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The Dybbuk/Saturn saga; When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk met Benjamin Netanyahu..

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There is a context to all the national protests in Tel Aviv at the moment. In his arrogance Benjamin Netanyahu made a "surprise" visit to London in 2019 to have a "meeting" with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk.




The meeting took place on Thursday 5th September 2019


Oh look its the Saturn conjunction.


The Saturn Conjunction


Thursday 5th September 2019


Moon in Sagittarius 3:08am


Moon Octile Saturn (retrograde)  (315' degrees waning)  1:21am (GMT)


Mercury trine (240') Saturn (retrograde) 12:37pm (GMT)


Moon Octile Pluto 13:35pm (GMT)



Moon in Sagittarius at best would have made for an awkward abrupt meeting. The moon octile Saturn would have increased a sense of tension & stress. the trine between Mercury & Saturn would have made any fluid communication near impossible. Imagine two egotistical men breaking wind on each others faces, and you get the idea of how the meeting went. The Pluto conjunction in the chart is The Dybbuk hiding in the room and observing them like a hungry lion eyeing up its next meal.....


Pay attention to Netanyahu's behaviour over the next few months. Its going to be epic.


When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk shook his hand there was a transfer of...occult pheromones between them. At that moment The Dybbuk had access.....








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What do you mean "Saturn Conjunction " ? Conjunct what?    


Here's the chart for the date in question ... Saturn isn't conjunct any planet  (it's the symbol closest to 12 O'Clock in the chart looks like an "h")


Why are you posting this now? This meeting was a year ago 


I studied astrology many years , it's nonsense 



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