting must have recently looked like and is what's happening and being attempted upon our systems.



The hard sale is triggering our survival instincts, so we will comply with anything to simply survive and go with their flow of things.

Using as Globalist Transformation trigger mechanisms; Virus and Disease, Terrorism, Climate Change, Over Population, Wars from traditional physical wars to Nuclear Wars, designed specifically to target certain areas for mass genocide of certain groups, Population Control and Eugenics justified via war which should be made criminal, not accepted and carried out via society.



Notice any patterns?





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Thanks Danny.


I have always liked reading your comments.


Although I agree with your post in the main, here are some observations for you to consider.


13 hours ago, DannyUK said:

The first Globalist/Universal Laws will be ushered in under Noahide Laws, the Seven Laws of Noah - The Seven Churches - The Seven Chakras - these are essentially supposed to represent seven ideals in Judaism and Christianity, presented as a convenient that would be well adopted by all and so it should be, as it is imposed via kindness for our greater good. The first steps of Global Government.



How can Noahide Law represent Christianity when idolatry of Jesus or any other other idols of different religions is punishable by death?


Where were the Christians when Ronald Reagan approved in principle these laws with Chabad Lubavitch, and every President since?


The Rebbe and President Ronald Reagan - Life & Times

13 hours ago, DannyUK said:

This is the use of Christianity and Judaism, to manipulate and introduce a far greater perverse system more closely associated with satanism, or better put, the exact opposite and inversion of Christianity.

While using a common goal and enemy, being Islam.



On the surface elite Jews are using Islam, but imo the Royal House of Saud are crypto Jews, as is Erdogan in Turkey.


In 2020 I believe most leaders in the Islamic world are pro Israel and Judaism.  It's a great deception.




And I would also add there are possibly millions of religious Jews who abide by the Talmud, the most supremacist dogma on the planet and its promotion of Noahide Law.  The Talmud also allows paedophilia.


Are they all "fake Jews"?


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11 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

Thanks Danny.


I have always liked reading your comments.


Although I agree with your post in the main, here are some observations for you to consider.




How can Noahide Law represent Christianity when idolatry of Jesus or any other other idols of different religions is punishable by death?


Where were the Christians when Ronald Reagan approved in principle these laws with Chabad Lubavitch, and every President since?


The Rebbe and President Ronald Reagan - Life & Times


On the surface elite Jews are using Islam, but imo the Royal House of Saud are crypto Jews, as is Erdogan in Turkey.


In 2020 I believe most leaders in the Islamic world are pro Israel and Judaism.  It's a great deception.




And I would also add there are possibly millions of religious Jews who abide by the Talmud, the most supremacist dogma on the planet and its promotion of Noahide Law.  The Talmud also allows paedophilia.


Are they all "fake Jews"?



Thanks for your comments.


I highly suspect these Covid-19 symptoms, fake virus is a mass foreshadowing event of technological exposure symptoms by the likes of 5G as can be seen within the Johnny Mnemonic scenes way back in 1995, predicting such events within 2020, this is something to be very careful of just in case!


BTW I don't recommend the movie for entertainment value. It's terrible in my opinion. But, these scenes are very telling and explains the bad acting, B movie attitude because, this is real but, they want the truth to be seen as amateur. Or, that's the only way they can get away with presenting this and not to a mass audience whom will engage or see the reality being spoken of cryptically most of the time...



^ The hunger games society and why people don't want to leave their humble abodes and comfortable lifestyles of which they're accustomed and point out these truths.

Most people, will only act out when these realities find them, personally, even if they see these realities impacting upon others around them. "Better them than me..."

This is how many people feel when they see such suffering on TV and the Internet.

People starving in Africa or War in the Middle East.

We think isn't it terrible and maybe upset or angered by it. But, in the back of our minds imagine us being in that situation and we are just happy it isn't us.

This isn't compassion but self survival indoctrination sometimes, referred to as "instincts". They're ingrained into us from cradel to grave to grow up an absolute genuine fake.

For this problem to change, people need to make the transition from self survival to true compassion which we deny to be able to live a fake life and be able to play the systems game from behind a mask we can maintain.

Most people can't maintain that mask if they see this reality, that's why they deny it and call us people "Conspiracy Theorists" and haters.

So they maintain an illusion they've become all too accustomed to.


We are not motivated by instincts anymore, but "drives" because we are all driven to drive ourselves, our will with our egos.

When we have mental problems, we have a complete expert in bullshit entrain our minds back onto egotegotistical merits to act within the world of the system, we otherwise feel unable to act within.

It can be just to difficult too face the truth of the complete bullshit we may otherwise wake up to if we don't accept the entrainment of "experts" in bullshit. So, our minds can be rehypnotised.





The reality sounds like hate.

Due to the fall of Germany Post WWI, many Jews were brought in deliberately by the Globalists to buy up property and reap the rewards of Germany suffering.

I really wonder how so many Germans whom had no problem with Jews, felt sold out by their leaders and stabbed in the back?

I wonder why they blamed Jews?

It was orchestrated this way deliberately and that history has been deleted as hate speech, as antisemitism.

The same has happened with the fall of Greece and people moving in and exploiting upon their imposed suffering. People have a short memory or just don't care if they're the ones gaining and reaping the rewards on the suffering of others.

