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The lizard people

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That video is quiet useless .... This guy travels all the way from the US to the Isle of White to interview David and wastes the opportunity.. Doesn't know the right questions to ask to draw out the information .....


David is not the best source to go to for an understanding on the reps .... he has the broad outline  and he spells that out  in 18 seconds  from 7:07 onward...


In that 18 secs David says the "...reps feed on our energy ... particularly the energy of children .."  he really meant they feed of the energy of tortured children .... I have to disagree ... they feed on MEAT ..often human meat,  particularly  children . ....... The reps  are physical ET's .... It is the dark spirits (archons) which possess the reps that feed on torment energy.


It's just the same as humans who rape and torture children , they do not feed on the energy released . The evil spirits   that possess the rapist  feeds directly on the psychic energy released , and they tickle the rapist's pleasure sensors to encourage him in this activity ...  


 For a much more detailed and reliable picture about the reps Karl Mollison  is the best we have   https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3/

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I totally disagree with this lizard people theory. However, I get the gist of what they are supposed to be doing and my view is that they are demonic spirits which are intelligent beings - I suggest listening to the testimony of Roger Morneau (https://youtu.be/gONKiy9yi5I), just bear in mind that there is Adventist propaganda in it so just focus on the story he tells of how he joined a society of spirit worshipers, listen to what he says about the 'spirits';  and then listen to Derek Prince (https://youtu.be/VxqDln__ZKQ) explain how these demons operate and then compare it to Icke's "lizard people" 



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