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Do you know who the devil is?

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The devil within


If one resides in a state of emptiness long enough.  Surrounded by empty people, doing empty things (like chasing money), and aspiring to empty goals, a chasm will slowly rip through the heart.  


One may notice, during this slow erosion over time, that they react inappropriately to things that should illicit an emotional response.  If they do feel an emotion, it is disassociated, and confusing.   


The heart can get so wrecked at times they can’t feel anything at all besides despair and base psychical sensations (sex, drugs).


After residing in this state long term, without anything or anyone to counteract the dark hole that is ever growing, the individual resigns to the nothingness inside.  


Whether the person knows it or not, the “devil” will make his way into the the broken heart and fill in the gaps with hate.  


At that point the person’s heart is redeemable only by the grace of God. 

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I've had a couple of dreams about Satan , or Stan as I call him . The first was many years ago and I was terrified by the sight of him . I turned away cowering and hoped that I never had a dream about him again . Then last year the nasty bastard appeared in my dream again but this time I was no longer afraid of him . He still looked immensely powerful and I knew he could destroy me in an instant but I just looked him in the eye and saw him for what he was . Just a sad , pathetic being who had never known love . I pitied him as he turned , his body hunched over in defeat and at that point I realised how to hurt him , what his weakness is . He can't stand love and does everything he can to suck the love out of this planet . I refuse to let him suck the love out of me and that's how we beat the evil in this world - don't succumb to hate and negativity - it feeds him . Try and fill the world with as much love as you possibly can , knowing that every act of love deeply wounds him and weakens him . It's his kryptonite .

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