You wouldn't move into a nation that is crumbling like Greece as their economy crashed in 2015 or shortly afterwards, unless you know something the rest of us don't during that time?


The systems used to Globalise nations, IMF, World Bank, WTO and the likes, where used to collapse that system just like we are seeing globally now due to Covid-19.

While you're safe where no-one is looking anymore in Greece.

I'll say the Globalists, Freemasonry and no more needs to be said. Something to keep in mind with this history repeating itself.


Back to B Movies 


So people marginalise the truth by the association of such deliberately acting or directing. Whatever it is, it's a way of floating often, unseen truths out through entertainment.

Like They Live - I thought this movie was quite trash when I first watched it. Once my understanding changed by some of this research, so did the whole movie.

Although, I can understand why some people would overlook or marginalise some of it and movies like this.


So, when the symptoms really are seen but no physical virus in the body, people will equally believe this to be a fake virus because, it can't or won't be identified. As it's not a virus within the body. It's technological exposure and damage. Corona Discharge, exposure to high electric discharge.

Sound's like the SMARTEST thing you've ever heard.


We have been conditioning like those ant scenes over many years to change and modify our behavior in exactly the same way.

We as children are taken away and indoctrinated into a "new normal" as dictated via the system of education and people believe that's just the way it's supposed to be.

It ain't!

While parents are workers within the slave colonies, we are all being educated within cuckold consciousness during childhood. Educated how to be a slave with the limitation of self are introduced and the removal of creativity and expression.

Now, this is instead being encouraged and deliberately led via educated, that creativity and self expression can only be achieved if you identify as an opposite gender or accept you're some form of victim whom shouldn't be identified as a victim at all, but it is the only way to achieve rights and freedoms not afforded to traditional orientations. It's systematic and by design, but people can't say what is anymore without being condemned as hate speech and the creation "safe space zones", the only places Covid-19 doesn't exist, all prime locations for attack.


Then, we all repeat this cycle as though it's honourable and not complete stupidity while our lives pass us by, until inevitably feel we've been deceived and cheated all our lives.

Mostly, trying to deny we feel this way at all or we accept this as being our problem and inherently, or of us.

Not the identification of a reality but some form of delusion or mental illness...


At the same time, over the years we have had hangings, executions, beheadings and so on.

All of these, are to indoctrinate our behaviour to these authorities.

I don't know the scientific term, its sort of like the 100 monkey effect to stimulate human behaviour.

You present throughout history, the very real threat of hangings, executions, beheadings and so on, people via fear, comply with the "authority's" through the fear of death, to avoid such from happening to them.

So long as it's not me...


Over a period of time, you no longer have to really impose hangings, executions, beheadings and so on. People just fear the threat of them by the illusion of that reality, the reality of such in the past, rather than it still happening now.

Our behaviour has been modified and people just assume this new state od affairs of mass social compliance is just the way thing's are supposed to be. They ain't.



This is ultimately so our mass consciousness can be manipulated and directed purposefully towards predesigned goals, so a people doing this can play "God".


Our natural systems are all being duplicated and mimicked by technology and such forms of control. 

They realise the power of harnessing mass consciousness and how they can generate our reality, their reality, through this.

All while keeping the mass in ignorance of this.

This has massively been achieved via many exploitation of so called "religions".

This transition has taken place, that mass consciousness isn't as stimulated via religious institutions anymore, but the political powers that be.

The Globalist Death Cult have made this transition and still exploit religion to achieve this and pit religious institutions towards their own demise in the long run.

Parts of these religious institutions are knowingly working for the Globalist Death Cult and pitting religions towards their own demise because they don't actually belong to the said religion.

Just how the Globalists are doing this to nations via the exploitation of Nationalism and their political puppets.


I want to be careful how I frame this with Christianity as you've pointed out here.


I don't agree with some of the general common beliefs of Christianity towards other religious groups. Not just necessarily those which are more obviously exploited.

Christianity was the Globalists colonisation religion and has been exploited so much so, we don't know what's what anymore.

Christianity was used as the perfect religion for the masses. It was used to pervert all other religions that existed before Christianity as being evil. This was how Christianity was used if people like it or not.

At the same time, we had a mass of Christians whom didn't conform to the Roman Church which was destoryed and removed as being Christianity beyond all recognition, whom killed all other Christian practices that didn't adhere to the authoritarian institution of the Roman Church, just like all I've stated above to engineer society into worshipping the false idols of the Roman Catholic Church.


It gets no better with the transition to CofE, used to do exactly the same thing and ultimately pit Christian and against Christian for a people fighting over the control of society.

Making more idols of Christianity out of God's Gatekeepers by way of Royalty.

No true version of Christianity can exist that is institutionalised. It seeks the demise of all God Christianity could possibly stand for.

It is done, to seek to remove the authority and self thinking of those whom are led by these institutions, deliberately crafted to direct the masses of human consciousness.

It's being attempted to removed authority from all other religious groups authorities into a single handed authority, by puppet tyrants and those misled, of all religions, faiths and traditions coming together to agree on the foundation stone of Globalist Government.

So all those groups identify with a central source of authority, whom in doing so, they believe themselves God...


I don't think these Noahide Laws represent any religion truly. None of them.

