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The Light of Christianity


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Jesus was a very powerful being.  Those who he came across he healed, instantly.  From leprosy, blindness, disabilities.  His friend Lazarus yes he raised him from the grave.

Yet his students ... they could not believe.


Yesterday I was pondering how "medicine" is a desperate attempt to vaingloriously fix this horrible body that is always under attack by horrible nasty bacteria ... and only me can save it !  How vain, how stupid.  You don't even know how you come to have a body, already you grant yourself the throne ... vanity of vanities.


Rushing around with big words trying to "save something", or someone.

We need no enemies .. we are enemies of our own selves.

We are far more dangerous to ourselves than anything out there.


Faith means that you sense ... you believe ... you trust ... that the force behind this world has a Way for you, that everything will be just fine.  Faith.  That is faith.


There are no "Religions".

That is an evil word that tries to say that these teachings are not real, that they are a choice that you might have on the side of the plate of your meat and veg.

But no .. that is not what they are.

They are descriptions of reality.  Period.

It is all much more literal than you might think.


But from the perspective of the little terrified vicious lying beast that we are ... it is just too far to grasp and so must be bent, twisted ... humans are experts at casting doubt, at undermining, of subtle slight digs ... of misery.


The choice we have before we perish is to try to enter Faith.  To just try and open the heart to hope.  To just try.

Otherwise death is coming, ready or not.


I have no idea why I am saying this.

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there are many paths, which the Creator has guided every nation to. the teachings of these great beings are ultimately hijacked and corrupted by the archons/jinn/reptilian force... in order to block humanity's ascendance / breaking out into the Light


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Another interesting revelation is that Christianity may indeed be the most advanced general religion on the planet.  Why, because the image of Mary holding the baby Jesus means that you are giving birth to the soul inside yourself ... it recognizes the birth of the soul, of the individual soul.
In the East although they have the sense of the macrocosmos or Source, they do not have the individual soul, they don't really understand the individual soul as the microcosmos.
And, far from worshipping a God out there .... Christianity worships the microcosmos within each of us, the divine individual soul that we are meant to give birth to cherish and protect.
And although the Christian words do not have the complex technical manner of Buddhism ... their understanding is more advanced.



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