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Chasing The Dream and The Pyramid Scheme.

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Now, here I will post pyramid scheme tidbits that have crawled their way somehow of a Rosewell basement. lol 


Now, not everyone has to have killed someone to have the clearance to know certain things.


I am brining together different threads, occult, symbolism, aliens/ETs, hidden knowledge, ancient knowledge ---- and looking for evidence of all of this out on the field. 




I am starting this thread with this, a way to piss on small business, right???


Founded/Funded by Pepsi, Henieken, Chase, and Lincoln.


You Can Reserve Your Own Mini Backyard At This Rooftop Pop-Up On Pier 17. Fitting on their website, they have PIER17 highlighted half way so it looks like DIED17 or DIED8. Or 8 - DIED. Its already a Holiday. lol So, I guess we dont need a new one??? lol If you get the symbolism. ***NO COMMENT** 



I thought with all the struggling small business owners, whoever this prick was has all this money and support from BIG BUSINESS. Not to mention, this agenda to go after anti-vax people in general, the ones who read between the lines and research into conspiracy theories. 



I simply thought of the struggling bar/food-shop owner if BIG BUSINESS makes this type of thing more common, thats all. Chances are with elitist, the whole place will usually always be booked by occultist or people with money before hand, on the menu the first thing you see is 3 kinds of fish. lol If that dosent smell like prick, I dk what else does. They are completely sold out btw. 


With that said, do you think you can just call up those 4 businesses and get a sponsorship?? lol 😈






Well, I do have one more comment, trace that to that 1997 phone call from an Area 51 former employee out on medical leave. Small talk?? Dont believe it? Its everywhere, from small talk you hear in a hospital bed, to names, stores, restaurants, lyrics, and movies. All mocking history itself. HINT: Its already a holiday. 8 DEAD. All that I am saying is that he heard the last part of that conversation, its just a common conversation MOST of them have. Open your mind!!! lol


"If I gave you the truth would it keep you alive
Though I'm closer to wrong I'm no further from right"

3rd scene. 


Good song, I have good taste. lol 



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Let me just say, harvesting, like shown in the movie Jupiter (another KILL 8 production), but they show what a harvesting looks like. For flesh. Its shows what their empire at its height was really like, they have been reduced to barely living forms that barely exist. 


What concerns you the most about the movie Jupiter, "mommy"???? lol Changes the book a little??? Well, its nothing much, but he knew how to use Celestials for life extension. Stealing and eating flesh is one thing entirely, it wont make you last. Lucifer rejected REAL reincarnation after living a life that was almost endless (hundreds of thousands of years), no pain, no poverty, always had things -- and had a good life. The greys represent the fall of Lucifer b/c it is what is left of them. Reptiles were never REAL essence wise in the first place. Believe what you want, but the biggest channelers even refer to them as "planet killers', dont let anyone fool you and tell you they are nice -- thats BS!!!!. They arent cute "little guys", they are vicious predators. My egg versus the chicken conclusion. lol You need a chicken to make eggs. lol


They could hypothetically speaking stocked up on raw meat, bodies, adrenals, etc all they want (like that frantic 1997 call from the former Area 51 employee), but they can't live without a Celestials essence between planets. 


They would of already stocked up on their gorge of meat by now, but what do they really want. 


The roseta stone of religion, Horus is also Jupiter. More accurately in dark times as Brigid, Baby Ganesh, etc. Always reincarnated female, thanks Hollywood for confirming that for us. They also described the process of being someone who CANNOT -- absolutely CANNOT get married, bc your falling in a trap. 

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Another Kill 8 - Jupiter - Horus - 5th Element Production. Lucy - Alice 

Trying to rip the crown from Jupiter's head???? Her head???? 

There's what, 9 billion of us?? 10 maybe.

Only one of us FEMALES has it!!! lol 

If he is looking for Magdalene's crown, then SHE IS HERE SOMEWHERE AS A FEMALE. You can't expect the reincarnation of Cain/Emanuel, to be able to handle that much responsibility. I think he finally had one life that he maybe did some good. lol Doesn't mean he will be able to redeem himself. lol lol Good luck getting your camel through the the eye of a needle with those billions of dollars. lol He's under some "heat" right now. lol 

Takes pressure to be good at anything like I do quick enough. Seeing in the dark. Seeing without sight. 

Its not the first nor last "crown" reference. Halsey whole song called Castle has "angus dei" repeated in the background chorus over and over. Which means "lamb of God". 


We can both see and hear he is talking about Lucifer with the "served my sentence", plus the funky outfit. Then he says "Dynasty Decapitated" so we know he is talking about where you get the crown from. You can debate whether it is Magdalene or Emanuel, but its one of the two.