If I said to you, isn't or shouldn't the purpose of all religions be to bring peace, unity and security to the world?

It's hard to argue with, that should be the cause of all religions. But, as we know, that isn't the central cause of religions. Their central source is a form of mind control, by selling you best story and perspective of the world you'd like to see the world through or have become accustomed to see the world through because of your upbringing.


So, they're exploiting these foundations of Global peace via religion to achieve this.

Using Noah as the central character as a figure which represents the warning of Armageddon and the fact, we are being saved from an impending doom if we remember and represent the basic truths of Noah when presented inline with global catalyisms to say, we need to save the world as much as we can, from experiencing the same catalyisms again and usher in peace before it is too late and we ultimately, face another such catalyism.

This, would be highly likely, following nuclear war or a more devastating virus, or the exploitation of this one after the "God knows" how many waves say.


They're ultimately using Noah as the poster boy for all the Globalist rhetoric of threats for the survival of humanity, which seeks to justify, a New Global Order, out of a common accord and symbolism, at least with the dove of peace if the guiding light of the illuminated torch is a bit too obvious for many.

So, Climate Change, Terrorism, the Covid-19 scam and such like it will be spoken of via scipted speech.


This isn't a basic foundation of any of these religions, Islam, Judaism or Christianity.

But an exploitation of them to achieve such global order. But, those religious institutions have been so heavily influenced and infiltrated that it so easily can be made to represent such religions by way of them as institutions.


I believe these three religions where systematically created to transform the world by such a Holy Trinity.

Not that they don't have positives lessons to these religions. The very best propaganda is 80% Gold, 20% pure bullshit.

It keeps you from seeing the misdirection.

As you use the 80% truth, to direct via the 20% used to justify and direct society, which hopefully you don't see or accept because you believe it's a price worth paying for that 80%.

Anyone whom argues with the 20% get all the 80% truth thrown at them and if that doesn't work, bring back beheadings by the use of a few experts within bullshit...

Expert's exist these days to symbolically cut your own head off anyways.




These institutions of the occult, have throughout history maintained and told society, a secret illusive force is manipulating and guiding the intellectual, wisdom and evolution of society by way of technological or scientific illuminism.

Always attacked and marginalised, just in the same way Conspiracy Theorists whom point this out, that a hidden shadow government, a force we don't see is manipulating the direction of society, the same happens to them.

As, it doesn't fit our long held beliefs of history and seeked to marginalise those religions not previously yet inflitrated by those occult schools in the past and they wanted to maintain their power over humanity.

Now, those religions have all but been infiltrated by those occult schools and there is very little resistance by way of institutions of any real influence.


Of course, the argument is on if or not these people doing this becomes, are they working towards our greater interests or demise?

To me, they're working for their own interests and they're now, ultimately the Globalist Death Cult.

But, everything exists to stop society from having this conversation. So much so, people don't believe such a people even exist, when in the past, you'd of been killed for stating such.

While all anyone within any doubt to this control system, all they have to do is look at those doing the killing or throwing stones at those whom make such observations...

But instead, we are bamboozled by various authorities trying to lord it over us and ensure our mind becomes their mind...



Spiritual and cultural movement originating in 17th century Europe

Rosicrucianism is a spiritual and cultural movement which arose in Europe in the early 17th century after the publication of several texts which purported to announce the existence of a hitherto unknown esoteric order to the world and made seeking its knowledge attractive to many. The mysterious doctrine of the order is "built on esoteric truths of the ancient past", which "concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe, and the spiritual realm." The manifestos do not elaborate extensively on the matter, but clearly combine references to Kabbalah, Hermeticism, alchemy, and Christian mysticism.

syncretic, initiatory magical order (also known as Argenteum Astrum)

The A∴A∴ is a spiritual organization described in 1907 by occultist Aleister Crowley. Its members are dedicated to the advancement of humanity by perfection of the individual on every plane through a graded series of universal initiations. Its initiations are syncretic, unifying the essence of Theravada Buddhism with Vedantic yoga and ceremonial magic. The A∴A∴ applies what it describes as mystical and magical methods of spiritual attainment under the structure of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and aims to research, practise, and teach "scientific illuminism".

The A∴A∴ claims to have been present in all societies and epochs, although not necessarily under that name.

The A∴A∴ is composed of two orders, known as the inner and outer college. The outer college in its modern form was formulated in 1907 by Aleister Crowley and George Cecil Jones, claiming authority from Aiwass (the Author of The Book of the Law) and other Secret Chiefs of the planetary spiritual order after the schism in and subsequent collapse of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn at the turn of the Twentieth century. 

In 1919 the O.T.O. considered itself to be a "close ally" of the A∴A∴, both organisations having accepted the authority of The Book of the Law, although the O.T.O., being a temporal and fraternal society, in no way participates in the A∴A∴'s strictly hierarchic and spiritual initiatory program, nor does O.T.O. represent A∴A∴. or transmit its functions or authority.

Knowledge and the practices of these societies aren't inherently dangerous in my mind as they're often presented.

They're only dangerous to other institutions of power and the intention of individuals.

Without wisdom they're dangerous and trying to use any knowledge to manipulate society and impose on other people is no good if its done by any of these religions or occult schools.

