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This is footage with some ENGLISH subtitles (if you speak German then that is a bonus) that CLEARLY indicates that there were far more than 22,000 at the protest in Berlin on 1st Aug 2020. The 22,000 was the figure that was mentioned but not sure of the claim (on video) of over 1 million. If that figure is about right then perhaps we should be optimistic that at least there are some people waking up to this FARCE (can't think of a better word, no doubts others could along with an adjective or two!!!)


No masks (apart from the police who have to wear them or lose their jobs!!!), and social distancing mmmm. Those two facts were the ones stated by the police as a reason for the protest people to disperse.


If enough numbers are there then that gets the message across - Peaceful and NO violence - as David Icke states (many times), if enough of us just stop ACQUIESCING then this situation could be changed towards something positive.

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Ahh this is medicine to my heart to see this 'concerned citizen'  well done for posting this, and to the german people - I hope many of you come onto this website and see firsthand the repect you are given for doing this.
I've been trawling pootube for ages to find something like this but to no avail.
Hopefully people with pootube accounts (I refuse to have one) will keep re-posting this - and on bitchute too.

ps.  Hope you don't mind if I re-post this on the coronavirus mega thread - it needs seeing, will credit it to you.

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Someone will have organised that - these criminal elements within those in power need to be yanked out their seats and people need to take their countries back, imagine this many marched onto no10 and just went for it lol And those corporate security guards should join in to, they should think about their children, and what kind of a world it will be for them, making people shut their businesses that they put blood and sweat into, so there mates can get the revenue streams - I give up, I dont even bother, I cant even convince anyone of the obvious and whats staring them in their faces, theres some mad psychology being applied here, good on the Germans, respect!

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On David's Telegram Channel you forwarded a link to a RT news report on the Berlin demonstration 1.8.2020. I suggest you check other sources for more accurate reports. The number of 15.000 is certainly not correct (far too low) and was reported by German mainstream media which is what the BBC is in UK. To everyone who was there or studied the video footage that number is ridiculous. Aerial photos were not published. A spokesman of bus enterprises said that they had requests for 200.000 passenger bookings to Berlin beforehand. Even if only half of them had finally booked you get more realistic numbers. Adjoing parks were also full of people as part of the demonstration.

The demonstration was terminated by the police but there were NO announcements by the police to keep distance etc. which they have to do first, RT is wrong again here. It was reported that many of the police had a hard time because they sympathize. Organizers intend to maintain a good relationship.

An organizer was asked by the police to make something up as announcement why the demonstration will be terminated.


There will be another big demonstration on 29.8. again In Berlin and international invitations for joining have been sent.


Organizer website


See their youtube channel providing lots of videos, even informative if you do not understand German


Or check the querdenken 711 telegram channel


Other german sources on youtube





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folks , below is a time laps video of the Berlin protests from Aug. 1th 2020.

It took 1 hour and 22 min. until the march passed one point which a camera recorded and it is condensed in the below video. Not sure if it was posted here already, but please check it out. It's awesome!  The 20.000  people number is just a joke. it a laughable number put out by the police. I have been there and I can tell you, it was massive.   The organizer said that the police told  them (unofficially) that 1 million people were there. I would say, at lease several hundred thousand people were there.
It was very hot day and in the below screenshot you can't see many people because they are under the trees , seeking for shadow. Please watch the below  video and consider traveling to Berlin. It might be the last chance for a massive protest before potentially the next  lock down come's and then it's too late the protest. So, people -  do whatever you can to come to Berlin on the 29th. August next weekend. it is an international even and millions are expected to come. It will be a truely historic event and you can be part of it. It was an incredible event on August 1th and under no circumstance I regret driving the 500 + miles to Berlin for that day and I will do it again next week. Buses from all over the country will come and from other countries as well (Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland , Austria, Switzerland and more.  Please spread the news to all sites in the UK that may be interessted!
see you all in Berlin!  😎



European invitation for August 29th 2020 -  Berlin




today , Sat. 22th Aug.  a  protest is planned in Ireland and it is well connected to the German initiative Querdenken, which is organizing the mega events in Berlin. The movement is growing.






One more vid from Aug. 1th



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