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"Lavish mansions, vintage wine."


Now, lavishness is forbidden for whoever is the 5th Element. 


Emanuel/Cain has all the goodies, billions of dollars, so it really cant be him. I dk why history has put him on a pedestal like they have, for one, he is the moon spirit --- for two he isnt me, the sun spirit. lol He couldn't save a caribou. lol jk jk


The 5th Element is the Element of Spirit, the sun aspect. No one said the moon was going to save you, they said "the sun is going to save you". Plus, I have had many Earth-mothers, so lets not focus on one FEMALE Mary, but look at all females as powerful and worthy of only the best. I may be part black, but even Beyonce in the know and all, knows my mom is white. lol (commentary on her recent work of art lol) b/c I COMMENT ON THINGS NOW AND SPEAK MY MIND!!!! Rather then keeping it all locked in!!!!


Three, and not to ever so slightly mention, females pass down lineages. lol 


Referencing the inside jokes/plans that are from that 1997 call from a former Area 51 employee (long story short, has everything to do with WHO the 5th Element is --- whether you believe its Emanuel or Magdalene), and I am going to put an END TO THE SMALL TALK!!!!! 

The music video above is another example of the small talking and jokes. They do it everyday, many times in a day, and dont stop talking about it. So much so, the hybrid occultist that overran Area 51 were already joking about it when I was 9, when they forced me to make yet another child for them. 


So, guess who my NEMESIS is in relation to me?? How would you feel???? For a female that will make you depressed for awhile and mess you up a little. They not only do all the joking and hate and harassing my life, they raped me as a child to make their offspring. Death threats from many sources, although the Ori have the most to lose here obviously. 


If you dont know, now you know. 


If you expected someone TPTB treat as an equal or with any basic decency, you are mistaken. Very very mistaken. They try to blackmail you (ESP blocked thankfully), hurt you, and put you down every step of your life. Always working pay check to pay check, or not having anything at all. To top the sundae off, you stop wanting to make friends b/c you dont want to see another person ruined by the infectious doctrine of the Luciferians. (b/c they will use any friend to get to you.) Not one, zero, b/c its not worth it seeing people go out like that. Even some people who sign contracts for big money, are said to get sick of it after some time --- its sad. Now, its me we are talking about, so all I have to do is friend someone. 

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I dont know the figures in the country Emanuel lives, but thanks to Bernie Sanders, we now know in the USA there are ONLY 467 billionaires. 





Thats a very small amount of red coats. lol jk 


Thats all who is protecting the gates, funding the dark King's operations. lol jk


We take their anal lube gels, and we throw them into the harbor!!!! lol 


Actually, its more coffee then tea these days, David's Tea is shutting down all its USA stores. 😞 😞 So sad!!!!!!

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So, I also was desperate to get these creatures away from me trying anything I could. So, on the old forum even, I mentioned this before. 


Until I used copper, we have to figure out WHY copper reacts on them as shapeshifters, like ACID does to US!!!!


Well, it can keep them from resurrecting in a way, as shapeshifting demonic skin walkers. 


My old school phrase was "its copper, not silver". 

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Of course, in general they wont like things like rubbing alcohol sprayed on their eyes (very important actually), and vinegar which can mask your scent or vibration in a way and if you ingest it then its even better. It also raises your vibration, which is essential when your working with this type of intensity. The worst is over, but I described what I have been through as "poltergeist" on the old forum ---- you cant be easy to scare b/c these things FEED OFF FROM FEAR. lol . So, you can't get scared. 


*Both heat and electricity pass through copper very easily. The high electrical conductivity makes it ideal for many electrical purposes.

*An important chemical property of copper is the way it reacts with oxygen. In moist air, it combines with water and carbon dioxide. The product of this reaction is called hydrated copper carbonate

*Nine radioactive isotopes of copper are known also. A radioactive isotope is one that breaks apart and gives off some form of radiation. Radioactive isotopes are produced when very small particles are fired at atoms. These particles stick in the atoms and make them radioactive.