It's because they have had a brahman vision or the likes via these occult teachings, they may very well believe they know the best for humanity because they believe themselves God after such an experience.

This was all but irradiated by the church whom killed all shaman along with the help of Freemasonry of course and maintained their knowledge and wisdom for themselves to enslave humanity and make them play their games if you wanted to receive such "privileges". It's about control.

RCC didn't want people individually to have the brahman experience, they wanted to act as God's Gatekeepers, they thought it was dangerous for this reason. It undermined their authority over man. Which, undermines and reduces pretty much anything Jesus apparently said anyway. They wanted to monopolise on this religion because they believed they know the best for society, just in exactly the same sense these occult schools can believe they know best for humanity. But, we are not supposed to see this duality. We are supposed to pick a side...


Yes I agree, Saudi Arabia have their roots within 

Sabbatean Frankism as do Zionism, Israel.

This was instigated however, by agents of the Vatican, whom seeked to present these religions to the world as being the evil they present them as. To present each the fake Jews and Islam as being the real ones and thus, Christianity as our only salvation.

It's quite deceptive and the use of Christianity as an institution by both the RCC and British Empire to achieve this.



You can see why the date was important here to RCC.

While, can see how the British Empire implemented Saudis and attacked and killed all other Arabs that didn't want that extreme form of so called Islam and that Sharia Law which come with it. This isn't Islam at all, it's the deception of Islam to control Arabs.

Exactly the same happened with the Jews and Israel.

Exactly the same thing is happening again upon a Global scale with the central use of Christianity to achieve this.

It doesn't mean what's being done is true to what everyone's different ideas are of what Christianity is to them by any means.

It's based on exploiting this.


No they're not all fake Jews.

Jews have been attacked ever since this deception by the use of Christianity by the Romans and some have developed an extreme more sinister form of Judaism as resistance to the way they have been treated.As a way of developing a mindset to deal with how they've been mistreated and to see everyone as their enemy other than Jews like them.

Which would happen to any religious group of people attacked and marginalised for at least 2000 years. 

This was because, the Romans couldn't inflitrate them and control the Jews like they had with pretty much anyone else.

So, they seeked to destory them and originally, created them as the globally enemy of humanity like Islam exists as such today...


It doesn't however mean, we don't have evil real Jews. I just don't see these Jews as being a problem like Zionist, Israel and the Global use of Judaism.

These Jews are a problem only because they've been attacked and marginalised until these fake Zionist Jews could exist, by infiltration via the occult groups, the Globalist Death Cult.

A misunderstanding of blaming Jews themselves is exactly the game being played by these occult groups.

When we understand this, this type of information and history can be seen in a completely different way, which is why YT is deleting most of it.



In the long-term, Israel and Zionism was used by the Death Cult to be represented as the fake Jews, the synagogue of Satan and represent to the world a real bastardisation of Christianity as being, our only salvation of the mass ant colony.




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Thank you @DannyUKfor your very interesting and informative posts. You have hit all the points, and seem to have an excellent grasp of what's really going on. I agree with pretty much everything you have said but would struggle to put it into words as fluently as you have done! Appreciate it. 

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On 9/9/2020 at 1:15 AM, Yasmina said:

Thank you @DannyUKfor your very interesting and informative posts. You have hit all the points, and seem to have an excellent grasp of what's really going on. I agree with pretty much everything you have said but would struggle to put it into words as fluently as you have done! Appreciate it. 


Thanks for your comments Yasmina,

I appreciate it 🙏 


Look for the subliminal here. You'll have seen it has taken a prominent role in this post...


A∴A∴ A trio of trinity symbolism.

Do you see it? 


It's on the hand logo

Question is, why? 

It's supposed to symbolise unification through a trinity.

Or oneness, we are all in this together, where one goes we all go and all that jazz...


This trinity symbolism is important to the occult.

It's interconnected, interwoven into the fabric of our reality and has been maintained since the Gods of Ancient Summer and Babylon. These have been copied over and maintained within religions today and are still worshipped via the Occultists as they where back in much ancient times.


It comes up time and time again.

I'm half expecting a trinity of lights to appear in the sky above the dome of The Rock and Blow it to Kingdom Come. God appeared as if from the heavens - God works in mysterious ways and all that, get the UFO Disclosure Community intensifying the phoney idea that this is alien, that way, we believe the deception, as people will be encouraged to believe it, as a matter of "resistance".

You can see where such is leading...


If you count the Globalist Death Cult as Alien, the Zionists, then yes because of course, it has their grubby little reptile shapeshifting claws all over it 😁

The other half of me suggest Israel will just openly do it themselves as a means of "countering terrorism".

I do feel even though the first one sounds less likely, or at least would do to many, something of the sorts is more likely...

It can be used to open up a can of worms for religious connotations and be exploited by those whom are really behind this attack.



If you've taken this in consciously, trust me when I say you'll see this everywhere and no, you're not going mad!

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Beams seen around apparent wildfires...


DEW - Director Energy Weapons


∴ Jews - Christians - Islamists ∴


"I'd suggest there's some subliminal nature of this symbolism to represent a higher force deception, as well as a true primordial force that's definitely more positive, which is effectively being emulated by the Globalist Death Cult Occult.

