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Lebanon Explosion 04/08/2020


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21 hours ago, Given To Fly said:


video removed.


but to add to 'that little black object', there was also a little black object that appeared over a failed US space launch a few years ago. i can't mind which but hopefully i'll dig it out.


it was the SpaceX failed launch/explosion back in 2016.


CNBC called it an 'Anomaly'.


a black object appeared in the sky then an explosion occurred. there was a slowed down version on YT but can't find it.



spacex black object.png

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2 hours ago, Truthspoon said:


Well....this is Lebanon.......  Hezbollah are its unofficial security force.



Yes I agree but in same articles mentions that Israeli security forces covertly run port. Can’t confirm that though as no obviously trust worthy sources available



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On 8/9/2020 at 8:05 PM, Bombadil said:

Check out some articles on veterans today site. One video purports to show nuclear flash.cant verify it but worth a look.

Good point made as well. With this amount of dangerous explosive material, how come was never raided by some terrorist group.


Israel hits Beirut with nuclear missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. confirm

(New infrared images from 2 cameras)

Trump confirms this was a bombing, not an accident and is immediately scourged by pro-Israel press...starting with the Daily Beast



I might add myself, Q/Trump Supporters where quick to attack and dismiss Trump for once over his quick comments on how this was an attack as Trump had been told by other members of the Military etc 



I got this far through writing this reply pretty much without the links added and I'm not joking, found out my house was on fire.

Around the time of mass lighting storm, I don't know if it's related, air was heavy and humid, I felt the same energy in the house around the fire as I did outside with the storm going on, very weird.

I had been feeling heavy and down all day as though a force was over me, I can't explain it.


Seemed like it was caused by an electrical fire, all the time everything was going on a satellite was overhead I'd seen quite often.

Very depressing times!

I may not be on here posting as often 😔

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2 hours ago, DannyUK said:


Israel hits Beirut with nuclear missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. confirm



Moronic lies and garbage ...I'm disappointed this is is being covered here ...5 days old ...misinformation , now known to be such ...


Trump does not "confirm nuclear missile" ''' In that video he says his military advisors said "it was a bomb of some kind " ... they must have been trying to stir things up , or more likely just stupid 


I can tell from the water vapour explosion wave front this could only have been ammonium nitrate ...


Nuclear ??? No mushroom cloud ... no radiation ..Dahh !!! 


The Lebanese people know who's fault it was .... their rioting has just caused the whole government to step down ...Incompetent decision makers allowing this explosive to be stored in a populated area for 5 years! 

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On 8/10/2020 at 2:11 AM, Bombadil said:

I agree. Seems the usual suspects are in overdrive, bs mode.


Adam Green was running this BS too.


Adam Green isn't dumb. As soon as I saw it I froze the image and realised that if it were real there would be motion blur. I then realised, quite simply, that the footage was totally fake.


Yet Adam Green hasn't realised this. It makes me consider that what the late David Goldberg said about him is true, that he is a gatekeeper to trap to harvest the names and identities of those the NWO need to dispose of.


Isn't it odd that while everyone else who comments on the JQ has been long banned by Youtube that Adam Green is still there?


Use info like this as a barium tracer.... whoever is pushing this is a radioactive cointelpro operative.




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VT Nuclear Education: The Beirut Nuclear Coverup as Protests Break Out, Oct. 2021 Over Lies


Is Beirut the first major city to be nuked? Would you believe not even close? 

"The people of Lebanon were victimized, not once by a nuclear attack by Israel but by their own leaders and corrupt press.  They still aren’t taking it.


Gunfire broke out in Beirut when snipers under the control of Saudi Arabia, using paid contractors trained by the US, attacked a Hezbollah led protest.  Behind it all is the investigation by incorruptible Judge Tarek Bitar."






You may well ask what has recently brought me back to this?


The answer is La Palma and man made earthquakes trying to turn the US into their Sustainable Development regional zones and wildlife reserves which will have a global shift in spinning Sustainable Development everywhere!




This is one possibility of achieving their desires to wipe out the US and collapse Europe to rebuild their Globalist Paradise.




This with La Palma is more of the same of man made weather manipulations and how new types of small nuclear weapons could be being used to ensure this is carried out, potentially also triggering nuclear power stations in the US.




Mega Cities - SMART City - High-rise Tower Blocks - After the Cleanse 



But what's happening now does link to the 2012 Olympics and that movie foreshadowing of the Mayan Calendar.


Doing this type of research I've heard from multiple sources, them suggesting that the NWO Death Cult where behind schedule. Maybe that was true but who knows...

I feel that they're foreshadowed events to come within the 2012 Olympics and we are experiencing them now since the start of COVID and these events transpiring towards the end of 2021, that's the opposite 12.

So we could still have a 12/12/21 "event" as described as some sort of sick joke!