A number of copper compounds are used as pesticides, chemicals that kill insects and rodents like rats and mice:

basic copper acetate (Cu 2 O(C 2 H 3 O 2 ) 2 😞 insecticide (kills insects) and fungicide (kills fungi)

copper chromate (CuCrO 4 ○ 2CuO): fungicide for the treatment of seeds

copper fluorosilicate (CuSiF 6 😞 grapevine fungicide

copper methane arsenate (CuCH 3 AsO 3 😞 algicide (kills algae)

copper-8-quinolinolate (Cu(C 9 H 6 ON) 2 😞 protects fabric from mildew

copper oxalate (CuC 2 O 4 😞 seed coating to repel rats

copper oxychloride (3CuO ○ CuCl 2 😞 grapevine fungicide

tribasic copper sulfate (CuSO 4 ○ 3Cu(OH) 2 😞 fungicide, used as a spray or dust on crops

Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/C-K/Copper.html#ixzz6UePkg53T

Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/C-K/Copper.html#ixzz6UeOziadR

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Lets talk about Area 51's beef with JFK!!!!


We know FAKE NEWs is involved, what ended up happening after is death is that they dismissed most legislation regarding reporting fake news as criminal work, and they expanded their fake news agenda. JFK just considered being transparent as important to our minds and emotional health, as it is going to the doctors. He was correct. Honest man!!!


So, they say he pissed off "too many people". Well, this is  correct, and I am accusing Area 51 and the deeper parts of the military and FAKE NEWS as being in on JFK's death. 


It is rumored by Edgar Cayce style channeling and higher consciousness' that JFK had planned to shut down funding to the darkest black operations and he was going to kick out the greys. What happened since his death???? Same thing with fake news!!!


They expanded ALL their programs!!!!


Believe/say what you want, but he died, and they expanded their operations!!!! They increased funding, MK-ultra mass manipulations on schedule, inside jobs, now we have gangstalking and crisis actors, we have adrenochrome abuse b/c cocaine/meth is never enough to these people, on top of the aliens using that too!!! Millions of lives wasted and thrown away by these negative aliens and these corrupt at the core letter agencies, and where is the plaque's with names of their victims??? Where is the veteran green? The respect? Honor??? Not everyone, but our military sat back and watched as these planet killers manipulated to try to get what they wanted. 


Its shameful, I respect the military, but my honest opinion?? They were set up!! Big time. More guns was never going to protect you, and over the health and education of the people of Earth. They are leeches, the worst of them -- especially those with no spiritual core or values. 


Millions upon millions of American lives, just thrown away since they killed JFK in this WAR AGAINST GREYS!!!! AND WHERE THE F'K HAVE THESE JOKES BEEN???? WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN. F'Kn around!!! They left you stranded!!!!!

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Area 51 and FAKE NEWS, but mainly the military mind of Area 51, killed JFK!!!!


I mean, this is it!!!

Millions upon millions of American citizens have gone missing, died, tortured, kidnaped and programed, at the hands of grey aliens!!!!! Millions. A hidden war!


The above ground military is yet to get their hands on ONE hybrid (when they are out there just walking around like you and me) or one grey.


They haven't gotten a single lead, a single anything. Its not investigated, its thrown under the rug, and this is bigger then any of the bloodiest wars we have ever had!!!! And not ONE LEAD!!!! Torture any personal coming out of high clearance area's of Area 51!!!!! MILLION OF AMERICANS DEAD!!!!! TORTURE THE BASTARDS!!!!! Dont care, the greys waged war on us decades ago. Every child they have killed, every person dead...adrenochrome. As far as I am concerned, anyone coming in and out of Area 51 is worthy of being shot dead!!!!! Millions of Americans dead, and not one decent investigation into what the f;k is going on, and we want revenge for JFK!!!!


On the biggest WAR in American history.!!!! And not one pinky finger has been raised on the subject, as if they are working for the enemy. The above ground military shouldnt get another cent!!!! Other then for the pay checks of personnel and utilities!!!!

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If they have let the deaths of millions upon millions of Americans go unchallenged, then the next step is them using the military against us!!!!


Its the utter failure of the American military to get it's shit together!!!! Its absolutely sad, and if they are that invested in protecting the enemy, then we are next!!!!


Let me put things in perspective a little....... a mind opener!!!!







Where is the support to the families, the benefits, the remembering of the fallen of those at the hands of the greys??? Where are the monuments? The day to remember the dead??? The respect? Integrity? It dosent exist!!! I'd say these half-arse military members have it pretty darn good in comparison to the civilians that have taken the biggest hits and murders in the war with the greys, and they sit there and do nothing about it!!!!!!


The best thing to do is spread word they killed JFK!!!!!


I am contrasting the difference between the fallen in American Wars, and the lost millions of American civilians at the hands of greys/reptilians. Millions upon millions just vanished and eaten. Yet, they sit there and do nothing!!!!! About half of the above ground military is sold out, many more with an unevolved consciousness and not contributing to the overall health/evolution of humanity. (overall consciousness


Take a picture, a selfie, this is what has been going on since they killed JFK. We expose it!!!! 




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