I think I've mentioned this before, to tie this deception of geopolitics and religion together, I reckon we are going go see a trinity formation of some objects or another, above The Dome of the Rock. This has religious connotations because this is where God is supposed to have manifested in the heavens or a form of ascending to the heavens etc 


After watching this video to the end I'm like WTF 🤣


Islam have their own interpretation and Jews have there's etc I'm not sure what Christians say about it as of course Christians have fought over it before but to steal loot it seems 😆

God love em


These trinity craft will no doubt let off a bright white light - it just has to be - that will result in the collapse of The Dome of the Rock.
These craft will dissappear.
This will leave the believers of UFOs wanting to believe this is real while spun by shady so called "Disclosure" groups, alphabet agencies racketeers and so not seen as a deception made by the use of UFOs, along with certain religious groups also perhaps having their own spin on it, it paves way for King Solomon's Temple and it's a truly grand deception if its in any way pulled off!

In otherwords, it's a Zionist - Globalists Wetdream and sensational PR stunt as only them could pull such off!




KING SOLOMON His old ancient star map complete with keys


This is what I believe this is building too...


If the results of this see the Wailing Wall destoryed by apparent Islamic response, this can be used to motivate the building of King Solomon's Temple - get the Israelis/Jews behind this - and an attack on Iran etc etc"


I don't expect anyone to accept or make anything out of this, just don't be fooled when it happens, if it does 👌




Vitruvius believed that an architect should focus on three central themes when preparing a design for a building: firmitas (strength), utilitas (functionality), and venustas (beauty).


F1 - Death Ray to take over the World? 🤔



Pure speculation at this point ☝️

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3 minutes ago, DannyUK said:

that will result in the collapse of The Dome of the Rock.


Do they still need it to collapse? Does prophecy require it to collapse, or can the Third Temple exist with Al-Aqsa?


I still think it's likely to collapse because TPTB can use that as a pretext for a conflict/holy war, I wouldn't write some peace deal and a hologram off though.







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9 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Do they still need it to collapse? Does prophecy require it to collapse, or can the Third Temple exist with Al-Aqsa?


I still think it's likely to collapse because TPTB can use that as a pretext for a conflict/holy war, I wouldn't write some peace deal and a hologram off though.








Interesting. I think most definitely Islamic and Jewish traditions and buildings can live side by side but that the Zionists won't allow it.

This is why this is the Synagogue of Satan, that's the game they're playing.


The Zionists are making it necessary that King Solomon's Temple must stand on the spot of The Dome of the Rock.

Not Jews, but it is being used to perpetuate a Holy War via these Occultists for geopolitical intent that otherwise couldn't be achieved.

It's important to them they claim that land, it symbolises religious prophecy of he who controls Jerusalem in the End of Days Controls the World etc 

They're making this happen like a script!


That means King Solomon's Temple has to stand on the Temple Mount and it acts symbolically to those Occultists as the Throne of God. The God of this world as they control it symbolised from here, with all the symbolic nature of this.


The New World Order is the creation of a Unification out of a Trinity. They're not separate and mutually exclusive but actually one, working together to achieve this goal.


Of course, I'm taking about the Judaism - Christian - Islamic Trinity.



In otherwords, one in the same force are behind them for the purpose of transformation of society. They're not mutually exclusive, all of them have the triangle and all-seeing eye in the middle of them, like those Trinity symbols you've posted above. 

Thanks for your posts 😇🙏




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Proverbs 15:3 God's Eyes Are Everywhere


Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.



Foreknowledge-prognósis in the greek.

Previous determination, forethought, foreknowledge.

Does God really knows all and have foreknowledge of all things?

This is the question that is at the forefront of the mind of the doubters, unbelievers and evildoers. The Answer is a resounding "YES"!


What is the man named Solomon whom God describes as the wisest among mankind is trying to tell us here in this text?

He is saying to us that everything about us is foreknown by God.


http://www.tellthelordthankyou.com/blog/2017/8/30/proverbs-153-gods-eyes-are-everywhere#:~:text=Proverbs 15%3A3 God's Eyes,Tell the Lord Thank You


Atoms are everywhere, in all things of this physical reality, the smallest quantity of time that makes up this artificial construct.

If we are talking about this as God, we can be mistaken and talking of the Demiurge the Luciferian deception that worships, Saturn, or Satan as God. As it is master of the artificial construct, not consciousness. The Grand Architect is master of "The System - Matrix".


If we talk about God as the source of divine light, we could say this is God for the sake of argument here.

The pyramid has hijacked this source to produce this "rainbow consciousness", projection, fantasia reality via a form of advanced technological filter, so we believe the holographic projection to be real. Just like believing the physical trap of reality to be real. This reality is a limited time trap for consciousness to experience itself and it has been leached off by lower entities, parasites.



They are harvesting or scavenging consciousness via death, drawing on the negative via a perpetuatal cycle, or time loop of suffering. Which can only be achieved by us repeating their cycle mindlessly and not being consciously aware of the prison we are creating for ourselves.


Or, they're drawing on that divine light, that source of consciousness within us, because this force isn't the source of that divine light but it can harvest it through a trap, web or prison planet of consciousness, by becoming a parasite upon human consciousness.

What you may call, soul destorying or by way of counterspirt, through deception and countermimicking emotions based on spiritual pride or ego, the phantom self, that's actually designed to destory spirit, the soul, leeching your enegetic lifeforce, consciousness.

