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Max Igan - The Crowhouse (most things Con-1984)

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On 10/15/2020 at 10:32 PM, labrats said:

Max has really got on some peoples nerves, he was targeted recently and taken out for a bit, he was hit by DEW it seems whilst he was still awake i.e. not asleep in bed.


Probably a powerful extra terrestial entity making a visit.


He seems much better now.

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  • Basket Case changed the title to Max Igan - The Crowhouse (most things Con-1984)

He received so many complaints when he rattled off a load of names and called the 'cunts'. Obviously these people have never studied the Aussie language or just pretending to be offended. He had to apologize which pissed me off because all the hatred, anger and swearing was real. 


Watching the Christchurch killer's video was incredible but when Max Igun broke down the 38,000 frames pointing out other people who were behind Tarrant as he was walking through the Mosque, peering in through the window, and waiting in the car outside the Mosque, that was staggering, even more so when the police were seen waiving the car through a road block later on. Mind blowing stuff. I almost fell off my chair watching that.  

A guy in NZ was jailed just for sharing the killer's video. I always wondered how Max Igun escaped retribution for breaking down the video and sharing it even allowing for the fact he's in Brisbane?       

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