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Lebanon Explosion 04/08/2020

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21 hours ago, Given To Fly said:


video removed.


but to add to 'that little black object', there was also a little black object that appeared over a failed US space launch a few years ago. i can't mind which but hopefully i'll dig it out.


it was the SpaceX failed launch/explosion back in 2016.


CNBC called it an 'Anomaly'.


a black object appeared in the sky then an explosion occurred. there was a slowed down version on YT but can't find it.



spacex black object.png

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Can you imagine if this happened within the Western world? They would be playing this 24/7 ad nauseam. Couple of things to note... It's been surprisingly low key within Western media. It h

Eyewitnesses said they heard a noise like a jet and then what felt like an earthquake, followed by a massive exothermic blast, decimating the port of Beirut and causing destruction several miles away.

Exactly, please refer to my comment above.   They could have used this story to overshadow current events if they had nothing to hide and it was of no consequence. They should have show

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2 hours ago, Truthspoon said:


Well....this is Lebanon.......  Hezbollah are its unofficial security force.



Yes I agree but in same articles mentions that Israeli security forces covertly run port. Can’t confirm that though as no obviously trust worthy sources available



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On 8/9/2020 at 8:05 PM, Bombadil said:

Check out some articles on veterans today site. One video purports to show nuclear flash.cant verify it but worth a look.

Good point made as well. With this amount of dangerous explosive material, how come was never raided by some terrorist group.


Israel hits Beirut with nuclear missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. confirm

(New infrared images from 2 cameras)

Trump confirms this was a bombing, not an accident and is immediately scourged by pro-Israel press...starting with the Daily Beast



I might add myself, Q/Trump Supporters where quick to attack and dismiss Trump for once over his quick comments on how this was an attack as Trump had been told by other members of the Military etc 



I got this far through writing this reply pretty much without the links added and I'm not joking, found out my house was on fire.

Around the time of mass lighting storm, I don't know if it's related, air was heavy and humid, I felt the same energy in the house around the fire as I did outside with the storm going on, very weird.

I had been feeling heavy and down all day as though a force was over me, I can't explain it.


Seemed like it was caused by an electrical fire, all the time everything was going on a satellite was overhead I'd seen quite often.

Very depressing times!

I may not be on here posting as often 😔

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2 hours ago, DannyUK said:


Israel hits Beirut with nuclear missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. confirm



Moronic lies and garbage ...I'm disappointed this is is being covered here ...5 days old ...misinformation , now known to be such ...


Trump does not "confirm nuclear missile" ''' In that video he says his military advisors said "it was a bomb of some kind " ... they must have been trying to stir things up , or more likely just stupid 


I can tell from the water vapour explosion wave front this could only have been ammonium nitrate ...


Nuclear ??? No mushroom cloud ... no radiation ..Dahh !!! 


The Lebanese people know who's fault it was .... their rioting has just caused the whole government to step down ...Incompetent decision makers allowing this explosive to be stored in a populated area for 5 years! 

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On 8/10/2020 at 2:11 AM, Bombadil said:

I agree. Seems the usual suspects are in overdrive, bs mode.


Adam Green was running this BS too.


Adam Green isn't dumb. As soon as I saw it I froze the image and realised that if it were real there would be motion blur. I then realised, quite simply, that the footage was totally fake.


Yet Adam Green hasn't realised this. It makes me consider that what the late David Goldberg said about him is true, that he is a gatekeeper to trap to harvest the names and identities of those the NWO need to dispose of.


Isn't it odd that while everyone else who comments on the JQ has been long banned by Youtube that Adam Green is still there?


Use info like this as a barium tracer.... whoever is pushing this is a radioactive cointelpro operative.




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