That parasite acts as a mediator or middle man, many have mistaken as God.


Just for fun 😆

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Is anyone noticing a pattern beginning to emerge here?

They may not know how, why or the significance.

It is  and of course we have here the very obvious 6 6 6


Thelema - Mark of the Beast...



They all love Crowley 🤫





Thelema - Queen Semiramis - Queen of the Heavens - Whore of Babylon 



The Sabbatean Frankists, those whom are behind this Globalist Death Cult, use to outwardly appear to represent and be worshipping, the Virgin Mary as their holy symbol.
The Sabbateans invert everything and they where actually worshipping, the Whore of Babylon - which has continued via the many avenues of these occult organisations used for Globalist endeavours, used symbolically to usher in this NWO Global Government, Transformation through Sin, the fast track to success!




This is obviously being continued with Crowleys practices or those who are going on to continue such practices today.


The idea is to make this knowledge appear occult and satanic as if we are saying, we are all worlds, sons/suns of God, which can obviously be infered as satanic. Thus culling and maintaining an impotent, snowflake, docile populace not aware of their own true power and significance. They're maintained within the beast system better practiced by the church than anyone else, or directed by the dark forces behind this to the evil and apocalyptic state they want people to perceive these understandings within Christian terms, offer up the bastardisation of Christianity as truth and the path towards our only salvation, the New World Order of Peace commences.


Thelema - The NWO of Peace isn't what tyrants want?


Think again.





Syncretic, initiatory magical order also known as Argenteum Astrum






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“The Economist” cover 2017.


The Rider-Waite deck was conceived by the prominent occultist A.E. Waite who was an initiate and a master of several secret societies.

“Waite joined the Outer Order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in January 1891 after being introduced by E.W. Berridge. 

In 1893 he withdrew from the Golden Dawn. 
In 1896 he rejoined the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1899 he entered the Second order of the Golden Dawn. 

He became a Freemason in 1901, and entered the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia in 1902. In 1903 Waite founded the Independent and Rectified Order R. R. et A. C. 

This Order was disbanded in 1914. The Golden Dawn was torn by internal feuding until Waite’s departure in 1914; in July 1915 he formed the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, not to be confused with the Societas Rosicruciana.”


Therefore, by using the Rider-Waite deck to predict 2017, The Economist reveals the true force that makes these predictions happen: 

The occult elite. - Jessie Virtanen




The same occultists plan out subliminal and agenda based rhetoric within many aspects of this global web to mimick religious prophecy.

This is the great deception and they're the Great Deceivers!

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On 9/19/2020 at 11:32 AM, DannyUK said:



Is anyone noticing a pattern beginning to emerge here?

They may not know how, why or the significance.

It is  and of course we have here the very obvious 6 6 6


Thelema - Mark of the Beast...



They all love Crowley 🤫





Nothing to see here 😆


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⚡Chasing the Dragon? 💫


A list of various interpretations of the Rainbow. Gods, Goddess and Spiritual Associations meanings and ideas.

Via Covid-19 which has been planned systematically, coldly and calculated as it's been rollef out. The Rainbow has been used to symbolise this event for a symbolic purpose.

Ultimately, to use Covid-19 for a mass transformation of societ, the Globe.

To usher in their New World Order, where those behind this can play God themselves out of deceiving the masses, should they remain deceived...





In Norse mythology, Bifröst is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods. The bridge is attested as Bilröst in the Poetic Edda; compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and as Bifröst in the Prose Edda; written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, and in the poetry of skalds. Both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda alternately refer to the bridge as Ásbrú.





Bridge To The Heavens - Between two Worlds the Rainbow symbolises a gateway, communication, transcendence or transformation on earth etc




Rainbow Serpent - Australia 



Climate Change Con to Control the world via resources, supply and demand. Perpetuate a phoney crisis, enter salesman

Just like Covid-19

The World Colonisation Project/Ideology - Masses of our population where artificially induced to populise and take over the earth, using humanity like a virus or a plague to take over the world, once the control system is in place and the world taken over, that mass population is no longer needed, no longer desirable.

They can be cleansed, you're cleansing the earth, you're doing the world a favour, by devouring your children, just like the collapse of the Tower of Babylon or a Tower of Falsehoods - Eugenics - Sterilisation - Hunger Games Society - A Transformation 



Olympian Goddess Iris - Queen of the Heavens - Remember - Covid-19 was placed, simulated or foreshadowed via pantomime upon the World Stage during the 2012 London - Zion, the New World - Olympics, moving through eras of time upto our Technotronic Era - Global Technocracy - SMART









The Olympians - Committee of 300

Rainbow Country - Zion


Tibetan Rainbow Body - Buddhism 



The Three Jewels of Buddhism

the Buddha, the Dharma and the sangha


Navajo Rainbow - This mentality is seeked to be hijacked for a would be Global Peace Initiative, a people under one roof. A Rainbow Globe - A Covid-19 Globe, virtue signalling Rainbow symbolism alongside crisis event, to create a desire, for a need of their transformation to their Global Government, using Terrorism/War, Climate Change and of course Covid-19 to achieve these goals.