To me, they're completely imitating biblical revelations in creating this hunger games society, hunger, famine, disease and so on. The seven plagues.

The solution being sold to these issues they have created, is an attack upon our chakra/energetic system, the Seven seals, the Seven Churches of revelation.


"The plagues are: water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and the killing of firstborn children." 

V's 💉 Eugenics!


It appears to also have perhaps a lighter version compared to this or perhaps this is connected especially with the earthquakes, that the hoover dam and this breaking, flooding all the immediate areas where they've placed mass homelessness and where all the elites have long since already been leaving California.



This would also create a devastating fuel and water crisis and it could be how they expect to turn America into so many regional zones as defined by Agenda 21/30.

A fall and depression needing those many FEMA camps.

Thank God they have them and are prepared.

Why isn't anywhere else this prepared? 

Who Knew?




Many people have suspected this will be by a nuclear blast or it could even be staged that these events caused a nuclear bomb of their own to erupt in some freak accident during a "training exercise" or nuclear power plant, whilst really, this will be a stage and the death cult doing this themselves.

Just before covid all major CEO's of company all changed hands, in prep for covid but also this complete fire sale they're preparing for it seems.

It really is a matter of when and how they decide to do this not if I'm afraid.


It does appear we have foreshadowing.

Even a person who knew about this and is putting it out there the only way they can or people who know and are happy and are just taking the piss out of us which us usually the case it seems!


Anyway, I have also watched a series recently called Millennium

I come across it awhile ago researching the reptilian agenda but never watched it and always meant to. 

I did buy it when I was staying in a hotel.

When I suffered the house fire, I actually made a post in David Ickes forum about weather modifications and how that incident in Beruit was a new type of nuclear bomb that was being tested - speculation and suggesting people should see what the after effects are and maybe someone who knows more about this stuff could say what it was.

It is definitely known the death cult have been developing mini nukes and that was my first instinct.

John Pilger mentioned them in his documentary The Coming War on China and how a nuclear war is now not so unthinkable but can be considered acceptable etc

This could have been a test of such a device. That is what I'd strongly suggest and that it should be investigated but likely won't be and it will be covered up. Just as many speculate nuclear fallout was part of the 9/11 controlled demolition.

Those who may know, seen and survived would hopefully not survive very long to tell the tale...


In that series Millennium, you have the reptilian agenda, the demonics amongst us which is done very well, you have the outbreak of a virus done deliberately/they had foresight which is the Marburg Virus - a variant - in the series and suspicions are high that these multiple jabs are actually leading towards the symptoms of the Marburg Virus, imitating it.

So they can then ramp up the pushing of the V on everyone!


You also have the main character of Millennium Frank Black, using voice recognition as a password on his computer.

His access code is Soylent Green is people!





So this is all very telling of this agenda we are seeing and Gates being this head figure of the V and this shit food he is pushing.

From what I can understand, they're getting animal meat and their genetic material and then getting plant matter, they're then using technology to imitate the genetics of the animal meat so it grows that way using plant materials.

So, we can replicate meat "without the damage the CO2 production of such animals cause the environment" - Climate Change Agenda Spin

As well as not having to harm animals.

But it is very likely that these evil bastards would want the complete destruction of all farm animals - apart from their own livestock - as part of this agenda, so only few remain and maybe even perpetuate another virus epidemic hoax to justify the death of these animals, at the right time, push their hunger games society and then Bill Gates genetically modified bollocks onto everyone's plates when it's the only resource available in shops or delivered by military rationing to ensure compliance with this agenda, as there's a shortage and problem with supplying other foods for a host reasons this could be justified!



Which could have all kinds of nasties within it and who knows how this will impact health...


That's the jist of it as I understand it.

So, you take human genetics like aborted babies genetics - like within vaccine production - and tell the plant matter to grow in accordance with that in some way, likely using frequency field's and sell that flesh/meat in the same manner and who would be the any the wiser of pork and human flesh?

It's not a stretch of the imagination for anyone with any sense!

They want society to eat itself - destory itself.



But anyone with any sense are called "Conspiracy Theorists"...


The scenario following what we are entering appear to be in The Book of Eli where people are forced into cannibalism to survive and get the black shakes, also as shown via technology in Johnny Mnemonic.


It's never fails to shock me though what these people are doing and the lengths they're going to. It's complete insanity!



Shakes are what happens to people when they adopt cannibalism and need to eat more people, a drug like reaction/addiction 


"The Reality" - Show 


DiePod - Technology/Transhumanism death of the human and obviously the Police State



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4 hours ago, Ibizan Hound said:

Several people feared dead in explosion at south Lebanon Palestinian camp

A large explosion rocked a Palestinian camp in the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre on Friday night, causing a number of injuries and leading to reports of a number of deaths.


I've been in that area........very close to the Israeli border about 10 miles................could easily be an Israeli missile strike.

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