Invoked in War, Just like the Nike Goddess of Victory✌ 


V for Victory?




"Red garment." The Māori god of travelers, war, life, disease, and death: Ka tu i te paepae, ka torona a Kāhukura, a Itupawa, a Rongo-mai.1 Also the god of the rainbow: Ka tu a Kāhukura i te rango, a Rongo-nui-tau ano hoki, raua tokorua.2 Kāhukura was also known as Atua-toro, "the spying god," and To-haere-roa ("Drag on a long distance"). He was worshiped in the mua, or sacred place, where stood his image of totara wood, about a cubit long, and without feet. This was brought in the Takitūmu canoe, by Rua-whārō.

Kāhukura was classed among the great and good deities, with Rehua and Tāne. He was seen after the Deluge, standing in the sky, and incantations were performed for him. His appearance foretold rain and he was consulted in planting kumura. He was sacred to the descendants of those Māoris who came in the Aotea and Takitūmu canoes. Sometimes regarded as an abstract deity.

The Moriori genealogy gives two Kāhukura: one the son of Rongo-mai and father of Tiki; the other a son of the second Rongo-mai and father of Ruanuku. Both, however, are among "the heavenly race" of ancestors.

The upper and darker band of the rainbow is called Kahukura-pango (male) and the lower band Pou-te-aniwaniwa (female). Also atuapiko, the rainbow, from atua, a deity, and piko, "bent," "crooked."


Song for "Generation Z"



Noahs Rainbow Covenant - Communion/Communication with God and seen as a path of spiritual ascension to God or the pure realm from this realm of limited spectrum Rainbow Consciousness 1% Visible Light - The Globalists Dominate that 1%.






Venus - Queen of the Heavens - Babylonian Queen Semiramis - Same, or if not very similar to Queen Iris & Kahukura?


Pictures Displayed here are from book Pages

Signs & Symbols: An illustrated guide to their origins and meaningsMiranda Bruce-Mitford


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Wow! Facinating posts with so much information that knits together so many loose ends. I have read some of this stuff before from other sources, but it has never really been so coherent as you have presented it all. Thank you for all your hard work and research digging deep and putting it out there. My mind boggles at getting my head around it all! 😮

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Doors of Perception 


Pi is the Matrix, Matrix is Pi



The relentless trinity code, the perpetuatal timeloop which can make consciousness in the human body self aware of it's own nature, it's own trap, yet it is the trap and when doing so, creates a crash and destruction in that person.

A state of uncertainty and anxiety which places you within your own way as you visualise yourself and your condition, your state.

Like these realisations are a program code which doesn't compute with the former computer software - the former perspective we lived our lives by - an awakening - has the potential for that person to awaken, realise themselves. Or it has the ability for a person to cling tighter to a system and be rebound and structured to it by seeking an institutional authority to recalibrate the mind to egocentric goals built around limitations.

Both of these are only possible by not previously being open to alternative perspectives and philosophies but by being bound to tight into rigid dogmas and perspectives we were sure where "right" and the only perspective. Our mind shows us that they not and often we don't want to accept that they and we where wrong, it's these which I reckon shakes us to the core.




Some Sigils and Shit

∴ Continuing the theme ∴

I don't know what anyone thinks or feels, if they have any clue what I'm speaking of on here half the time, but I am literally trying to figure out these things as and when I post on them, I certainly haven't figured everything out and try to continue the rest to put things together to gather a sense of direction and perspectives over various research etc

If anyone else has any understanding on this trinity narrative, transcending the boundaries of our three dimensional prison please feel free to add what you know 👌


The way I see it, we do have a divine origin of this trinity and how we can awaken to a nature and divine presence beyond the boundaries of TIME - Atom - Our Artificial Construct Reality.


This has been well understood via the Occultists, the Global Death Cult and they use the same trinity symbolism to represent our confinement, enslavement within the three dimensional prison reality by this trinity, as opposed to the ascension, liberty from it and by the three dimensional reality, we become a slave to it, it becomes a fixation and the master of our minds, all our goals are based on the construct, the counterspirt via enslavement to the artificial system, debt and repeated and imposed social roles of our perception of what's expected of us by others...


If we confuse this with reality, we can confuse the prison for reality and make a hell and torment for ourselves. It's this torment my intention is to bring to peoples attention to become liberated from it, rather than feel shackled by it as some people may feel when perceiving this information, it's why I feel it's important.


So, they use the trinity for their ruling principles and ideals over the three dimensions.

A Scientific Illuminism to their Construct - Woke - Fear - Suffering - Negative - Fast Track to Success - World Stage - Path to Immortality

These people know no peace.

This is why they drink the blood.

On the opposite end of pain is ecstasy - more so from the blood of innocence.

This is what's released in blood of a tortured victim prolonged via fear and ritual etc which when consumed by these people, they're getting a taste of tranquility they can never get for themselves, peace of mind. As it's always their own minds which are in torment and never knows true peace without the continuing of inflicted suffering to produce a limited state of peace via consumption of energy, like a drug.


Opposed from an enlightenment or divine illumination to the nature of reality, via Compassion - Awakening - Love - Harmony - Positive - Slow, Slience - Background - The Divine Darkness

These are both sides of ourselves not just someone or something external as we often differentiate.



The Awakening Energy in everyone is the kundalini energy. This can be triggered in people via various ways and practices. Mostly this happens to be spontaneously or at least has a high margin of spontaneity about the triggering of this energy in others, just how spiritual insights are attempted to be given to others, they don't always work, can't always be assimilated, understood or fully made repeatable without certain elements coming together and falling into place. The attempt is a triggering, just like trying to give someone knowledge of a Global Conspiracy, if they can't accept or compute that or aren't ready to wake up to even the possibility, to speculate and realise, that sensation can't be triggered.

We all have the energy of suns within us, like "fire 🔥 in the belly", we are Suns/Sons of God etc this energy is of transcendence through the body from the spine to the head, being Christed, Christ Consciousness, Awakening.




This is what's symbolised above

The Three Jewels of Buddhism 

This energy of awakening symbolised via following the Buddhist trinity toward unification with self and divine awareness.


The Three Jewels of Buddhism 

the Buddha, the Dharma and the sangha


The Three Dots at the Centre ∴ Sigil 



The Key of Solomon the King



Macrocosm and Microcosm 




Kabbalah Unveiled 



A Microcosm of The Macrocosm-2. Dreams During Sleep



The Three Dots at the Centre, Cloverleaf Symbol ∴





What is the divine darkness?


Trinity!! … where the mysteries of God’s Word lie simple, absolute and unchangeable in the brilliant darkness of a hidden silence. … Amid the wholly unsensed and unseen they completely fill our sightless minds with treasures beyond all beauty.


We are vessels, temples for this energy to manifest, calling on it to do so, via right intention and not great deception and hypnotisation many people are otherwise within under the system of control via confusion, contradiction and hypocrisy.




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1st Wave 🌊 
   2nd Wave 🌊
      3rd Wave  🌊

💧👁🧠☀️ #Flood ☀️🧠👁💧

💫Daylight Come And Me Wan Go Home💫Marika Ntrekos

Yes, Flood as in the repeated ancient Story of Noah - The Seven Laws of Noah - The  Noahide Laws 🌈 🌊 🕊 

We are witnessing occult symbolism with so called COVID, wave 🌊 after wave 🌊 etc etc 
Symbolism to transform the world into their image just as was accomplished by such a flood.
This is the dove 🕊 of peace ✌️ 

This will symbolise an event to usher this in, just as COVID is symbolised by a rainbow 🌈 
It’s no accident.
On one hand these people are using symbolism to play games with our minds, spiritual and psychological war, on the other hand, they’re taking the absolute piss.

This Dove 🕊 will fly from the ashes of an Eagle 🦅 (Phoenix) the destruction of the US, the fall of Liberty 🗽 and Freedom.

It’s an occult symbolic ritual and game to reframe the world how they see fit ✌️

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  • 4 months later...


A.I. SMART GRID SuperSoldier - From Chems to Technology 



Übermensch - SS/SuperSoilder - Universal Soldier - Transhumanist Cyborg’s - Eugenics Practices 


First 50 mins or so, chems to technology - You need to prove your age of have done so previously on YT account. Obviously info being censored but YT is still the only place I could find it…

Eternal Youth - The search for the immortality serum - The fountain of youth the elixir of immortality - Alchemy/Chemistry 


Lessons from the Human Genome Project


🧬 Optogenetics - Quantum Dot Tech - Gene Therapy 


Black Widow - Bioluminescence 




Black Widow


This technology is still being used initially to target those with disabilities. 

Just like those previously identified and understood by historical uses of eugenics.

You have the method of using chemicals and technology to sterilise and remove genetic “flaws” from society.

You have the other method, that is the one which is being openly carried out and placed upon a pedestal, using medical research to “correct” genetic “flaws” to then present this as an advantage over ordinary genetics.

That these alterations can make someone superior superhuman who otherwise have “nothing wrong with them”.

So, not just those with disabilities should be exposed to the technology/treatment. This is likely their way in, as people will do anything to survive. Then the genetic exploits will be presented as advantageous disability or not, that they improve the human condition, enhancements etc

These are in reality, technological tools of jacking someone’s brain to alter their perception of experience, allowing them to act as collective passive drones, this is where such technology is ultimately leading, as those behind the technology deem it fit and necessary.

This is being played out as if it’s a choice and by the selection of society at large as a whole.

This is not the case to anyone with any sense. 

This is being imposed upon us, just as prior historical examples where imposed, not carried out by society but by those trying to control society.

Society didn’t want or ask for this. 

It happened at their expense, often under false guises based upon a ruling classes idea of order - their control.


Blind Man Sees - Optogenetics


Rez - The A.I. Wars - Quantum Dot Technology used to trigger the brain 🧠 


Plan B - It’s a War





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  • 8 months later...
On 9/16/2020 at 11:44 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:






Just adding more context to threes and trinities.



The Triskelion reminds me of the anti-anxiety fidget spinners a lot of people have been playing with! Thank you for this whole thread.




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On 9/10/2022 at 1:36 PM, Puzzle said:



The Triskelion reminds me of the anti-anxiety fidget spinners a lot of people have been playing with! Thank you for this whole thread.





No worries.

Interestingly, at the centre of the Triskelion we have the pyramid/triangle.

I hadn't seen this comment because i don't think my iPad can no longer load it 😆


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